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Assisted Genocide

Ibn Iblis. Black police, Seemingly. You emulate, adore and assist the beast . When you participate in self assisted genocide . That's what you do. When you patrol and commit Blue on Black homocide , Black in blue we depend on you, To be fair and just when you deal with us, You, I, we. are one. Many branches of the same tree, Generations going back tragically, In what seems like an ameriKKKan eternity, African you . African me, Hopefully, we trust that you will try, Not to be the cause. That causes us. To die, By, Abu Lateef ´2015





Kris on BBC TV showing the documentary on
his work on Music and Musicology.

It was a very dark time.
There are no words
to express the despair
and sheer helplessness.

I think so positively,
blocking all the negative
thoughts, I am now happy
by counting my blessings.

Sometimes it fails and
severe pain from the past,
invades my tender heart,
drags me down in the past.

The horrors of the drugs
used to reduce the pain,
had horrors of their own,
affecting body and brain.

Those were the days
of the intense pain.
Death could have been
kinder than the pain.

I chose to live and
did not take an easy
way out from the pain.
I chose to live on.

I am now fine and
I have survived.
I lived for loved one
I thank God I'm fine.

Kris ~ dreamweaver



Judging Not

Why do you criticize,
Judging one another;
Do you really despise,
Your sister and brother.

Everyone will stand,
In front of our God;
Answer to His command,
The reason you are flawed.

As certain as Christ lives,
Each one will worship Him;
And if true God forgives,
Through praise and full of vim.

All of us have to give,
Account for infractions;
To eternally live,
To pardon those actions.

So stop criticizing,
And help each other out;
Without politicizing,
Or having any doubt.

Keep the faith all the time,
Do not try to accuse;
Anyone of a crime,
If there has been no clues.

The Lord has given me,
Knowledge and conviction;
With insight as to see,
A sinful addiction.

It is acceptable,
For eating any food;
But unacceptable,
If one thinks it is rude.

If it hurts another,
Then you live not in love;
Cares less for your brother,
And for Jesus thereof.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer



Living in Expectation

Living in Expectation

I had purposed in my heart some time ago
That faith was the substance and expectation is what I know
No more simply believing my prayer would be heard
But expecting my request are already answered by His word
I would walk in expectation, prepare for what’s to come
Giving thanks in advance to the Father through the Son
This purpose now revisited, a year as past since
Living in expectation now seem so past tense
Instead of the good I prepared to receive
The disappointment and the sorrow I could not believe
Death in the family, even my eldest son
Financial plans destroyed, every single one
The peace I prepared for once again escaped my grasp
And the faith that I mustarded reduced to a heap on trash
Oh that I had stayed in Egypt dare not cross my lips
As the children of Israel said many times along their trip
But then why should I pray when God doesn’t seem to care
Why approach the throne in prayer if He isn’t even there
My enemy appears at my time of disarray
To offer counsel for a better way
Did God not say that all who ask in faith shall receive?
Your faith begat your expectation and what did that achieve
He could not save His only Son from death upon a cross
So how can He save a simple sinner blind, alone and lost
Now I sit at a crossroad where faith and fact collide
The call of Moses echoes “Who is on the Lords side”
The faith of Abraham beckons me to see the journey through
Stay the course of expectation; Gods promises are true
I’ve come too far to turn back now, yes too far indeed
His love hasn’t failed me yet, He has supplied my needs
As I look to the widow; her meal and oil ever replenished
God, the same forever more, His power not diminished
Living in expectation is not a short term success
Just like life itself it presents a lot of test
As for me, though weak and weary, I expect just the same
I receive my breakthrough here and now In Jesus name
J. Moore



Once Unknown...

They Couldn't Understand Why Their Names Were Unknown.
Unto The Poor Family The Materilsm Had Outgrown.
When They Were In Need, They Were There On The Spot.
Yet Once They Aquired wealth, Poor family Was Forgot.
So Busy With Life Not Seeking To Look Back.
Of When They Were In Need & Others Kindness Didn't Lack.
From The Poorest Amongst Them Serving Lots Of Good Deeds.
By Gleefull Giving In Action Planting Loves Seeds.
How It Nourishes Ones Soul & Spirit 2 Grow.
& Opens The Doors 4 True Love 2 Flow.
& The Poorest That Gave Were Still Gleefully Giving.

Planting Lots Of Good Deeds & Spreading Love With The Living.
Not 2 Be Famous Or Boast But The Euphoric Feeling InSide.
When U Do Unto Others Without arrogance or pride.
& Those Family Members That Slighted Got Back On The Right Track.
Once They Were Established & Seeked 2 Learn The Art Of Giving Back.
One Less New Shirt Or Expensive Boots 2 Buy.
Instead Serving Lots Of Love By Giving Good Will A Try.
& Those UnKnown Names Became Known Once Again.
As They Learned The Art Of Good Will 4 Betterment 2 Begin.
Worldwide It Traveled Many Missions Of Kindness & Good Will.
Billions Learned The Benefits Of Pure Love As A Needed Social Skill.
Not Much Is Spoken About The Effects Of The Soul Within.
4 True Love 2 Really Blossom & Betterment 2 Begin. !



Looking Back

Can sometimes suffer through the years,
Due to our proclivity
To view refracted memories through our tears.

As memories
Are piled up on the shelf,
Each recollection is
A point of reference on the map of 'self.'

While the Zeitgeist
Is fettered by his mighty chains,
Highly prized, or highly priced,
Each memory (slightly skewed) remains.

Looking back,
Some things seem unfamiliar now.
Peering down life's dusty track,
I see through different eyes, somehow.

Copyright Robert Haigh, 2011



Life Can Be Like A Nightmare

They say love can be like a dream but,
sometimes life can be like a nightmare.

Can you picture yourself falling
in love with someone, who have
been rapped, and everyday
treating you like love
were an awful mistake.

The pain and the hurt
is reflected in the way
she treats you.
But to yourself, you are
not being true.

Faking, lying, and sharing stories
like she loves you.
When deep down inside you
don't know what to do.

So you live a life of abuse,
feeling sorry for someone,
who have been rapped and
said, I love you.

They say life is like a dream, but
sometimes love can be like a nightmare.

Love suppose to be a blessing from
God, yet it can be as dangerous as a gun
pointed at you.

Like being in a situation
where your lover is a crack head.
Who have been rapped, beaten, and
treaded like a trick.

Prostitutes and tricks
all means the same.
Hopes and dreams
of this crack head,
who have been rapped
making a change.

How can you restore life
to a person, who is breathing
but physically they are dead.

All your love is not good enough
to bring this person peace.

So they run the streets,
why you are at home worrying and
can't sleep.

Love is deep but your happiness
is incomplete.
You pray but nothing change but
the days you spent that
turned into years.

The awful pain and hurt you feel
waiting on a person on drugs to

When in fact its best you leave, and
achieve your dreams.

God bless you.



{ Faron's~ Highs }´

Oh Sweetest Pooh
These Instrumentals 4u
Your Love For Them I+Heaven Knew
May They Make Your Horizon Peaceful Due.

At the moment our story began
He was never afraid to sing,
I was filled with the pride that ran
Twas better than I was ever imagining!
Dreams of scenes of My True Love
{ He was the endless flight }
And I was His Little White Dove!

Like a breeze on a warm summer night
Soothing my restless sleep,
Love filled my eyes with a sight
That my breath fought to keep!
Dreaming away till the light of day
( The magic in My Lover's Eyes * *
In Heaven couldn't help but stay!

The morning brings
Thoughts Of Happiness My Lover Still Sings,
When tired He lifts me with His Wings
To the Rainbow Treasure Lies!
I know all about these things
Faron's Highs
I would fly
Faron's Highs

Be Sure To Catch Me The Dove In Flight
My Endless Love The 1st Video Beautiful Sight.

The Magic From His Hazel Eyes
Now The Ink On Which My Blue Quill Relies.

Let The Music Play
Forget Worries Drift Away.


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