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Awaken My Spirit

Can you hear the shining cuckoo?
Heralding the spring morning
Servant’ looking for fortune
Underneath the covered awning

Can a single note have passion
Inside the violin so deep
Mozart’ twinkling fashion
Masterful write to keep

Awaken your spirit so waylaid
Deep within the cavern of hope
Teacher you are trying to trade
Your life as you lengthen the rope

As you walk to your demise
The penny does drop in an instant
The ancients do think and surmise
Tis your journey you start like an infant

Searching the sea of mindful bliss
Nirvana is but a step away
Struggling to heal your sinful cyst
Internal the spirit’ forte.



Find Peace and Contentment Through Jesus

Never let anyone persuade you to do wrong.
The evil one is always seeking whom he may devour.
The Scriptures tell us this and it is so true.
We must find the truth which is found only; in Jesus.
He alone is the One Who deserves our best for whatever we are able to offer.
Never let it be said that you were siding with the evil one for he is a liar.
He will always let you down no matter how badly you wish to be right.
The Lord Jesus Christ, on the other hand, is always there to guide you.
He will never let you go not even if you wanted it for a time.
We cannot stand on our own and have God pleased with us for we are all human and will falter.
Take it for what it is worth and believe God above all you do.
For He is the One Who vindicates a sinner and saint.
He is the One Who gives strength to the fallen.
We must find peace and contentment through Jesus for He is all we have.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)



The Circle Of Love( )Life´

Oh this chant is so beautiful
it so touches your heart and soul,
knowing what the words are loses something
but still the message will ring.out:

From the day we arrive
we grow and thrive,
on elder's lesson
drinking in their wisdom!
To make them proud
we soar from the crowd,
and become more than they dreamed of
and it can't be broken This Circle Of Love!

We offer to them all we can be
as they had to go off in Glory,
Land where nobody ever shall die
but none the less our eyes will cry!
Tears now that they're not here
but Faith shall appear,
for we'll be 2gether again 1 day
Hope comes along and will never stray!
We grow up and find our soul mate
after such a long wait,
were told they were in our back yard all along
and that is far from wrong!
Now comes the time
to go our soul mate next in line,
but they complete The Circle
Of Love at the end of the rainbow.
{ The Reward Be Most Special }

So much in life isn't fair
You just have to TRY and bear,
Some all of a sudden no longer wanna wake
Others start out and can't catch a break!
But that's life they say
Just open your dreams and Peace will find its way
Just open your dreams and Peace will find its way
Just open your dreams and Peace will find its way!
SALLY will pray



Lack of Pollination

Lack of pollination Down among the dandelions life is tranquil. Only the murmur of bees affect the calmness Pity this age when dandelions proliferate the Humble bumble bee is disappearing,how tranquil Is life in the garden when we can't rely on the bees. Lot of talk of global warming, lot of talk of pollution Pity the life in the garden, down among the dandelions poor auld bee has disappeared and not a lot busy bees Talking and a moaning, but hey it's only a bee. Get the mower cut down the dandelions, forget the bumble bee It only stung when you attacked it, bees fault not ours. Now the humble bumble bee is nearly extinct, so what. But ah ha 40/: of life not only down among the dandelions depend on the humble bumble bee. We here, standing tall in life's thrall will find the poor auld bee most sadly missed. Hunger will proliferate and the poor auld bee will simply not be seen again down among the dandelions were life is tranquil.



If I've Learned Anything!

If I’ve Leanred Anything

If I’ve learned anything in my eighty one year it would be the following: Kindness works better than intimdation everytime. Love is more rewarding than hatred will ever be. Learn to trust your own reasoning for others usually have an agenda. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Logic works better than speculation. Happiness like beauity is in the eye of the beholder. To love and be loved is one of life’s greatest gifts. Life ends with death only when we are totally forgotten. A man is only as good as his word. Hard work never hurt anyone. People are like fingerprints, there are no two exactly alike. Time is a thief, it will steal your life away. The most valuable asset a man can have is his integrity. Trust is earned not given. Poetry is the window to the soul. 16. Nothing is forever!
17. Did you know that you can save fifteen minutes when buying insurance… smile.

Jackie R. Kays
© 2014




~Rose And The Mouse~

A Mouse in the room woke up Rose
She was so scar'd that she arose
And everyone in the house
And then said the Mouse
Can you Shut Up and stop all that Noise!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000





My Friend Dan,

You sound unhappy once more and are saying Good bye. I think I know why you are unhappy. I want you to think about this. First of all PP is the best Poetry Site on the Internet. The most important feature of PP is its design. Our sites are totally independent sites within PP. without any interference from the management or anyone else within terms of service*TOS. The second best feature is Tony's design for interaction among the poets. This includes all poets' new poems published in one place* we call it Last 100 poems. Feedback club, Daily contest, Friends list, The Message Center and facility to send any poem to anyone you care to send by email. Facility to receive feedback and guestbook entry.

These all is on top of our independent Poetry Site.

I know you do not like one feature of PoetryPoem. There is no restriction on how many poems a poet can have on his site. Combined with new poems published in the 100 poem list gives readers access to new poems by all the poets on PP. You are objecting this unrestricted posting in 100 poems list and by doing that you are indirectly objecting how many poems a poet can post on his/her site. This would take away the independence and freedom from interference from each and every poet on this site. Then PoetryPoem will be becoming a Forum. I doubt even you want that to happen or DO YOU WANT THAT?

We have to pay price for freedom. Tolerance can help peaceful coexistence. Consideration can help and inconsideration can cause friction and discontent.

You are worried about getting poets' poems read and you think 100 poems list is the only means of getting your poems read. NOT TRUE. Our poems are read all over the world globally. A readership base is formed where poets return to your site and read your poems � not in thousands but in millions. 100 poems list contributes a fraction of that poems read count. It is the attraction created by your poems brings readers in millions to your sites to read your poems and not the 100 poem list.

I hope this helps.

Take care,

Kris ~ Dreamweaver





Out in green forest
a dying wolf bites at his wounds,
howling at moon,
for he knows nothing more to do
in his wildness,
he has no place left in his heart
for love or warmth
shunned from the pack
in his weakness.

Buried deep in busy city streets
after war’s bitter end
a young man stabs at his wounds,
nodding off in his pain’s relief
for he knows nothing more to do
in his wildness,
he has no place left in his heart
for love or warmth
shunned from his pack
in his weakness.

Home alone, lost within her cold thoughts
a young woman weeps for relief
but finds no sure cure for her pain,
she knows only one thing more to do,
and with her heart
filled full
she falls upon her knees
lifting herself above the fray
for just this one more day
for she knows nothing more to do
loved by her pack
and on this one darkend day
she finds
that love
is enough.



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