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It is not long!

A man of sorrows and aquainted with grief
for it is not long till He comes like a theif

Come my children come away
from her treachrous deeds that won't be here to stay

Woes are coming to the earth soon
Come my child as i gather as chicks, make room

Be ready and still my flock
don't worry dear children I am your rock

And when trouble comes plead my blood over you
plead it over your loved ones for I am coming is true.

Hatred stirs up conflick, but love covers all wrongs (Proverbs 10*12)


Love Michelle Lee Carter



The Oracle

I saw during the night,
A man on a red horse;
And behold what a sight,
Riding to stay on course.

Standing by myrtle trees,
Next to horses of white;
Feeling a gentle breeze,
The moon shining so bright.

What are these things my lord,
An angel said to show;
Signs not to be ignored,
Only then will I know.

These are they whom the Lord,
Sent to patrol the earth;
Helping peace be restored,
Giving life a new birth.

The angel of the Lord,
Was standing by the trees;
Being in one accord,
The earth remains at ease.

We ask the Lord of Host,
How long having no grace;
Send us the Holy Ghost,
With mercy to embrace.

For these seventy years,
Angered to the city;
Causing so many fears,
Please come and take pity.

Gracious and comforting,
The angel talked to me;
You must stop perverting,
And confess to be free.

Cry out thus says the Lord,
For He is envious;
Let it not be ignored,
Become not hideous.

He is a jealous God,
Angry with the nations;
Gives not honor and laud,
By all His creations.

His cities will again,
See an overflow;
Prosper Jerusalem,
An abundance to show.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer




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When I first enter my heavenly promise land.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land,
It will be wonderful there, and I will have
No burdens to bare. I won't have any cares.
What a wonderful life I'll there.
The Holy Trinity will be awaiting me there.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land,
Jesus Christ will be awaiting me there.
My redeemed friends and family will willing share.
The wonderful lives they have been living there.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land,
the heavenly angels will be awaiting me there.
Telling how much they really cared.
Letting me know I had won my final
victories down here.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land.
At last I will finally see the Old and New
Testament saints who have been there. Almost,
from the beginning of time, they will
share all of their wonderful memories there.

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
January 20, 2020



Maiden Bright

Maiden Bright

Once upon a dream, there was a maiden bright with such
expression she ran down the path of loveliness memorizing
her thoughts of all she saw in the morning light.

No matter the distance she ran, she was only flying close
to the ground never weary in spirit.

She was her own love! her thoughts sparkled like the
stars above Gathering her flowers so sweet filled with
Fragrance that only grew Stronger as she ran down her
path of beauty, Freshness of the Breeze following her every
step, light as a feather she ran with her never*ending
fantasizing reality that could never be more real.

Maiden bright, never stopped Shining her light where
ever she went, she was always followed when she ran
close to the ground, you'll swear she was really floating above
the dirt*covered path.

Her glories shadow danced so gracefully as she kept
time with her song she Sang silently, must have been
filled with energy to lift her clearly over the tree
Tops, over the ocean and valleys she Flew high not
knowing she wasn't touching the ground.

You see this maiden bright was a feather
soft, divine, living for each moment, each breath
she took a song she Sang, it never had a
beginning nor end, she just drifted into the rainbow of
colored mist in the summer of her youth, so
long ago in Ireland, where all the four*leaf clovers

(Our Hearts are Filled with Four*leaf
Clovers filled with Luck and Love)

2020DerenaBree (All rights reserved)





People look at me and see my eyes are dry
What they don`t see is that inside I cry,
I wear the mask of a happy smiling face
But of the sorrow I feel there is no trace.

That sorrow weighs heavy upon my heart
But try as I may it just won`t depart,
I do try to think in a positive way
But my mind wanders and on track it won`t stay.

I can`t let the mask slip for all to see
That something just isn`t right with me,
I must carry on and try to be brave
Knowing I`ll never have the solace I crave.

copyright´2020 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



4 Years

See that scar across her hair?
Not as visible, to the world out there.
First a baby, and an MRI
A c*section surgery. And a blurry eye.
An optic nerve filled with a ´cyst like´ tumor
A random doctor, telling me to do this sooner.

Actual WILL documents now, being signed,
´Do you understand? On the dotted line!´
A newborn wondering, where is mom?
A church praying, before I´m gone.

BEHOLD, a Lion, walking up and down
While I lie there breathing in a hospital gown
Powerful, protective, but fierce is he
I saw his eyes, they stared back at me.

´Now honey, please! Just count to three
Breath in this mask, and look at me!.

It´s ok, you won´t hallucinate,
We will try to control this fait.´

Now, ´Wake up! Wake up!
Can you tell me your name?!´
´What hospital are you in?.´
(But I hide in shame)

Flashes of God, and hands on my face
Suddenly life didn´t feel like a race.

Where is the Lion? Is it time to go?
They told me I had cancer
But now it´s no?!
Singing to my baby, rocking slow
Watching all these years unfold.
These Seizure now, they come and go
The hospital check ups that are on the go.

Sometimes I cry over what could be.
Sometimes I cry over what happened to me.
Will my hair grow back, do people see?
All these levels of insecurity?!

God constantly putting me in my place
Focus on Him and finish this race.

´But God do you hear me? When I cry?
Why was I saved, and not left to die?!´
A purpose reenforced into my life
Share this love * don´t let it hide.

BEHOLD, a Lion, walking up and down
While I lie there crying on the ground.
Powerful, protective, but fierce is he
I saw his eyes, they stared back at me.

Powerful, protective, but fierce is he.
Today I´m 4 years.
Cancer free.



Snowman Day

Did you know snowmen have pride
That's why they stay outside
No warmth to melt them away
They live for a snowy day

They like a coal shaped smile
Happiness is in style
No sad face, it would be out of place.
They will stand by your door
and greet the children once more.

We can give them a top hat, and a loveable pat
We can play all day and chase our blues away
So join in on the fun this snowy day
Grab a snowball and please stay

I hope you see that happy smile
and watch the snowflakes fall
There is room for this long handle broom
Come watch this frosty day fully bloom

Allseasonsverse 1/18/2020
(Dedicated to Ellie and Nate)


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