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On the breadline

On the breadline
(Empty belly beds)

If hardship has another name disaster suits it well
Depression, melancholy, desolation, living Hell
A Hell without the means to feed a child in need of bread
To know without the need to ask, it’s ‘empty belly beds’

A house that’s steeped in sorrow, a parent on the edge
Misfortune never ending, a grave without a death
Money*short and work is too, there’s been no luck of late
How do you warm a weeping child with no fire in the grate?

A mother’s face reflecting despondency and guilt
A hopelessness that thrives and breeds in poverty and filth
A state of destitution, self*destruction, moribund
Held together by the thread that binds her to her young


Hard blows the wind through troubled times
Unfaithful love, wives left behind
To fend, to fight, to stay alive
To raise a child with one hand tied

When the last meal came to nothing
Save a few scraps on a plate
When hunger raged throughout the house
And the rent was always late

When the walls were thick with mildew
And the cold cut like a knife
When times were hard and children starved
And penury was rife

And so tonight they sit and quietly shiver in the dark
They wait to hear the footsteps of a man who calls a lot
He bears a box of margarine, of milk, of bread and jam
He’s from the church just down the road * the coming of
The lamb

© Joseph G Dawson



Words are Words

So speak to me of light, and I will live in sun shines spectrum.
Yet, I say the light you speak of is more than sun's golden hue
A warmth that lifts the soul to heights beyond.
To hold the light as it holds me, to see the beginning of forever
In a tear of silver shine, to hold those tears to part with sorrow's blade,
when darkness quickly fades, the peace of eternity is born not made

Talk to me about tomorrows fears, I will simply walk away there is
Only courage where my essence stays.
Talk to me of many things of what the earth can bring, I will see its Seas
Surge high and low and sail to shores when north winds flow
When my ship has lost its sail, the song of Angels softly hail
Light of lights will greet my soul a light that will not fail

Talk of many things what words can bring, while those words slip by
My golden dreams come true to soar on Angels wings
In sands of time the light of life each moment brings
Words are words until the promise of forever sings



Lady of the Light

Lady of the Light
Lady surrounded by love and light,
wonder if you'll dream tonight.
Will you fly above the mountain
tops, or play with the children on
the street?

Will you touch another's heart,
bringing happiness flowing through
will you kiss that someone special
in the evening light?

Your like an angel standing
silently, your body just radiates
a special light only heavenly
creatures have.

Can you make a lover moan,
under the velvet skies, will he
yield to your commands, with
presents and sweet perfume.

What ever you do lady of
the light, you will never be brighter
then you are tonight.

The story tells of a blue maiden dressed
in nylon wrap, floating across the mountain
tops, stopping to play with children, touched
the heart of an old Lady alone and lonely
and found a lover to love and adore the
Lady of light, glowing like a statue of blue.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)



Only One Calvary

Only One Calvary
No fault, washed hands, freedom sought
Thorns thrust
Plucked beard
Forty stripes
Hanging tree
Pardoned thief
Father sought
Hyssop cup
Mother care
Sky black
Rent temple
Pierced side
Grave given
Prepped body
satan's rapture
Day three
Stone failed
Desolate tomb
Clothes remain
Grave denied
Death died
Redemption sealed.





No words can describe
How heartbroken we are

Bubba, you are an Angel
Kind, Loving, and Intuitive

You brought happiness and light
Into our lives

Now, free from Earthly pain
I know we will meet again

At the Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to my Grand Dog Captain Bubba Gump
April 16, 2006*May 5, 2018

6/24/2018 preciouspoetess (All Rights Reserved)




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At The Three Tuns

Just a single footlight
Just a single chair
A solitary figure
Sitting comfortably there,
Right ankle resting
On his left thigh
Guitar resting
Comfortably nigh
Mouth harp held
In its neck stand
Strings being plucked
By his right hand.

And he blasted out the blues
Rocking the night along
Some standard covers
And a self penned song.

Bringing all into his world
As he held us captive there
Power emanating from that
Single solitary chair.
The music stops, the figure smiles
Thanks all for their applause
And quietly and calmly
Roy Leo Lyon withdraws.
There´s just left behind
A single empty chair
A single footlight beam
Focused on it there



A Little Ditty for My Kitty

A Little Ditty for My Kitty

A beefy girl she's oh so pleasing a bit buff with all the guff
How did you get this chunky with your chunky stuff
Walking around and doing your bulldog strut
She's an alpha kit from the wrong side of town
She'll mess you up when you come around
She's big she's bad and thoroughly cat
She struts around just showing her stuff
She walks doing her bulldog strut
Whence within her neighborhood, you come
You'd better be aware that she is around
She will pounce and put you down, she always knows
It's her territorial ground, so keep out of her way
She's the alpha cat and this is her town
She'll mess you up when you come around
She's big, bad, buff, and tuff
She's my loving little kitty doing her bulldog strut


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