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OH this Christmas time

Oh this Christmas time
May you know Jesus of devine

Will you reach your hand out to the poor
And think of them Christmas morn

When the sun rises in the east
Will you in Christ believe?

Because there is no other way
This Christmas time let Christ rein

Don't forget the love He has given
For there is no partitaly from Him there is no devision.


Love Michelle Lee Carter





Every second we live it becomes our past.
We have a limited number of seconds
to convert them into the past.
How we do it is up to us.

We get one in a lifetime chance to live.
Our life is so precious and we live
as if our life is not worth living.
We do not care for our life.

Lying in the hospital with electrodes stuck
all over my chest, hands and my legs
they tested my heart, drew charts
of the rhythm of the heart.

The heart that has been keeping me alive
through all these years I have taken
for granted hard*working heart.
Today I value my own heart.

Tears flowing from eyes of loved ones
made me realise my life belongs
to the loved ones those cry
at a thought of losing me.

I promise them that I will take good care
and will live on once more just for
the loved ones who love and care.
I have got reasons to live on.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver

Inspired by my son´s tears. He cried when
he knew I was sent to the Emergency Room
today 3rd May 2007, For the heart condition.



Life in the Spirit

There is now no condemnation,
For those who are in Jesus Christ;
Considering the salvation;
Rewards you for being enticed.

Because the Law of the Spirit,
Of life has set you to be free;
Giving the chance to inherit,
The wisdom and insight to see.

Free from the Law of death through sin,
For God has done about the Law;
Weakened by flesh corrupts within,
Could not do because of the flaw.

By sending His begotten Son,
In the likeness of sinful man;
He condemned of what sin has done,
Allowing to unfold His plan.

For the righteous requirement,
So that the Law might be fulfilled;
Allowing the acquirement,
The Holy Spirit has instilled.

For those who live setting their mind,
On the things the flesh desires;
Not as spiritually aligned,
As to what Heaven requires.

Setting the mind on flesh is death,
But on the Spirit meaning life;
The Spirit gives you a new breath,
Guiding you as you cope with strife.

The carnal mind despises God,
And does not submit to His Law;
Refusing to honor and laud,
And is continuing to flaw.

They are unable to please God,
Instead, you are in the Spirit;
You proceed to honor and laud,
And are blest within your merit.

If someone has not the Spirit,
To him Jesus does not belong;
And unable to inherit,
Not be spiritually strong.

For in sin the body is dead,
But in the Spirit, you’re alive;
The body and blood have been fed,
Through your baptism to revive.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer



Turquoise Sea

Tossed on the waves of the turquoise sea
Dolphins frolic free
The sun*like topaz in the sky
Gently passes by

I see my island home
Tropic Paradise of Sand and foam
A place where wild creatures roam
In brine of sea waters shine

At last, I come ashore
My heart sings out once more
Family awaits, with open arms
My home has greeted me with her charm

No face can take the place of this tropic grace
Stepping on the land I view the beauty in command
White sands with gulls overhead, where my weary feet do tread
A small dwelling is ahead, a palace where we break our bread

I bid farewell to the turquoise sea, and rest my soul in harmony
Is this a dream, or an enchanted reality






((Must think before you make your move
it is hard to sign your heart away in a
moment of passion.))

Baby blue, eyes sparkle, blonde hair
soft as silk to touch, tempted
to devour away, the site before me

Impulsive thoughts combine together
lust and love as one, no mind to decide
what would be wise to do, in this lovely
the situation, that stares back at me.

Sultry attraction plays forward unto
me, I must touch and fondle, a sculpture
so perfectly made, an angel that does not
exist before I stand.

I silently close the door where you stand
trying to forget I saw perfection, unknown to
me or anyone, that lingered among this
the site, not meant to be seen by human eyes
nor love, that swam toward your image
as fast as I caught me, fleeing away, with
tears dripping softly to the floor once again.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)





How come that all the songs of yesteryear
Seem to bring my past back so very near,
Back to the time of those carefree days
Many memories of which my mind replays.

They make me yearn for my long lost youth
When things were simple and that`s the truth,
No worries just long hot summer days
When Beetle mania was certainly the craze.

I know where I was when I hear a song
And to be back there my heart does long,
The words of a song makes my heart beat fast
As the feelings I felt come back from the past.

Love songs were plentiful way back then
I wish I could replay my life over again,
To feel those feelings just one more time
Tell me would that really be such a crime.

The words of a song can form a tear in my eye
And my heart for the past does silently cry,
Youth and romance seem to go hand in hand
I say this because I think you will understand.

I get lost in my music if only for a while
It brings me sadness but also a smile,
I`m back in my past where I long to be
Young, happy and totally carefree.

copyright´2019 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Bluebirds Sing Of Blue Lady Lovenotes

Bluebirds warble a symphony of bleu celeste
flying into midnight's savvy moon glow
sing of love in a hale of lovesick stars
to a heart pulse built of golden hues
on wings waved for bluebird cacophony

let your blue and rose*beige plumage
be lit up by the maize rays of the sun, or
in moonbeam's dance upon bluebird wings
soaring through the open grasslands
to the leafy limbs of scattered trees

blue lady of the moon wore azure teardrops
listened to the bluebird's flapping wings, warbling
buoyed up her heart*throb center with a love song
soon the bluebirds openly murmur these words
with all their aquamarine ruffled and plumed feathers

'Fly away to the stars with us to plumb
both the midnight skies and daylight too'
as winter's rigorous gales start to assail
they come to bathe in heated backyard birdbaths
taking time to reminisce in blue lady love*notes



Can You Hear the Drums Beating

Can You Hear the Drums Beating I can hear the drums beating When I lie in bed at night All alone Their sounds run through me Reminding me Reminding me of a simpler life A time when man and nature lived together As one The spirits walked through the forest And we knew them by name They spoke to us And we listened Now they simply choke on what we call air They wonder if we have forgotten For our words are foreign to them now As are our names White Horse and Running Bear Have become Bill or Ted Yet we still remain their children Their last hope Yes I can still hear the drums beating When I lie in bed at night All alone And they are beating in all of us We may not recognize them as we used to We might just mistake them Mistake them For the beating of our hearts Ed Roberts 5/24/02


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