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Is it of Importance?

Is It of Importance?
The way I think and feel! is it of importance? I don't think of it, in a way that makes one of importance. Always love yourself first We grow, we know it's not a clearly paved road, yet continue believing in what has made us grow, what made us feel of importance through caring. Always love yourself first If we share just a small part of our happiness with another, they'll forget why they feel the way they do, left to ponder on, of their own importance. Always love yourself first You see! the way I see it! it is not how we feel about ourselves, it is how we feel, making another feel important enough for us to care. Always love yourself first Selfish desires do not count, not in my book of life, it is the one who has nothing important, enough to know his worth, they are the ones of importance and truth. Always love yourself first They are the ones who radiate, the teacher of life and wisdom, it is not of himself he cares, but those that don't care! Always love yourself first We must care enough to care, enough to know, life is not only for the man that has everything, he is the one who has nothing, the one who cannot share his worth. Always love yourself first (You cannot be happy without sharing) By DerenaBree © 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)




Looking for tenderness in all things,
In music and poetry and dreams;
Seeking it in the eyes of everyone we meet,
In shadows and in the morning light,
Or the sun as it sets in evening mellow;
In thoughts that mingle between lovers
Or the wonder we find in starlit nights.
Let us see deep into the heart of everything,
Clouds coming and going under midday sun,
Facing the wind when all seems lost,
But never forgetting those precious moments
When all things fall into place at last,
And tenderness is all that we feel.



A Story of Seduction

The woman dressed wily of heart,
The attire of a harlot;
She is very loud to impart,
In such a seductive scarlet,

Her feet are not staying at home,
On the street rather than her house;
Around the city she will roam,
Searching for men without a spouse.

At each corner she lies in wait,
Seizes a man giving a kiss,
Pleads with him to take on a date,
Promising him to feel a bliss.

She says with an imprudent face,
She has peace offerings to give;
And paid her vows for to embrace,
His wildest dreams he could live.

So now she has a chance to meet,
The man that she eagerly found;
For sweeping him off of his feet,
Whispering an alluring sound.

She decked her bed with cotton sheets,
That was colored of fine linen;
As the eyes of the man entreats,
Perfumed aroma of passion.

She wants to fill him till morning,
Delighting him with so much love;
Be enticed by her adorning,
The sensual beauty thereof.

But her husband has gone away,
And has taken all her money;
But she has many bills to pay,
Desires some milk and honey.

Her seductive speech persuades him,
Smooth talk compels him to give cash;
Flattering lips passionate vim,
As her movements were bold and brash.

Let not your heart to stray the path,
And cut down by her mighty thong;
Hell is her home where she gives wrath,
Doing what is morally wrong.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer



Nighttime Calls

Picture By: Pinterest

I look upon the pictures on the wall

Too many faces my heart recalls

My eyes rise and fall

Gone to the final call

"Come back, " my broken heart replies

Their gentle touch once wiped the tears from my eyes

Just for a moment I see each smile

Finding their comfort for a little while

Left behind to these empty halls

The void grows deeper when nighttime calls




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Starts And Finishes

A quarrel with a girlfriend,
Teenage angst and despair,
And I´m in the recruiting office
Sitting in a high backed chair.
An aimless gesture really
My taking the Queen´s shilling
But putting on that uniform
Made me ready and willing.

And then it´s a mad whirl,
Friends´ mixed cheers and jeers,
The family just bewildered,
And a mother´s million tears.
Gangly, thin, uncoordinated
A Drill Sergeant´s nightmare,
I made it through the beasting,
Passed Out proudly on the square.

Embarkation leave parties,
No longer quite accepted
By childhood friends,
A reaction quite unexpected.
Posted to the regiment with
Responsibility beyond my years,
Satisfaction in coping with and
Overcoming uncertainty and fears.

Not really a team player
I worked my way to rank
Just sheer hard work
Nobody else to thank
Although I gave my work
My Body heart and sole
No way of concealing I was
square peg in a round hole.

Then came demob day when
I handed back my kit.
Did I have any regrets?
I suppose yes just a little bit,
But it was out into the world
To restart my interrupted life
Finally marrying and having
Two fine children and a wife.

I still fondly remember my
Service days and friends
So much good company again
At my life´s other end.
I´m glad I took the shilling
Faced that culture shock
Over all these many years
It´s stood me in good stock.



Lords of the Land

The shoreline seems so far away;
A hint of green beyond a deep blue bay.
The sandy beaches beckon me,
While sirens sing invitingly.

Yet jagged rocks may line that shore,
And siren´s song hides ocean´s roar.
The current is swift, and the waters deep;
Those who fail find eternal sleep.

Waters fed by ancient glacial flow,
Harbor creatures fierce, who lurk below.
Monsters who thirst for human blood,
And sink great ships ´neath waters flood.

Lords of the land we may well be,
But not of the vast and formless sea.
Intruders we are, and nothing more,
Sailing for some distant shore.



Lavender and Lace

Lavender and lace
Face to face with this demon I call life
that looks a little like you;
beneath the brown in your eyes
swimming through the lies
that turn fluorescent when you are gone
and I am hypnotized.

Lavender and lace
spread across the empty space
that comforts me when you don't have the strength.
Revisions of revival
Leaving truth beneath denial
Broken hearts now penetrate me
as I remain undeniably waiting
Shivering with passion in
Lavender and lace.


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