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Biden 46

Loddy, Dottie and everybody
Seems to be ride'n with Joe Biden.
He talks the talk, time will tell if
He can walk the walk.
Time will reveal the truth
Concerning any lies he's hidding.
He bows down before the
Red white and blue.
Cavalierly, politians will lie to you.
Notoriously they are known to say
Things that they do not do.


Habib Abu Lateef





What is this,
some kind of chasm
that restrains one
from the other,
that one hand—
untouched the other
or a face—uncaressed
much more of a breath—
sublime as split*second?
Is it the wind—cold and
armed with fear
gripping every soul?

A subtle melancholia is brewed
in every space, everything is
cleared…silence takes
over and speaks in
the machines—all in
white.In linen covering,
In closing of the stage
curtains, as heroes and
villains grace their exits.
Yet spectators are merely
silhouettes and everything
else—is fading in the twilight.

The scale hurdles
to be in balance
but—the heart is too
much to bear. And the
mind—powerful and
profound can’t do
so much. Only—the Love
of the Great One
in the recesses of

By: Elena Maria Mana*ay Parcon©2021

Date Presented: January 21, 2021

Author's Note:

I promised myself not to write anything about this pandemic
because i didn't feel like it
but about three nights ago,
words miraculouly came in
during my unguarded thoughts.



Christian Life Struggles

You have followed His doctrine,
And have followed His teaching;
His conduct to discipline,
That many have been preaching.

Your faith and His aim in life,
With steadfast patience and love;
To persevere all the strife,
That is flowing from above.

Persecution and suffering,
In which we all have endured;
God rescues through buffering,
Know that your faith is secured.

Evil men and seducers,
Will go on from bad to worse;
Deceiving by deceivers,
Whatever causes a curse.

Continue what you have learned,
And what you firmly*believed;
The salvation you have earned,
Eternal life you received.

Since childhood you have known,
Acquainted with the Scriptures;
You will never be alone,
Within your mind that captures.

All Scripture is God breathed out,
Profitable for teaching;
Righteousness you should not doubt,
The instruction out*reaching.

The man of God is complete,
As well as being perfect;
Equipped never with deceit,
Scripture never to reject.

Copyright © 2021 Richard Newton Sherrer





A butterfly can`t see the colour of its wings
And doesn`t know the joy that it brings
The colours are so vivid and bright
We can see them much to our delight.

The butterfly is just a beauty to behold
The sight is more precious than gold,
It is so delicate and so unpresuming
Yet its beauty is so all consuming.

So delicate and light it flutters about
A pleasure to watch without a doubt,
The butterfly remains ignorant of all this
And just flies about in ignorant bliss.

You will find some people to be the same
Their inner beauty they never proclaim,
Sometimes they are just totally unaware
And that is the beauty that they hold there.

copyright´2021 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Fred 2021

It’s been forty years
since you passed away
For forty years,
I’ve remembered this day
You were my best friend,
the best I had…
I still don’t understand
how things went so bad?
You fell a short distance
that broke all our hearts
Your life was forfeit,
Our friendship now past.
Life has gone on since
Sometimes I wish you could see
The beauty I’ve witnessed
For both you and for me…
But I’m glad you missed out on
The wars and the pain
As man conquers everything
But only few gain.
I don’t believe in Heaven
So I doubt that we’ll meet
Just know that I loved you
A friendship complete.




Painting "Yellow Rose" by Kris ~ Dreamweaver

Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.



Poetry City

My City is one of itinerant Poets,
Some internationally known,
But there are many others,
All off us home grown,
And we tour the area
Taking in turn to drive the car,
And we perform open Mic
In pub, and club and bar
Hoping people will listen
To what we have to tell:
Listen up you folks,
Poetry is alive and well.

At Festivals, libraries
Even the odd care home,
We pass on our message
Wherever we may roam:
Poetry is about life,
About misery, and humour,
Dealing with the facts, maybe
Scotching ill founded rumour,
It´s a weapon of the people
Bringing injustices out
It´s quite an effective way of
Holding our rulers to account.

It´s about love, life and death
It can make you laugh or cry
Maybe if can perform the task of
Just asking the question, Why.
And if listeners get bored
Then your poetry is too long
And if they don´t understand
Your message Is all wrong.
This is a city of poetry
Most of us are home grown
And we perform for pleasure
A few being internationally known.





For those who are
Gifted with Clear Vision
It is our Heart and Mind
That keep us from
Living in the here and now

Desperate to fast forward
We must understand that
There is no past or future
Because all we have
Is the present moment

1/18/2021 preciouspoetess (All Rights Reserved)


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