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On halloween night just what will you see

On halloween, NIGHT, just what are you gone to see
many ghosts, goblins, scary, monsters, all trying, to really, scare me

On halloween, will you feel terrible, terrific, frightening, daring, fright
its going to be so spooky, and scary, to your, delight

Only once a year
do we bravely out in the spooky,scary, cold, dark , alone, *face *our * Greatest, * most frightening, *every *HALLOWEEN*FEAR

Trick or treat, we hope to get something *SWEET*Hopefully*CANDY*something*good *to *gobble, *gobble *and *eat
its worth it, when all, of our fears we bravely come to meet, going trick or treat, every house to house, and street to street, facing all the scarry, goblins, ghosts and monsters that on trick or treat*, we *together*happily, *bravely, *meet

By john d jungers
27th of OCTOBER 2016





Those who have an understanding nature
And moreover a forgiving heart,
Are bound to be much happier by far
As these are the people who are smart.

It`s not easy to be forgiving at times
As some things cut right to the quick,
So we must ask ourselves this question
Is a `sorry` enough to do the trick?

For a heart that can bend need never mend
As it is flexible and can bounce back,
But a heart that is rigid can be broken
As it shatters from just a single crack.

copyright´2016 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Glitches and Witches

Glitches and Witches

Our tale begins
‘It was a bleak neat winter in the spell * o’* Cadobee and the snow was falling on the end of my nose.’ So rang out the gruff coded voice of Sergeant Strong, first name Fearsome of the Amfotgo Special Constabulary attached to Dark Division 3*9er X*ray as he busily went about his midnight tour of the village.

A red blade (shadow spear) dark*warrior first class and drop scone medallist on Amfotgo's covert C16 stealth*belt experiment Sergeant Strong was presently conducting trials into ‘CRUCS’ (creeping up on criminals without being seen) – using the awesome power of stealth*belt upgrade Gamma: VXTX*2000X. A mega*muscle specification including 10 x Trojan*X multi*processors with hi*energy 444core sticky*tension single*sided spinning*spiral bio*balloon interlockers * cascaded diagonally via 4 x Amberglass ‘shy*ray’ particle accelerators with third generation cone*beam emitters flash*loaded through 2 x QPT5 self*repairing digital enhancers plus automatic intruder obliterator protocol * otherwise known as ‘Spy*Lon.' ‘That’s easy for you to say’ mumbled SS as he rummaged in the dark for the dark*start digi button and spun the spy*dial selector to Dark*Ray/Trojan*Balloon * a 360º shadow*flux energy envelope designed to confuse the eye; turning the body sharply left or right activates the ‘balloon,’ causing the belt and the wearer to temporarily disappear

‘It’s twelve o’clock, the moon is high, the stars are out and so am I,’ boomed Fearsome, as he proceeded along the high street vigorously checking doors, gates, grills and heavy padlocks – the heavier the better! ‘There’s nothing to see and nothing to hear, nothing abroad and nothing to fear’ he bellowed again, intent upon putting everyone’s mind at rest.

Suddenly, a beady eye and a raddled ear twitched and sprang into action. A faint noise had caught the Sergeant’s attention and with torch flashing into even the darkest corners he raced to investigate. He couldn’t be sure at first but he thought someone was singing away in the distance, he didn’t know the song, but as he entered the woods where nobody goes muffled words gradually became clear…

A drop of this, a drop that
A rolling pin to bash it flat
A road*kill toad, a rodents tail
An evil spell that cannot fail

'Did you say micro switch Strong' 'No sir, I said Micro Witch, the woods are full of 'em * they're everywhere, tiny things 'bout the size of your thumb, started about half an hour ago as the clock struck midnight sir.'

'What did you see Strong?' 'Didn't believe it myself sir, they came down some kind of beam sir, riding on cocktail parasols which they deploy like parachutes to land.'

'Come on Fearsome, that can't be right, what've you been drinking?'
'Nothing sir, it's as I said, they're in their thousands and heading your way, there's something in the village they want, I believe it might be the children.'

It wasn't long before Sargent Strong found himself back at a panic stricken HQ. The phones had pneumonia, computers a cough, the squad cars were itching they'd caught chickenpox. 'The village is cut off Strong and every child's bedroom is locked and sealed against entry * parents demand action * but what can we do?'

The micro witches had hit the town where it hurts. They'd kidnapped the children or at least held them prisoner.

Meanwhile, in the real world: The class jumped and the teacher fell off her chair as every mobile in every pocket rang, beeped or jingled at full volume and with every ring, beep or jingle came an app*witch logo and with every app*witch logo came an animated app*witch. How perfect, Hallowe'en only days away and here was an app really worth having – 'appy days.'

The phones worked normally all that day and the next day October 30 and some wondered what the dormant apps were for but they needn't have worried for as the clock struck midnight heralding the first micro*second of October 31 the phones came to life and so too did the power of the app*witches.

All through the early hours of October 31 phones across town were silently booting up * booting up with some of the most delicious tricks and treats imaginable. Best trick of all was that the phones could fly – pop one in your pocket and recite.

App*witch, app*witch, elevate,
Over rooftops, 'cross the slates
Round the chimneys, ghost and scream
Be back in time for Hallowe'en

and away you go, The most advanced lighter than air improvement since the broomstick.
Throughout the school day of Monday October 31 excitement reigned. Children sat somewhat taller in their chairs, literally flew from lesson to lesson and basketball practise gave light to Olympian performance. Better still the play area was mostly deserted as children peered in windows four floors up and cashed in high fives doing 'man of steel' upside down barrel rolls.
Of course there were dangers and of course parents and teachers worried * but Hey! It was Hallowe'en * what could go wrong? A caveat hidden within the small print suggested much but as ever few read it.
With cries and screams of joy and glee
The sun sets in the west
Here comes the night of candy*fright
This one will be the best
Enjoy yourself please fill your boots
But heed the banshee's cry
Be on the ground by one o'clock
When your phone will cease to fly
By 7pm the air was full of marauding monsters * a full moon adding a haunting element of Draculesque fantasia to a sky that whirled and swirled with witches, mummies and more. Monsters of the most grotesque kind were on the prowl their skeletal fingers and blood*soaked stumps poised over doorbells and letterboxes. Doors opened to the most spectacular tricks when knock & hover drew cries of shocked surprise from unsuspecting genteel ladies as too and perhaps rather more so did the considerably more ambitious variation of knock and hang e.g. bat*like from eaves, trees or anything suitable in sight of front doors. It is fair to say that the candy haul by 8pm was higher than last year by a long chalk.
By 9pm horror toured the darkened streets eye balls gushing with blood competed with itchy stitches and arms hanging by a thread swung freely in a wind that had increased somewhat in the past hour. Without warning zombies suddenly poured from behind trees, waste bins and back streets dragging their gammy legs and festering bandage*bound feet in a slow and wandering gait. Party goers questioned the sudden number of undead. Where had they come from and what were they doing sitting on park benches, at bus stops and taxi ranks? Oh well, whoever made the costumes must have made a killing.
The moon took fright, the stars turned pale and in the dark the street lights failed, from road and lane blood*curdling screams, fear walked abroad this Hallowe'en. Jack*o'*lantern's misty light revealed the truth behind the flights. There is no app*witch be assured, it's all trick and nothing more, a trick or treat played in reverse, by zombies and their wicked curse. They don't want tricks, they don't want treats, what they want is fleshy meat, sweet as any meat can be it's round your arms, your legs, your knee. A tasty human in the crypt * a schoolboy soup * pray take a sip.
The first to pop into the pot found the water raging hot, he swam with carrots, spuds and beans * a sad way to end his Hallowe'en. Friends doffed their caps in proud salute he'd drowned in such a tasty soup, but then a bell rang loud and shrill a mother shouted 'wake up Bill, you've had a nightmare * what a scream – time to wake up it's Hallowe'en.'
©Joseph G Dawson



What Does Become Of Us

oh, try to pin Time down
and It will run madly away from you
screaming giddily like a lunatic

good luck with It

I can't fill up a life with experiences
to slow Its plunging progress

I can't sew up the unraveling seams
of my past
they'll continue to straggle behind me,
puzzle me

I can't freeze It

keep those dear closer with their hearts alive, beating
prevent the frantic alterations Time engineers
nor hold onto the sweeter moments of sunlight, youth,
even the queerer tricks of memories

I see It lumbering backward/forward
wearing Its Jester's garb

could it be am I the real fool as I age
becoming rueful, sentimental, filled with regrets
perhaps rage

Time is never through with me yet
and always taunting:
"Try, catch Me! " as It gleefully cackles

while my heart*shaped net captures only air
the silent hollow place where
Time dissolves into Its echoes and shadows

Time, Time, Time
what does become of us

bewildered I seek inward, upward
and do not find

I do not know what It is
that I am supposed to know
and understand

tell me there is more than nothing.

Melissa A Howells retains all
Legal Copyright for this work, this site title by this author/writer.
Meloo/Melissa A. Howells Straight from her Tilt*a*World

8:46am/ October 27, 2016 time/date stamped for Legal Copyright




.and the pages have turned
where I have been at my richest chapters
of my delicate inscriptions of time

That texture which shall remain
and to be smoothed over again
by the footprints of a mindful gallery

.and I sit and ponder
sifting thru the images

Of the struggle and triumph
behind the doors of our hollow chambers
within our licorice black rooms

There we lay our heads
upon feathered pillows
and we polish our brass beds
beside the cleansing of our souls

I am focused and I rewind
back and forth those perished seconds
I tremble and I laugh hysterically
a tear is stranded behind

.and sweet honeysuckle
contains my cold hallways
from spent gardens of yesteryear

The moon comes in shades of pearl
an essence of unpolished jewels
that rents shade and slumbering
to our tones of cappuccino earth

Smudged walls and shattered windows
gleam by the light of an aged candle
a carnelian colored vase rests aside

.and I daydream of Africa
and the mystery of Amethyst
a crystalline wonder of nature
where somewhere that elusive
tree of life

There is no revisiting yesterday
with touch or foot falls
but for a mere hologram of memory
for there is nothing but empty space
an echo and blurred detachments
of forbidden thin air

.and `tho I continue to plant my Lilies
they are a beautiful reminder of life

Here in this glimpse
I resurface
from a distant space

Returning all the artifacts
of another captured print
I close that book and cinema

But behind my aging eyes
the theater of past and present
plays on.

Written by,
Abby lynn



Can We

Can we breath
Are our lungs free
Is the mind filled with oxygen
Can we breath
Are our thoughts filled with love my darling bride
Are our words true to the heavenly Father
Can we breath and do we drink from the fountain of living water
Can we breath
And can we see each other in the light
Will we sing
Of love
Or be forgotten
Jesus never forgets
He chases all regrets
Holds our minds in check if we ask him
Takes away addictions and brings us great joy
Can we breath
And are our lungs free
To hold our breath underwater
We believe hold on to each other
And Jesus sets us free
To be all that we can be



Good or Bad Faith

Abraham stood in front of God,
Believed to give life to the dead;
Curing people where they were flawed,
If trusted Him where He has led.

So I continue to insist,
When nothing is left to hope for;
Things appear that did not exist,
Enables to build your faith more.

Abraham still hoped and believed,
Everything that God told him;
Including salvation received,
For improving spiritual vim.

He was father of each nation,
That God promised as he was told;
With descendants in relation,
As pages of time would unfold.

For looking up in the night sky,
With the amount of stars there are;
By looking at both low and high,
Descendants as both near and far.

Through faith he regarded the fact,
His body was as good as dead;
As his wife was too old to act,
For giving birth for him instead.

Rather his faith could never doubt,
The promise that kept his faith strong;
Knew what God was talking about,
No way could it ever be wrong.

Trust in God won him his blessings,
Faith from Abraham did not lack;
With approval from God that brings,
Creation of life from death back.

Your faith is proof of His blessing,
For those who believe Christ came back;
Approval from God that will bring,
From others whose faith they lack.

Since many others have ignored,
The facts about life after death;
Believe not Christ is our Lord,
Their life fails after their last breath.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer



I do my part

I do appologise for being a little inactive on here Its difficult for me with my eyesight at just 29 years old and it does run in the family i have also made a youtube channel and will keep adding poetry
Here the voice behind the poetry
Here is something i wrote today after being heavily involved in a community break through to save local post offices because too many jobs are at stake and i spoke to some children and here is again another poem
Youtube channell Author878
I use Instagram and facebook under the Same name xx Here is where it all began and i thank you for giving me the strength to carry on and for inspiring my brother he's been published for Young youth workers association never been so proud xx

I have been blessed
Even if my health is not the best
I face every test
Not to stall the streets a pest
My eyes maybe going blind but i can still get dressed
I can still take care of myself which some can detest
My strength is here
It is to inspire
Not evil to pespire
Some of my activism goes unnoticed
I used my voice and never my fist
I do my part to serve the community
Facing what i can in my immunity
Others may not be able
It doesn't mean they don't care or are incapable
Mothers keep families stable
Fathers are the graft
To keep alive the best for their childrens craft
Everyone does their part
If you feel lost look deep into your soul as a start
Do something you love and cherish
May the world perish
A talent so incredible
You're capable to be sensible
Enough to make good choices
Use your voices
May the world see how magical you can be
If you don't start somewhere how will they see
How amazing you are
I decided to show i can have disabilites and go far
I can live with epilepsy
It is a tough disability
Piled with other health problems, but i manage
Even if i break an arm no bandage
Gonna keep me down
I have much to show people other than poetry where deep emotions are shown


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