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Struggles of Christian Life

You have followed my teaching,
My conduct and aim in life;
My patient faith in reaching,
Of those who endure the strife.

My steadfastness and my love,
My persecutions I suffer;
I look to the Lord above,
For solace and to buffer.

Persecutions I endured,
The Lord has delivered me;
My salvation is assured,
From bondage He set me free.

All who desire to live,
In having a godly life;
Through Christ God will forgive,
Helping me endure the strife.

But evil men who seduce,
Shall go on from bad to worse;
They only want to produce,
Casting a demonic curse.

Deceiving and be deceived,
But continue what you have learned;
Your faith that you have believed,
Gives blessings what you have earned.

You knew since as a child,
Known from the Holy Scriptures;
The Word of God compiled,
Within the heart it captures.

They will be making you wise,
Through your faith in Jesus Christ;
Seeing through deceitful lies
Salvation to be enticed.

All Scripture breathed out by God,
Profitable for doctrine;
For training that is unflawed,
As righteously discipline.

The man of God be perfect,
Equipped for work that is good;
Although many will reject,
For doing things as we should.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer




There was a young man, a scientist by profession;
Desperate to succeed, it was almost an obsession.
Ignoring advice of his family and friends;
Focusing solely on a means to his ends.

Unhappy with how his life was unfolding;
Determined to change the fate he was holding.
So this brilliant young man took fate in his hands;
Determined to travel to far distant lands.

His invention was quite clever, amazing to behold;
Capable of conveying one to vistas of old.
Only in dreams could one thus travel;
Somnombulatron he dubbed it, in a voice like gravel.

Spurning the advice of those more cautious than he,
Challenging the present to other times he did flee.
Crafting a future to meet his desires,
And shelter his dreams from ravaging fires.

Crafted in response to the prompt "The future belongs
to those who challenge the present", with a passing nod
to thee story of the same name I wrote and published on
my story site, storypen.com/bladesong






I love you from sunrise to sunset
And from summer to winter.
These things you must never forget.

From extreme heat to extreme cold
Not forgetting from fire to water.
My inner feelings you have been told.

I love you from calm to tornados
Also from bitterness to sweetness.
My love for you constantly grows.

I love you from heaven to hell
I love you from perfect to imperfect.
Hook line and sinker for you I fell.

I love you from fact to fiction
From the narrowest gap to the widest.
I say this with the strongest conviction.

I love you from the smallest to the biggest
And from the very top to the very bottom.
What my heart feels I have confessed.

I love you from all four corners of the earth
I love you to infinity and beyond.
I can only say I love you with all my worth.

copyright´2019 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Farmer John

Farmer John

FarmerJohn took Tractor Weekly
Sat and avidly read it all
Even cut out tractor pictures
And hung them on his wall

FarmerJohn loved his tractor
Prized possession of his life
Some said he loved it more
Than He loved his darling wife
He would clean and polish it
Regard his reflection with pride
And John really enjoyed
His every tractor ride
Then one day it exploded Causing
Him much actual bodily harm
And Farmer John banned
Every single tractor from his farm,

He took his Tractors weekly
And burned them one and all
Even took down the pictures that
That had hung there in the hall
And Farmer John retired
With his darling wife,
Started to enjoy
His newly tractor free life
Took to his retirement
With the greatest of pleasure,
Took to taking the odd pint
Which he drank at his leisure

One day the pub was suddenly filled
With toxic fumes and smoke
A dangerous situation
Not in any way a joke
FarmerJohn stood there calmly
In the centre of the room
And slowly he inhaled
Every bit of smoke and fume.
Then walking to the door
Slowly let it out with his breath
Thus saving many people from
An almost certain death.

How did you do that asked
One grateful surviving man
A smiling FarmerJohn replied
Because I´m an ex Tractor fan.



Hoped For Outcome

How many days go by turning into weeks
then months to years and still left asking
Why? Is there a point to all these tears?

Has one drop ever stopped or changed the
adversities? You'll find when looking at
My circumstances theres been no mercy.

Finally the hoped for outcome arrived, but
My excitement would soon die. wearyness
filled my mind, my sadness overflowed inside

Chin up they say, you should be having a field
Day.somehow not having the one I love alive
Nor those who are, care what I want to share.

It's not easy to get up and live a new day, To
brush off the sorrow that's never to far away.
Even I, asked myself how I do it?

If one where to say I'm feeling sorry for myself
You Damn straight I am, who else but me comes to my
to my rescue after the cards I've been delt?

When my heart tears itself apart and the tears
wont stop, At times it's hard to bare. I resign
Myself to the fact no one said life played fair.




Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.



...More Pressure (Part 3)

.You bite your lip,
Taking off the blindfold because I know you are about to flip!
Closing your eyes and savoring the feeling,
As I continue my merciless teasing with my precious mouth,
Come on papi keep on revealing!
Feeling you contract, release´
.A moan deep within comes out,
Triggering me greatly,
At that very moment I reached down and touched my.so bravely.
My fingers were completely soaked with the essence of me,
Dipping down my hand´your heart beating with a silent plea.
A look to see you watching´
Your eyes meeting my eyes,
All too familiar and cannot even disguise!
Removing you from my mouth* you take a sharp and deep inhale,
I wink at you and proceed to put my fingers in my mouth.
Deliberately slow´
Simply savoring every last bit´
Your eyes and mouth begging for just a hit!
Reaching down then bringing my fingers to your mouth,
The moment you grab my hand and taste my fingers,
.my wicked tongue all over you just lingers.
Taking you all the way in and to the back´
Quickly and hungrily extending my long awaited attack!
Tasting you more and more´
You go to touch me,
Pulling you out with one swift ´ Pop´!
I say ´ hands behind your head please!´
The look on your face made my´.clinch.throb.and leak even more,
It began to get even wetter.anticipation of you settling the score.
Your moans only got louder!
Then you tense up´
So you finally let go* I took it all in my prize!
Your labored breathing* so heavy and deep,
I love how you taste.Mmm my big freak!
I feel your eyes on me´
The heat´
The desire´
I am getting excited by how much trouble I am in and what´s going to transpire!
My breath only quickens´
My heart races´
I welcome my punishment with a loving embrace.
Waiting you are at the end of the bed,
Grabbing my ankles and pulling me to the edge making me spread´
I look to see that smirk,
I am going to lose my.and go berserk!
Taking that red silky tie and bounding my wrists,
Mmm your so excited and throbbing,
Oh believe I am built for the pounding!
I live for our bodies with that familiar sounding´
Lifting me up as you stand,
My arms and bound wrists around your neck,
Holding my legs lined up and your healthy member in place´
You're about to slide into home base!
Unconvincingly you say ´ I am not sorry for what I´m about to do to you!´
Beyond excited and dripping all over down there I say ´ what´s the safe word?´
.You say ´Blue´

To Be Continued´?

Copyright Ⓒ 2020



Somtimes in Surrender

words not even edited
but never said

how do I read between your lines
find what I'm supposed to find
your anger now informs me better
and instead

you don't say what you mean directly
sometimes I have to pry
no tears are forthcoming
the anger hints and what?.
the under*lies

and self*deceit
often I share your self*defeat
you may not think I see you
nor that I can understand

tears do not make the man
you said.but
you say this, perhaps
words ought to

I might love you even more
and would not consider tears
a weakness
but rather a sharing of your completeness
and your whole self

there can be greatness
when it rains
and afterwards
there might even be some sun
and then room to express the love
maybe, just maybe,
enough to clear your clouds away.



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