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Foreboding Road Ends

Foreboding Road Ends

She didn't have a clue. Didn't Know what to do.
All about her was a loss, the value much greater
then the cost.
Now her day gathers tears, she mourns deeply,
she becomes forgotten and lost.

Before her is the path unknown, many rocks and
holes on a foreboding road.
Her feet bruised and torn, onward she carries a
heavy load.

Suddenly the trees begin to bow to a rising light
sweeping across the woods and majestic mountaintops,
there appears a rich flame; ash free, a flame that
is unconsuming, yet contained, without burn or stain.

Her weight becomes light, her pain casted away, as she turns
around, no longer lost, now found.
Amazing light, beams from the Holy ground.
The wings of Angels sweep, her eyes
soulfully weep.
A spiral stairway beckons her to eternal life
Only to end her worldly strife.

Like a newborn babe, she tries to return to
the womb, she knows that her tears fill
the tomb.

She begins to rise upon the sailing skies
the softness of light opens her eyes.
The foreboding road is gone, a fresh cloud
she stands upon, destined souls of faith
stand side by side, and warmly the light

The love of Sweet Jesus welcomes her home.
Born out of death salvation springs forth
eternal life.
The realm of the " Lamb of God" greets her with
open arms, in a Kingdom that heals all harms.




My friend is dedicated to her Late husband. In this
world loyalty is rare and especially to a deceased
husband loyalty is almost non*existent. She reminded
me of my mother who became a widow at 28 and all her
life she remained loyal to my father. I wrote this poem
as a tribute to that kind of love that crosses the boundary
between the life and death. I placed myself in place of
the deceased husband and wrote on his behalf. Needless
to say that my friend broke down and cried reading the
poem. I too get tears when I read this poem remembering
the emotions as a deceased person for his loving wife.


If you ever feel the cool breeze touching your neck,
It would be me kissing softly the back of your neck.

If you ever feel a tug to your clothes pulling you back,
It will be me stopping you from going away from me.

If you feel the wind blowing your hair or your clothes,
It will be me touching you all over with deepest love.

If you hear whispering in your ear,"I love you so much"
Please don't turn around, I am in spirit, I'm not there.

I will love you in spirit till eternity * forever.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



I'll Always Be There!

I’ll Always Be There!
When you see a dust devil whirling across the road…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When you hear the moaning of a lonely train whistle in the middle of the night…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When the leaves of color fall in the late autumn air…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When the first snow flake falls…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When you see a falling star race across God's heavenly sky…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When a summer breeze drifts through an open window and the curtain lightly flutters…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When you hear the song "Amazing Grace"
think of me, I'll be there!
When loneliness is too much to bear…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When you feel that no one cares…
think of me, I’ll be there!
When the pain is beyond repair …
think of me, I’ll be there!
When you think the last spark of love has gone out…
just reach out, for you my darling…
I’ll always be there!

Dedicated to my darling wife, Wanda Lee
Jackie R. Kays
© 2018



What Was! Now Gone

In the distance I see a light, so bright it blinds me
I feel I want to be their with that bright light that
soothes my soul. I cannot put together my feelings
my thoughts, they cannot unite together like
they use to do once upon a time.
Strange how each day runs through the field of
free verse without a spoken word, each part of mother
nature has something of importance to say with glory and
freshness, sweet luring songs never heard from a living
being, only listen, to the whispering of the wind freely
blowing past a pasture of flowering daisies, opening
buttercups of yellow, weeds growing perfectly satisfied
with little bees buzzing around each flower with delight.
Deer running through the tall sweet grass, with rabbits,
and wild mice tending to their babies wanting to eat.
Breathing the fresh cool breeze carrying troubles far away
from earths tempting desires of nothingness, is a flight
of sweet emotional surrender to a world lost in wonder
and visions of fairies, fireflies, and unicorns coming
alive with each pleasant thought of a paradise undisturbed
by selfish, greedy, and unhappiness fill with restless
souls roaming each day mindless, speechless, motionless seems like life on earth was to be here by design and
untouched earth, sparkling with it's own wonderment
where all beauty could survive with all animals and no humanity to spoil the music that constantly played it's
gratitude for days and nights dancing under the tall mountain pines in moonlight of summertime.
Perfection dressed under clouds of white floating
softly like cotton balls, mother earth of beauty capturing
the best of a peaceful loving heart of creatures of love, and harmony to live someday, a new earth, a way in thinking,
a life with light and freedom to love deeply from within the
unselfish part of our enlightened souls. Mother and New Earth collects each thoughts of a perfect world now, that hate and evil no longer exist, the blind folds no longer
worn in disguise of being happy, now the truth is completely undressed in spender, blessed laughter, echo's across the
mountains, trimmed in green evergreens, mingling in shades of purple and hues, of pink, bringing in the darkness of nights sweetness, laced in fragrance and sounds of ever lasting thoughts, swimming together like twins entwined
for the first time since the first world was created, by Our
Blessed Heavenly Father, who died for man's sins once upon a time in the long distance of a story told, and creatures that lived unhappy without emotions, and freedom to make a smile appear without any effort what so ever. They
had no idea the meaning of love, the song they carried in their hearts, that was locked so tight inside, that the truth needing to escape but was never released. The old world could have been beautiful, if man kind only knew how to
have opened their minds, heart, and souls and fine themselves lingering in a self satisfying dimensional world
made for them to live like a dream in happiness, sharing love with all mankind. It would have been so easy to have
even opened part of their hearts. That time is gone, a new time is here to be teachers, and teach the children the meaning of loving, giving, forgiving, being compassionate,
and understanding the true meaning of accepting self,
touching mother earth softly, giving her respect, and speaking to her in grace.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)



For all of the THINGS that you CANNOT Control

For all of the Things,that you,*CANNOT*CONTROL
let it *GO*away ,let it *ROLL

For when *Everything *everything*Everything*we try and try and try, so Hard
it wears on us, making us tierd, weary, with
deep exhausting,* TOLL

Instead of everything always
with everything
that we can complete and

Focus on*YOU*you*YOU
and set goals, achievable, and doable, attainable
and build your, *own
little by little,
in all, you accomplish
and* DO

Let GO of ALL, that you have no
power or Might, over
But in your own life, for yourself, for the best and greatest
and better, you have within yourself,
step by step
mile by mile,
to be the*CHAMPION*who,you know that you are*BY*FAR
and stop
else, and *TO*thy*OWNSELF





Dad and me 1952 snacking on my Cheerios.

Dad and me on the fourth of July 1968, I was
home on a weekend pass from my training base.

In memory of my Dad who I loved and I miss greatly
Especially when April 24th comes around each year
Dad would have been 101 years old if he had lived

But he had been taken from us way to early by Cancer
He had many medical issues that he had bravely faced
But he did everything he could to take care of us

There were more good days than there were bad ones
He had never felt sorry for himself or ask why me
He got up each day determined to be a great dad

Though he couldn't always do the things he wanted
He made sure that we had what we needed in life
And to be sure no kid could have had a better dad

He had lived long enough in this world to be happy
Despite all that he had faced during the Depression
The fact that his mother had died after he was born

He never let the events in his life ever get him down
He stayed more upbeat and positive than anyone I knew
And he was one of the best role models I have ever had

After all those years of taking care of all of us kids
He helped all six of us kids to be the best we could be
And I would have done anything I could to save my dad

But Cancer is a vicious thing that cares not who you are
Or what good you did in your lifetime for those you loved
Just one day before my 42nd birthday Cancer took him away

´ Terry Sasek * Alwaysawarrior * All Rights Reserved

My Dad George Sasek was Born on April 24, 1917 and he died
back on July 30, 1990, he was 73 years old and it has now
been 28 years since we had lost him to Cancer, he was a
great man who was a great father and grandfather and it's
still a fact of life that "I STILL CAN'T SAY GOODBYE".



Lord of Lords

I will tell you a mystery,
Of a woman and of a beast;
That goes down throughout history,
With seven heads to say the least.

The beast carries where she must go,
But what you see really is not;
From the bottomless pit as you know,
Causing destruction stressing fraught.

Dwellers on earth not in the Book,
The Book of Life, the foundation;
Indicates that they had forsook,
God and have waived their salvation.

The world will marvel at the beast,
Which calls for a mind with wisdom;
Where the woman sits for the feast,
Being prepared in the Kingdom.

There also has been seven kings,
Although five of them have fallen;
One still to come and as He brings,
Salvation to give a pardon.

For as the beast that was is not,
That has gone on its destruction;
For the eighth king is being sought,
Clearing through any obstruction.

There are ten horns which are ten kings,
They have not received royal might;
Since God has not given blessings,
With the wisdom for His insight.

But they will have authority,
As kings for only one hour;
Showing superiority,
Being blessed with divine power.

For these ten kings are of one mind,
Their power given to the beast;
Able to see when once was blind,
Ready to confront the chief priest.

They are making war on the Lamb,
But the Lamb will inhibit them;
It is the Son of the I AM,
And will be judging to condemn.

Because He is the Lord of lords,
As well as being King of kings;
To the righteous He gives rewards,
Through the salvation that He brings.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer



She put her heart in his hands

She put her heart in his hands

She put her heart in his hands and he dropped
It. No greater carelessness can there be than to
Be trusted with a girl's most precious and most
Sacred possession and then not take care of it

Not give it the love it deserves. Nor cherish it
For all it's worth. But no, he dropped it. Not
Intentionally he didn't think, but still a bad case
Of butterfingers and then a momentary slip
And it was gone falling from too great a height
To survive. A poor defenceless loving heart once
So trusting and so fragile now tragically broken

Can this heart recover, will it mend? Is there still
Time or will this oversight always be a reminder
Not to trust wholeheartedly ever again? Sadly,
Only time will tell – but both hearts hope for
Better things in the future – together or apart

© Joseph G Dawson
19/04/2018 and earlier


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