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Find Yourself in God's House Every Sunday

NO matter what you find yourself doing during the week it is imperative you be in God´s house on Sunday.
Workers that have to work are excused of course but not everyone who wishes to remain at home.
It is our place to be; in church to hear the Gospel preached and shared.
It is our responsibility to give to the Lord as He has blessed us.
Let us be mindful of our position with the Lord and do as we ought to do.
Finding a peace and a happiness for having been there is what you will gain.
You can always trust the Lord to help you no matter what the circumstances.
Remaining faithful to His house is the right thing to do.
You will receive a blessing for having done God right.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)



Your Son and Brother

Today wears heavy on your hearts
A piece of you and me a part
Has gone missing yet be assured
I am quite well as GOD has cured

Each ailment mine when I was there
There when time was mine to share
Do not grieve for I now see
A place where space was made for me

Here where rooms are filled with those
Those thought gone but Life proposed
A new beginning to our end
A place of peace, peaceful to spend

This moment now since moving on
This moment mine though some thought gone
But that's not true you see dear ones
Family I love brother and son

Breathes much the air that some speak of
Love filled air past clouds above
Here my life begins anew
Here where voice called me and drew

To come and sit at table grand
Dining with Him and Heavens band
Angels welcome each one that comes
Past Gates of Pearl of His Kingdom

Here where one thought was no one
Lives as a prince in Gods Kingdom

I wait for you with bated breath
As Life will come to conquer death
For those I love as it did me
Where I live on eternally

Love your son and brother

Written for La Familia Napoli





Love faith and trust are
the words so closely related
in meaning and in our lives
It is hard to imagine Love
without faith and trust.

You might have faith in some one
but not necessarily the love.
You could also trust some one
but still you might not love.

Faith and trust are not dependent
on Love but surely the love
is dependent on both trust and
the faith in the one you love.

Love without faith or trust
is anything but the Love.
Relation is maintained just
as a shadow of true Love.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



Is It Right To Judge The Rain

when it rained like it rained today
but in torrents
it reminded me of my wretchedness
at times
when my shining shortcomings seemed like
all the endless rain

I've lashed out in torrents of words
anger and frustration
fear and ignorance
cloyed and clawed in love
all of it has been lost in the rain
all of it at one time
flowing down the drain

looking in between the drops
for some insight
hearing the tap*tapping on the pane
its an incessant singular refrain
ingrained in winter here, it rains
blurring out memories
blurring out the past, present
even sometimes our futures
the wiper's motions put us all into
a dull trance
as the drops dance
and it rains.

you are not a mistake
she said
everywhere, somewhere on this earth
it rains
sometimes it rains too often, too much
the animals, the landscape, the people
are all washed away
did the skies know it was wrong to rain?
did the earth and creatures and people below fail
because they did not plan well enough?
you are not a mistake
she said
sometimes life gets in the way
sometimes we get in our own way

is it wise to judge the rain for
being rain?
is it right to judge ourselves for
sometimes being ourselves?

we make mistakes.
does the rain ever ask
am I a mistake?

From a germ of an idea March 2102.redeveloped after a deluge
on October 23, 2014.written onto paper on October 24 2014.
Copyright October 24, 2014 All Rights Reserved By This Author
All Ideas/Rants/Poetry/Prose are the work of this Writer
Meloo Melissa A Howells straight from her Tilt*a*World (copyright)



Shots Fired

Shots Fired
(Martyrs of Islam)

Money, car, a wife they give jihadist,
Al*Qaeda radicals in Middle East,
Really not Muslims, they are extremists,
Taliban in Afghanistan are beasts,
Yelling God's name while they shoot, bomb, and stab,
Raping and pillaging in Africa,
Sudan's Janjaweed sponsored by Arab,
Oil wealth, who are friends with America,
Friends with dictatorships waiting to fall,
In Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi.
So many others I can't name them all,
Look and study history and you'll see,
All these so called "friends" give terrorists funds,
Mujahedeen who want to kill our sons.



Love Guides

As people who you know,
How you fear the Lord;
We persuade for to go,
To be in one accord.

For God already knows,
Just what and who we are;
And leads us where it flows,
To purify the scar.

We do not try to show,
Qualifications in;
Of all that we do know,
What is true about sin.

Because that brings on pride,
As it just may appear;
But are humble inside,
Because we have the fear.

So if we were crazy,
With no fear or respect;
Then we would be lazy,
Just wanting to reject.

But I am of sound mind,
As the love of Christ guides;
To be gentle and kind,
Within me He abides.

We are sure of the fact,
One man has died for all;
And is in a contract,
To catch us if we fall.

We experience strife,
On this world as we live;
But guaranteed new life,
The Father will forgive.

For all Jesus had died,
To give us a fresh start;
Though others may have cried,
But we transform the heart.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer



Cottingham Market

Cottingham Market

I walked around the market today
Just a visit to see old loved places
And check around to see
And chat to old familiar faces.
Maybe not so many stalls now
And the layout may have changed
It used to be so full and
So very closely arranged.
The shoe stall still there
With Alan still in charge
Bargains to suit your pocket
Whether feet be small or large.

On the front
Socks and tights
Quality good
Prices light.
Big John still running it
Still with his smile.
I chatted with him and Alan
Just for a little while.
They were so kind to me
When I traded there
They showed me the ropes
With consideration and care.

Showed me the way
To display my flash
To best attract
The customers’ cash.
We are all getting older now
So it’s nice to say hello,
Finish my little tour and then
Catch the bus and go.
All those years
Flown and gone
Happy months on Cottingham Market
Until it was the right time to move on.



Surrendering My all To God

Surrendering My all To God

Dearest, precious Holy Father in Heaven, I praise Your name.
Every single day, your infinite love for me is exactly the same.
How I thank and praise You for all Your tender mercies to me.
I will lovingly adore and worship you throughout all eternity.

I thank You for sending Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son.
I praise You, Jesus! You are the Beloved, holy Anointed One!
Thank You my Lord, for dying on the cross at Mount Calvary.
You suffered and died there, so I can be with You eternally.

Thank You for the precious blood that You shed to save me.
I praise You, my Savior, for the love and mercy You gave me.
Jesus, I surrender all that I am and that I have just to You.
So, come and fill me with Your anointing and make me new.

I give all my life to You as a living offering, in faith and love.
Please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon me, from heaven above.
Jesus, how I need Your holy presence, on each and every day.
Lord, my God, please fill me and use me for Your glory, I pray.

All I want to do is love You and serve You, with all that I am.
I yield my all to You, to be used in Your holy, divine plan.
All the goodness and love that I have comes only from You.
Lord, I truly understand that I am nothing at all without You.

I do not want to miss doing all that you have for me to do.
Fill me, anoint me and cleanse my heart and make me new.
I love You, dearest Savior, with all of my heart and my soul.
Just loving You and knowing You more, is my highest goal.

Holy Spirit, come and take my whole being, my love. my all.
I know that with Your anointing and presence, I won't fall!
Fill me now with Your power and holiness and love and grace.
Draw me ever closer to Your heart and let me see Your face.

Make my shyness, boldness and my weakness into Your power.
Lord, anoint me to love and serve you, each and every hour!
Baptise me with Your love and Your Holy Spirit and Your fire.
To bring glory to Your holy name, is my heart's great desire!



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