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Civilization in the New

Civilization in the New
Thoughts rise high with different ideals
capturing what lies deep, when life
arrange platforms of uncertainty
no foundation of truth composes
answers proved correct.

Once, it was simple to be who
we were, excepting light for
light, night for night, now
darkness has swallowed
the indifference of our
true endeavors.

Anti*conscious robots we've become
taking foolish attempts, controlling
man who had intelligence before
technology took over, easier
ways of functioning without
mind and intellect.

Light has found a different
path to find peace in man
saving each soul with help from
Whose creation was created?

A new world, no feeling, nothing
only living separate, with lost
hope and promises.

(Civilized Robots)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)





Tell me my love,
whisper in my ear,
whisper so softly,
that you love me.

Whisper with love,
with sweet words;
whisper with passion,
that you need me.

Whisper with love.
Whisper in my ear,
"I am yours and
you belong to me."

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



Praise the LORD

I will give thanks unto the Lord,
With all of my heart and my soul;
As to remain in one accord,
Allows Him to be in control.

In fellowship with the upright,
Within our congregation;
Everyone walks in the light,
As the righteous delegation.

Wondrous are the works of the Lord,
Studied by all who delights in;
For He is worshipped and adored,
Marveled at how all did begin.

Full of splendor and majesty,
Sought out of them having pleasure;
With humbleness and modesty,
Displays a natural treasure.

His works showing such righteousness,
Honorable and glorious,
With endurance and blessedness,
He is merciful and gracious.

He provides food for those who fear,
His covenant is forever;
The Lord will always remain near,
With a love that will not sever.

He has shown His people His might,
Giving inheritance to us;
As long as we follow the light,
Our reward awaits as thus.

His actions are faithful and just,
Trustworthy are all His precepts;
His commandments able to trust,
Because they are righteous concepts.

They are forever and ever,
Done in uprightness and in truth;
Helping in all your endeavor,
That you had learned during your youth.

He provided you redemption,
Forever His compact ordained;
Continuous without preemption,
Everyone who has proclaimed.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer



Absent Friends Drink

It´s in the Centre of the tablet
In memory of a friend
To stay there untouched
Until the party´s very end.
It´s the Absent Friend´s drink
Bought for friendship´s sake
As we all gather for
Their funeral and wake.

And every first drink will
Be solemnly lifted up
And tipped respectfully to it
Before taking the first sup
We´ll all sit and reminisce
About our days long gone
Of good times with the friend
Who has just passed on.

There´ll be a lot of laughter
And maybe some tears,
Maybe the odd fight
And a few spilled beers
Whatever happens it will be
A truly memorable day
A heartfelt gathering to
Send our friend on their way

We´ll all shake hands
And quietly wonder when
The next wake will come
And we´ll be together again.
For the Wake´s very final act
The Absent Friend´s drink,
Still untouched, will be poured
Respectfully down the sink.



Angels on high

Angels on high today
Help me to my knees and pray

Jesus Christ the Son of God
He is mighty and in my strod

Angels are singing "lift Jesus name"
The cross He died upon has you without blame

Angels calling "kadosh, kadosh"
How i love Jesus the most

How He reins on sweet high
Look toward the sky, the sky

He welcomed me with a great big smile
there is no denial

His sweet love beckoning me
Remembering He died on that blessed tree



Love Michelle Lee Carter



Martial Arts

picture: Pinterest

Martial Arts

Self defense


Kung Fu fight

Day or night

Skill and might

Tai Chi flee

Look Bruce Lee

Chopping fee

This is a tri* cube poem 3 syllabls, 3 lines, 3 stanzas.
A mathematical poem.



He Knows Our Pain

He knows Our Pain

When the sorrows of this life are overwhelming
and the sins of men won't let you in
remember Jesus knows our pain
for He has conquered the thorn of sin.

Sometimes life has it's storms
we may not no why they are born
but Jesus is our anchor in the midst
for He knows the reason theyr'e formed.

Words can cut like a knife
they tear your heart opean wide
Jesus being mocked knows humility
as the soldiers pierced open His side.

Jesus understanding all pain
only ask for enough grace
to be able to help him
take our place.

rhonda ramsey cash



Whiz Bang Crazy Train

Maybe I'm lost
or maybe I'm lazy.
Some are lucky
others go crazy
But, I'm into a love
a crazy love,
A sweet crazy love.

Hard ridin her bullet train to fate.
She's got the cure
better than any doctor's pills
She's a delicious,
nouveau, burst of thrills
when her track heats up
You'll get to shakin with the fever
along with
the chills.
Show her metal some careful attention
She might drop you off
in a new dimension

Let er rip, at warp speed
off to
central dispatch.
blowing those doors and windows out
and battoning down the hatch
whiz bang,
all onboard
her sweet crazy train.


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