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Joy in Trials

Consider it nothing but joy,
If have fallen into trials;
A test of faith not to destroy,
Endurance of your lifestyles.

Testing of faith give endurance,
Let the endurance take effect;
It strengthens your perseverance,
And that you should never neglect.

Its perfect effect is complete,
Not deficient in anything;
For your faith able to defeat,
Any hardships that it may bring.

If you are lacking the wisdom,
You should ask the Father to give;
And it will flow from His Kingdom,
So, you can continue to live.

But you must ask without a doubt,
Doubt is like a wave in the sea;
Wind*blown and tossed around about,
Not so sincere within its plea.

For that you must never suppose,
To get anything from the Lord;
For iniquities that oppose,
And your request will be ignored.

For a double*minded person,
Is unstable in all His ways;
For things that are sinfully done,
Constantly tempted and strays.

The believer of humble means,
Should take pride in high position;
Because the Holy Spirit cleans,
Dwelling within His possession.

But the wicked has evil pride,
Should be his humiliation;
Because of corruption to hide,
Will be his elimination.

Let no one say God tempted them,
For He does not tempt anyone;
Since your desires will condemn,
Of yourself for what you have done.

By His sovereign plan gave us birth,
Through the message that comes from truth;
Through the firstfruits of our worth,
And conditioned in our youth.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer



Nothing but dust

Nothing but dust

I once knew a girl who danced naked in the
Woods and wrote a book about witchcraft and
Paper ribbons that took to the air upon hearing
A bow strike the merry strings of a violin.

I knew a man, her husband, a character of
Curious disposition who set about investigating
The power of prayer. There was no book yet
But he had a file full to the brim of copious
Notes on divers schemes and mechanisms
Likely, so he thought, to reveal evidence of
The Almighty at work.

His ideas were all based on feathers or more
Accurately the solitary barb of a feather, barbs
So incredibly light as not to be there at all. Barbs
Balanced on pins, barbs in a vacuum, barbs in
Oil all came to mind and all were duly fashioned
For the purpose of praying that the almighty
Might be persuaded to reveal himself by causing
Any one of his curios devices to move by virtue
Of prayer alone.

Having set up his extraordinary apparatus he
Prayed and waited, waited and prayed. Prayed
Day and night for weeks, months after month he
Prayed and lo, nothing happened, nothing moved
Not even by a jot. The good lord was not listening
Or not prepared to take part in his experiment
And so in total despair he abandoned his ideas
To a shoebox which he placed in a cupboard.

Years later he opened the box containing his
Noble experiments and in great sadness saw
That all had finally moved * not by prayer but
By time * the box held nothing but dust.

© Joseph G Dawson
17/11 2018 and earlier



"She Hid"

“She Hid”

She hid behind
her sunglasses
and under her
with her
on underneath
cast out
and a drift
in a sea
of faces
with names
she doesn’t care
to know,
the unwanted
that glares from
their eyes
was impossible
to ignore
as she waded
into the crowd
through the twisted
mass of limbs
and teeth
that acted as
if it was all
part of one
giant flesh covered
by the thoughts
and glances
they were assaulting
her with
lacking that invisible
protective layer
of Saran wrap
that most people
have tightly wrapped
around their brain
keeping all the
spoiled and rotten
smells out
and the fresh
thoughts in,
but she was
without it
left exposed
to the world’s
ever probing
and the subtle
being flung at
from all directions
living in the
of a constant
just waiting for
that abrupt stop
she knows is
coming up to
greet her,
her thumb
dials up the
calling on her
to surround her
to fight back
against the feelings
that are trying
to take hold
of her
a delaying action
at best
giving her a
little more time
to find an
empty space
a corner
or nook
she can slip
till this feeling
passes over
she finds shelter
on an old
wooden bench
closes her eyes
as she silently
mouths the words
to the next
as it starts
to play
never understanding
this overload
of anxiety
and emotion
that can suddenly
coming down
on her
out of nowhere
like a rouge
she’s halfway
through the third
since she first
sat down
no longer mouthing
the words
as she again
opens her eyes
to the sun
able now to
scale back the
that’s beating into
her ears
an amplified
teddy bear
to hold on to,
her personal
defense system
back on line
ready to accept
the challenge of
another day
that crashed
and burned
all before lunch
she stands up
points herself
back towards
that glob of
quivering gelatin
we call humanity,
she pulls back
her hoodie
the soft breeze
plays with her
while drying the
nervous sweat
that had been
building up
on the back
of her neck
her outlook
more in focus
as she takes
a couple of
away from the
she slides her
down her nose
and looks over
liking her world
not quite so
she pushes her
back in to

Tom Allen…11*15*2018…



Lost Love's Pain

Lost Love's Pain

The night calls out so calm as it sweeps across my heart. Healing all harm.
The sadness of recent days leaves unannounced,
One on one my thoughts become undone.
The Moon in the misty sky weeps softly with shadows sly.

A blanket of snow fill the meadows deep, while land drifts in winter's sleep.
Elusive moments arrive, to keep the night alive.
I wait to hear your voice, but silence becomes your choice.
Darkness consumed the light and blinds loving sight.

This midnight trance has lost its chance in a solemn glance.
A heart gives love is now broken and leaves a void as an unwanted token.
A light appears that soothes all fears and mends this broken heart.
Warmth returns this night, in heavens blessed light.

Answered prayers, hope regains,
A shattered heart no longer remains.
Released from grief*filled chains.
Healed from lost love's pain.

All Rights Reserved



Through Storms

Through Storms
Life is like a candle burning
slowly, magical journey lightens
our soul, showering wisdom
refreshing dusty trails of

Through storms, flames burn
high, erasing memories, leaving
desires along our journey home
brightly taking us far away~~

Candle light gentle in visions
filling promise, we shed tears
along the road of silent dreams
and secret thoughts~~

The candle will soon burn out
when the winter comes, when
the days are long, and youth
has gone into the misty light~~

The candle of life is filled
with dreams, wishes, promises
not all coming true in life's bittersweet
bliss, with roses sometimes showing
thorns of surrender awareness~~

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)



This will be my happiest Christmas at hand

Here I am, babes.sitting alone in front of my laptop, Facing the bedroom window with falling leaves at bay; I can feel the autumn breeze but winter's time imminent, And it is so apparent that we're madly in love yet oceans apart.

I was very sure that when I laid my eyes on you, my baby love, You would be the only damsel I would cherish and adore; But never did I look forward to be extremely joyful, honeybunch, Nor did I foresee I would love you more than anyone else, sweetie pie.

The more time that slipped by is the more I long for you, With each passing day, my love for you grows stronger, my baby; I never felt this kind of intense affection in my lifetime, And although we can't touch nor kiss each other yet I can feel you.

Through cyberspace, we can convey our deepest emotion, my love, I consider our internet affair the best I entirely have for real; I promise to offer to only you the affection I gave to no one, For you are the only soul who captures my heart who is a gift from heaven.

Dedicated to my one great love,Leilanie.

*SALLIE/Nov. 12, 2018



Pursuit for Happiness

Pursuit for Happiness

Today reminds me of the many
realms I have yet to roam.
I laugh with and at myself
when my concepts are blown.

I see so clearly the per
mission to become what stirs
in my heart with certainty
Begins and ends with me.

I am starting to see and under
stand I am my own woman. Self
sustained, standing firm and
supportive of my dreams.

What constitutes happiness has
been a lifelong pursuit. How one
Goes about it can open or shut the
possibility, without dispute.

Ones definition differs from another
I guess that's life's wonder, being
one yet separate from each other. A
human condition we live under.

As I reflect my past and present mine
has always been over the simple
things, loving words and deeds A
kind gesture given and received.

Catching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
A discarded dying houseplant I found
took home and came back to life.The
gratitude both feel, its the best.

When all hope is lost and be
given the grace to help bring
a smile to their face.Out of
darkness into a loving place.

Yes it's the simplest things in
life that have brought the most
happiness.Searching comes to pass
when I can to let go the past.

I didn't say I can forget,but when I
find acceptance for my failures and
the sadness of loss, I'm blessed with
a sense of peace and for me inner peace.

Is my truest happiness

Joy Hardy
Nov 2018



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