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Poetry Prime Poet's Easter Poetry

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It still hurts to think of you now you are no longer here
Remembering the times we had
And all the joy throughout those years
But I smile when I see your face in the picture on the wall
Still looking out upon this world
Where I was waiting´ should you fall
Time will not forget you as others that I´ve met
My love will not diminish
In the time I have left
You will remain a part of me for as long as I live
And my memories will always be
Of a great life we lived.

My dog Barney who died on 10/03/14.

It is strange how it took a dog for me to know unconditional love
Something I have always found lacking in humanity.




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Let poetry begin within the heart.
Pen little dreamer the songs of tragedy,
that all may know how deep your love.
Love not shaped on the wheel of ecstasy,
but in the dark alleys of sweet adversity.
Where dreams first are born and become,
in the cold shadows, behind walls of light.

Paint the dream in all the colors of your heart.
On the canvas, the bare naked cloth of living,
sweep your brush across it without hesitation.
Some may feint from the images, so be it,
for no artist creates light without some shadow.
With every stroke a spot of pain leaves you,
and becomes something without and not within.

Play the songs learned on desperate streets.
For it was there you lost and found the melodies.
Not in the bright false lights of pretentiousness,
but in the soft halo´s glow of the streetlamps.
All things happen for a reason, all things pass,
as ships along a lonely shore in midnight´s hour.
Good and bad, sorrow and joy, must be shared

in every verse, in every melody, and painted
on the empty canvases of many hearts and spirits.
Begin all with the heart. Dark and mystical chamber
where love, hate, tragedy and joy dwell together.
Then little dreamer, you have done your noble part,
that which you were born to do, by the Almighty´
reveal the beauty and tragedy of wisdom´s treasures´

found not only dawn´s light, but in the shadows of twilight.

´ 2014 Richard Keith Carlton



The Incredible Gift

God is rich in mercy and grace,
Giving us a gentle embrace;
Because of His bountiful love,
That is flowing down from above.

We were dead because of failure,
All because of our behavior;
But God made us alive with Christ,
When willing to be sacrificed.

Together we are back to life,
Helping us cope with all the strife;
And have a position given,
When we have gone up to Heaven.

Through Jesus Christ this had been done,
God had given His only Son;
Out of His generosity,
In perfect virtuosity.

God wanted to show such a kindness,
Extremely rich in blessedness;
And He wanting to show the world,
While His plan being unfurled.

So through your faith God has saved you,
While you are remaining true;
For no doubt that it is a fact,
Kindness intended as the act.

You had nothing to do with it,
And not based on your own merit;
Being saved is a gift from God,
Whom we need to honor and laud.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer



Cloistered Lady

Cloistered Lady

Cloistered lady*whose soul touched sunlight,
Breathe softly near to me again*
And let me feel love in all its wonder
As if I was a child once more
Looking in awe at your image.
The rain came and you stepped from the shadows;
We talked until the dawn’s awakening*
Everything flowed like rivers to the sea,
We became eternal for a brief moment in time;
I strained to become at one with you
But something kept us far apart.
I wanted to merge into your beauty
But I could not understand you fully,
Foolish I was in my youthful innocence,
I drowned in your tender gaze
But knew not how to surface again;
Now I know there was something right
About the words we spoke in earnest.
Strange things happened to us then
I trusted you, but had no comparisons,
Now I see you through the experience of ages.
When I touched you in playful jest
I remember that you seemed so ethereal
As if you would in an instant disappear;
I became afraid to lose you to darkness,
Afraid that your heart would leave mine,
That you would forget that I ever lived.

Now I sit in my room in silence,
The wind and the traffic competing
Outside my window in the nightime.
But you know I still feel you here
All around me and in my soul.
How mysterious it is to me just now
To feel that some things just never die.



The Fortitude of Ronnie J.

The fortitude of Ronnie J. is the determination he has over things.
He doesn´t let the simple things confound him but is akin to them.
There is a peaceful attitude within the heart of Ronnie.
His love transcends the barriers of distance and time.
The Lord is his Shepherd and always will be.
He draws strength from the Lord guiding him.
That the world doesn´t know anything about.
Heaven is the prepared place for Ronnie since he has made his decision for Jesus.
The fortitude of Ronnie J. is something wonderful and right.
I am most happy to have known this great man.
He sets my heart to singing for his love of Jesus is so pure.
May you come to know someone like Ronnie J. and if you do then show your respect.
Allow the fortitude of the one you know rub off on you.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)





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