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The PRESIDENTIAL--political--race--DEBATE

The presidential, race, political DEBATE
one canidate, was wishy washy, and the other was on point, on target, and absolutely, GREAT

The political, race, political DEBATE
now the world clearly, sees, that for the other canidate, that he is so , EGOTISTICAL, DANGEROUS, tempermental, and FAKE

The political, race, political DEBATE
now, AMERICA, and the WORLD, can clearly see, who is more qualified, experienced, and the enormous, responsibility, that requires, a dignitary, savy, experienced, diplomatic, understanding, not brash and undermining, and demanding, , now we can see greatly, for our well*being,*our*safety*and*WORLD*PEACE* what* really *is *at *STAKE

The political, race, political DEBATE
its still going to be a very close race, so the next month or two will decide our PRESIDENTIAL, FATE

one canidate, VOWS, to make AMERICA, great again, and threatens world wide allies and AMERICAN, allies and very close trusted friends, and the others, professionalism, is simple and crystal clear, as the ELECTION, draws near, we shall see if in AMERICA, great, HISTORY, we*MAKE

one canidate, was,* bullish,* brash,* egotistical,*self*complimenting* sarcastic, *condensending,* arrogant, *so *self *assured, *and *Unprofessional,* unqualified,* undiplomatic,*unable *to *produce *his *complicated, *world* wide *business*ties*and* dealings *in *various *countries *here *and*abroad*, continually, *pointing *his *finger, *arrogantly, *at *CHINA,* MEXICO, *JAPAN,* dangerously, *talking *like *a *loose *cannon, *leaves *one *to *wonder*think*and*ponder,* just* WHAT* would *he *do *with *the *POWER*and*MILITARY*MIGHT*, of *a *loose *cannon*under* his *wishy *washy* leadership,* WOULD*another *WORLD*WAR*be*BEGUN*if*he*WON*its *clear* to *see, *one *,canidate, is experienced*able*and*more*qualified* promotes *WORLD, *class, *experienced*diplomacy,* and *will *promote *peace *and *prosperity, *with *equal *justice *and *fairness* for* one *and *all, *will*have *mercy *and *grace, *respect *and *dignity *for* all, *one *candidate,* CLEARLY, *is *a* MISTAKE, *one *candidate* will* make *AMERICAN*HISTORY*and*SHE*will*KEEP*AMERICA*GREAT

By john d JUNGERS
27th of SEPTEMBER 2016



On bended knees l pray....

Dear heavenly father I humbly ask, That you watch over us. And keep us from harms way, On bended knees l pray. That those who suffer in silence, Find the voice to speak. On bended knees l pray. That I may be a light. For those who live in darkness, And brighten up their day, On bended knees l pray. That by your grace. I may receive in kindness, That which you bestow on them. On bended knees l pray.




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Honorable Living

You have been coming to Christ,
The rejected living stone;
Chosen to be sacrificed,
So He can sit on His throne.

You have come as living stones,
For a new house being built;
Of the spirit not by bones,
With souls that are free of guilt.

Spiritual sacrifices,
That the Father will accept;
Souls not lured to devices,
That the world does intercept.

God states He lays the elect,
As precious cornerstones;
And discards the imperfect,
That has complained or bemoans.

The one who believes in Him,
Shall not be feeling ashamed;
Rather have spiritual vim,
Letting His Word be proclaimed.

This honor belongs to those,
With faith that firmly believe;
Blessing from the Father flows,
In salvation they receive.

To those who do not believe,
Are builders that rejected;
Since Satan loves to deceive,
With the words he infected.

A poison that people sip,
A rock they find offensive;
A wet floor that they will slip,
Makes you to be defensive.

You are the chosen people,
A priesthood for the nation;
So others hear the Gospel
Teaching them of salvation.

Once you were on the outside,
But now you are the in crowd;
Show mercy as you abide,
Waiting for Jesus on the cloud.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer



~*No reason to Rhyme*~

With no rhyme nor reason
Nor thought for any another
Secrets were disclosed
Of a regret from the past
The cupboard now opened
Skeletons escape confinement
Creating misery and shame
This poem has no rhyme
Judas had no reason

Written by Jon Fisher ´. 26/09/2016




I prefer, at times, the shadows,
the darkness, away from the bright lights
of duty, and guilt of duties not performed´
away from fairy tales and children´s´ bedtime stories.
Into the shadows where I am allowed to doubt,
allowed to be angry and disappointed and not
feel as though I have sinned against the heavens.

Where my failings are hidden in dark doorways,
where I am not expected to be perfect or saintly.
Far from the light, at times, I find comfort,
perhaps for a little while, but indeed, comfort.
The glare of the light blinds me at times and
makes me feel exposed, makes me feel less than.

I like the honesty of shadows, which seem to
whisper, ´It´s okay, nothing is expected of you
here. You are allowed to be imperfect, and you
are not required to jump through hoops of fire
here, nor will any brimstone be hurled at you
Be yourself, however despicable that may be.´
I am weary of too much thought. Weary of so
much worry. I need to slip into the shadows,
if only for just a while.

´ 2016 Richard Keith Carlton



The Power of Black ´ Poems on Humanity , Social Cause , Poverty , Women empowerment ´ volume 1

Read my above described Book in its entirety at * https://nikhilparekh.org/the*power*of*black*poems*on*humanity*social*cause*poverty*women*empowerment*volume*1/ .
This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually volume 1 of the Book titled – The Power of Black – Poems on Humanity , Social Cause , Poverty , Women empowerment ( 400 pages ) .


The Book cardinally aims to end the negative perception and energies associated with the color black and the under*privileged sections of the society. Many a different times the utmost exhilaration spawns from a persons disability as his/her desire to achieve the impossible is several times heightened than the normal counterpart. The magical essence of Black has been epitomized to the hilt in every poetic stanza that follows*to lead to a trail of unassailable victory.

Dedicated To

This collection of poems is endlessly dedicated to the power of the color Black. Black which in common parlance is perceived to be negative and a disability to continue the chapters of life. But this very Black which has been described as the most powerful color for survival on earth. The most magical fragrance of every entities soul which continues to infatuate even beyond the dormitories of heaven and hell.


I nikhil parekh am truly grateful to every bit of Blackness enshrouding me, which has made me a magician to express the innermost realms of my soul into poetic verse on blank paper. Black is beautiful. Black triumphs till beyond eternity. Black is the most inscrutably tantalizing fabric of existence. God bless Black.

About The Poetry Book

The poet has genuinely believed that even the most inexplicable of sorrow can be projected as well as alleviated via the power of magical poetry. Wondrously implementing the same in this soothing compendium of poems*Parekh brings to the fore various evils lingering in the society and tries to cure them offering the balm of poetry. The poems contained within are starkly explicit and poignantly debate on various global social causes like female foeticide, blindness, smoking, molestation, adopting the girl child, hiv*aids discrimination.etc. In a battle of adroit analogies the poet emphatically portrays even the tiniest of social evil and urges mankind to rise above the same. Poetically he tries to unite hearts all across the Universe in the spirit of love, oneness and compassion to give birth to a renaissance against evil and unjustness. This victorious concoction of poems would appeal to all those who’ve so selflessly fought for a social cause and to uproot evil forever from the fabric of society.




The shame continues,
Last year alone seven mass murders,
In the State of Washington!
We knew it as God's country!
Only a decade ago one of the safest places to live.
The house unlocked at night!
Same with car at grocery store.
We all took care of and knew our neighbors.
The Dumocrat Mayor brought them in!
No longer Man and Wife marriages!
Make drugs legal well cure all our problems.
What should we do black white or yellow
Back the Veterans who serve for your rights
The Police and fireman who risk their lives
To take on those of evil
Rid society of Greedy Politicians,
Houses filling with illegal immigrants,
Non taxpayers feed with taxpayer monies,
The city filled with drug addicts and homeless.
Tents filled every of our beautiful parks with bums.
The night streets filled with gangs fighting over drug sales.
And soon no one speeks English, our language.
No one has to work, but the taxpayers.
And the aged left out in the cold
Bleeding heart signs on every street corner
Bums begging for help feeding their addictions

Seven mass shootings in one year
We have become a target area for crime
Chicago black lives lost every day killed not by Police
Detroit once a master city now in ruins
Save the whales*and thugs
And sadly Seattle is next
January 2016: 4 shot and killed by a man on drugs
February 25 2016: 5 shot two fatally over drug sales
June 26 2o16: Lacy Two men and a woman shot dead over Meth sales
July 13 2016: 3 people shot dead Clark county*by Man covered in Nazi tatoos
July 30 2016: House party Mukiteo high school party four murdered?
July 24, 2016: Burlington WA, Mass shooting five dead. Gee they
conventianly left out by an Zomby like immigrant from Turkey with no Known
motive? Dah?

My Granddaughter drove to Burlington that day to meet her boyfriend
Innocent put in harms way
By the Mayor and his husband
Surrounded by police cars innocent she was lead to safety
June 5 2014: one student shot dead at my Grandson's Seattle Pacific College class
Arizona high school several dead my nephew hid in closet with several students
Black lives matter? All the innocent lives matter.
Its drugs and greed ruining this country not policeman or a race
Its time to take the street back from the criminals!
Free the White House from the Politicians ruining this country with greed
Standup for your police, Veterans and flag, not ahtletes with alternative motives
Send the athletes with unsaid motives, movie stars to the country of their choice
And bring back peaceful religion of all faiths
Rid the world of devil worshipers addicted to drugs
Careful what is happening in Seattle can come to you!


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