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Walking with Knowledge and Understanding

Come walk with me, it will soon become
your daily pleasure, no longer a burden
becoming heavier each time the rock
stays in place without pressure causing
a hostile situation.

Combat your abilities in seconds of first
thought, appearing in your creative
mind, before all is lost in a turmoil of
interruptions, disappearing in a rubble
of abstractions, objectively motivated
in a sensual liberated illusion, producing
serenity of spirit.

Unload your dimensional theories in your
book of knowledge, appearing to reprehend
reasons of logic and rehabilitation of loyal
leisure capturing a universal planetary

Your fire mingles with another, twin flames
intertwined together on three controllable
journeys, to stroll golden hills lined with
understanding of what, why, when, we
become a God, when the universe was
created, by the creator.

Come walk with me, through your own world
of adventure, you'll find the road will not be
hard to travel upon, only the treasure of
intellectual knowledge will be your guide
to understanding, why your soul will continue
on, into light of lights, never ending for all
of eternity that goes on forever.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)




but, my HEART, keeps, Smiling, and Writing, before, I Sleep, Quit, and EXPIRE

As am Just, Watching,Listening, and Talking, Singing, and*Happily, Joyously*FUNNING
with these, Grabd, Kids, of Now, all*Four*has, been so, much Enjoyment, Happiness*and*Blissful*Fun, from, Hours and Hours,*ago*from, start, and*BEGINNING

So, we stlill, *are*All, Interacting, Standing, laughing, and *PLAYING
with, little*Slow, Down or*DELAYING

But, I can see,that they are, Starting to*TIER

So, we, will, wait and See,*WHO*Drops
First, *THEM*or*GRAMPS*ME*who, will, First

23rd of MARCH 2018



Ultimate Peace

In the shadows a soul awaits.
In Lunar Glow time hesitates.
Deep depression slowly rise
Smoke begins to burn the

No tomorrow rings out loud,
No hospitable ground, just
an ebony shroud.
Life of sleeping soldiers
Reveals the strong and proud.

Not in the never*never land the fallen
Again will stand, it will be in the
Streets of gold, were Sweet Jesus will
Take a hold.

All that was is no more, in distant
Lands and availing shores.
The peace is now with
Their warrior, souls.

The weapons vanish no longer
Needed. A world of light is
Softly seeded.
In life, they rose.
Triumphantly to every test.
Now Jesus walks with them
and brings them rest.
All war has ceased, now, All
Stands with Ultimate Peace!




I saw the sadness
In your blue eyes
When you admitted
You did ask God
To reunite you
With your departed Dad

caI look at my reflection in the mirror
At my blue eyes, only shades lighter,
With the same deep sadness
As I asked, once again,
For God to reunite me
With you, my Mom

When you died,
My heart was torn in two
One was filled with deep heartache
Which seem to intensify through the years
And the other half died along with you,
Cold, hard, black and gone

At your funeral,
I silently prayed with guilt
For God to come and get me
Like He did with you
´Why´ was never a question I asked, but ´when?´

I walk around
Like a dead soul
Biding my time on earth
While at nights, I lie awake with emotions
Out of control, wondering where you went
And how badly I want to be with you

@Rosey * date unknown



Access to God

Acknowledge those who labor,
And presiding over you;
Give comfort to your neighbor,
For the problems they go through.

Edify one another,
Even during monition;
Explaining to your brother,
That is in your cognition.

Esteem them highly in love,
Because of all that they do;
Flowing with peace from above,
And all that you do construe.

We urge you to admonish,
Those that are undisciplined;
Doing what will astonish,
That will change the ones who sinned.

Comfort the ones discouraged,
Assisting those that are weak;
Motivate and encouraged,
For direction that they seek.

Pay no one back for evil,
Rather pursue what is good;
Working not for the devil,
Rather do as Jesus would.

Constantly rejoice and pray,
Unceasingly in your prayer;
Throughout the night and the day,
To God that really does care.

Give thanks in everything,
For it is the will of God;
Through Christ Jesus that will bring,
When showing honor and laud.

Extinguish not the Spirit,
Despise not the prophecies;
Hold fast to godly merit,
And His legitimacies.

May God of peace sanctify,
Make you completely holy;
Continue to magnify,
The true God, One and only

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer





Amazingly beautiful and a wonder of the world,
it is a perfect sphere distorted by the gravity,
with a transparent wall so thin it could be just
a molecule thick with extraordinary forces of the
surface tension keeping it in shape of a thin film.

Colours of a rainbow reflecting and refracting in
the light and separating into millions of colours.
The beautiful soap*bubble in the air looking great.
Such a wonderful thing to have in my life and
Forever and ever till eternity, till end of time .

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
23rd March, 2018.
"Soap*Bubble" is a metaphoric and Paradoxical
poem. In the vast scale of time of Billions of
years our life*span of less then 100 years is
so small it is almost insignificant and yet to
us our life is so full of things like a
soap*bubble, so beautiful with amazing structure
and millions of colours, bound to burst if touched
or when it touches the ground.

It is also a Metaphor for the things in our
lives that are so beautiful but temporary
things we are bound to lose sooner or later.

There is a Paradox in the end where a wish
to have the Soap Bubble last till eternity
is made. Everlasting Soapbubble is a Paradox.

I write short poems like a compressed Zip file.
Some understand some of it and some do not see
it at all so I felt a need to explain very deep
and serious thinking behind writing my poems.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
23rd March, 2018.



If a tear could tell a story

If a tear could tell a story

If a tear could tell a story would it
Preface scope and aims, would it tell of
Second chances or never love again?
Would it credit former lovers, thanking all
Those who took part, would it spill the beans
On others writ in blood of broken hearts?

If a tear could tell a story would it
Tell of nights alone, of wasted moons, of
Popped balloons and heartbreak telephones?
Would it tell of sweet attention, that turned into
Neglect, when heads were turned and bridges
Burned and love ran out of breath?

If a tear could tell a story would it
Concentrate on truth, would it write a heartfelt
Chapter on my long wait here for you?
Would it find the word forgiveness, a useful route
To love, would it write a dry*eyed ending?
Oh yes, I think it would

© Joseph G Dawson
22/03/2018 – 26/02/2017





Seemingly, it takes the event of a tragedy before action sees apparency
I can't won't get involved, don't involve me.
Lacking voluntary involvement is the act of cowardice interned
The lack thereof the unscrupulous will be burned
Whomsoever society dictates into the law
Feeds an appetite and not flavoring chaw
One can not wonder why imprisonment interns cowards!
The best law is the simplest, "an eye for an eye."


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