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One More Glance Around

One More Glance Around

How beautiful fields appear
among autumn of color
and promise.

Remembrance of children
dancing in leaves smiles
on their bubble gum faces
all pink.

Rakes every where hidden
under leaves ready to
be bagged for another

Apple pie and raisin cookies
hot from the oven after
leaves were raked and laid
to rest.

Blowers take place of rakes
of wood no dancing in piles
of leaves do I see children
with bubble gum faces
no more.

Those funny days of autumn
were days sparkling away
with delight and simple
enjoyment of heart.

Taken now so serious we
live life with so much
complications forgetting
the simple enjoyments
just slipping by.

Laughter of little faces
running down the road
yelling and screaming
who will be the 'winner'.

Swings from a tree blowing
gracefully without a
soul to enjoy the trill
of a ride in freshness
of autumn.

Where is the freshness on
the cell phone I wonder!
I have searched around
just in vain without
even a fresh hello.

Just more glance to see
smiles upon faces with
eyes shining with love
and happiness in my
yesterday years.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)




O Lord God, our Lord,
How majestic is Your name;
Who is loved and adored,
To which I do proclaim.

You have set Your glory,
To Heaven up above;
An observatory,
A majesty of love.

From babes out of their tongues,
You have established strength;
With praises from their lungs,
Perseveres any length.

Perseveres from the foes,
To still the avenger;
Insight on what God knows,
Where evil does venture.

When I look at Heaven,
The work of Your fingers;
The moon and sun given,
Brilliant light that lingers.

For the moon and the stars,
Which has been set in place;
Along with the pulsars,
Enlighten to embrace.

You are mindful of man,
The Son of man does care;
For fitting in Your plan,
And are willing to share.

Lower than angels made,
Glorified with honor;
Humbleness was displayed,
Preaching as a fawner.

You gave Him dominion,
From the works of Your hands;
Not as a rebellion,
But abide Your commands.

For the beasts of the field,
And the birds in the air;
An abundance to yield,
A loftiness to share.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer



"Lost in the Rain"

“Lost in the Rain”

He felt embarrassed
for even thinking
about her
she had said
she didn’t want
anything to do
with him
went so far
as to put it
in writing
but hockey season
was starting
and it always
him think of
the rain had
trapped his
mind today
with just that
one thought
of her
bouncing around
inside its lead
painted walls
he missed
being able to
think of her
without the
of mental anguish
dropping in
and taking over
his thought
rearranging a fond
in a way
that even he
wouldn’t recognize
when the torment
to it was
because of this
he rarely
his most
thoughts of
weighing the
they give
when he rolls
them around
in his head
against the
of their loss,
but when they
did find their
out of captivity
on their own
he couldn’t
make himself
turn away
from them
once he
caught a
of her form
or saw the
vivid colors
of her eyes
he’d follow that
thought around
till it dropped
from exhaustion,
the rain started
coming down
in sheets
a dead calm
of a second
or two
before the next
wave would
strike against
the front side
of the house,
he curled up
into a quiet
of the couch
freeing his mind
of all the
little things
around him
so he could
every tiny detail
of that one
of his
before the lead
painted walls
it was bouncing
poisoned it
and it ceased
to exist
for him
in his mind
kicked out
and forced
to live
in exile
in the dark
of forgotten

Tom Allen…09*15*2018…



Good Morning (2)

Good Morning
There is an unspoken energy that leaves me jumping, a tipping of the scales.
Weighing heavy on my mind, a composition of another kind.
My body can't move fast enough, my mind runs to fast, my soul watches as the two dance past.
Lost the rhythm lost the grace, the staggering morning is in my face.
So when I find my place All chaos will vanish without a trace.
Sometimes I dance and kick my feet up high, sometimes I find wings to fly.
When there are ruckus and commotion I reach for a quiet moment of unfailing words of devotion.
The calm will arise and meet me with rested eyes.
So take a glance at the circumstance, and give this day a better chance
There is a choice to find life's qualities and find the warmth with a second glance
Good morning to the day may peace find a place to stay




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Would You Love Me

This is dedicated to my beloved husband, Dan.

If my eyes were as blue, as the
Tuscan sky and my hair shone like
the sun, if it felt like velvet to your touch
do you think you could love me, I wonder how much

If my skin were as soft, as the finest of
silk, my cheeks the loveliest hue of pink, my
lips like berries, kissed by the sun, do you
think that day, would ever come

If I could sing the most beautiful song that's ever
been sung, if my fingers could make a harp come alive
with melodious sounds, long into the night, do
you think you could love me, Do you think you would try

If I were as light, as the air on my feet
and could dance with such grace, no one could
compete, If I would bow on my knees and
proclaim you my king

If I could give you happiness
like you've never known
do you think you would love me
and make me your own?





We know that we are born to die
And along the line we`re bound to cry,
There`s many obstacles in our life
Therefore, we will encounter strife.

Plain sailing in life does not exist
So onward and upward we must persist,
Seize every moment as if our last
For our lives will soon be part of the past.

From birth we join an invisible queue
This I`m sure you believe to be true,
Unwittingly we wait in line to die
We`re not told when, how or why.

We don`t know where we are in the queue
So we don`t know when our time is due,
But things will surely come to an end
Live life to the full before you ascend.

copyright´2018 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170




With local leave to be taken
And, after much boozy talk,
Bergens being packed
We started off for our walk.
Through the Ziller Valley
Anywhere we liked to roam,
Every passed day was nearer
To our setting off for home.

One final night under canvas,
Bergens packed and then
Goodbye beautiful Austria
And on the train again.
Oktoberfest in Munich
And we´re just passing through
Hours between train connections
And nothing much to do.

A walk around the City mooted
But that idea didn´t last:
A kiosk selling Lowenbrau
Had had to be passed.
After walking in Austria,
With all that time to kill,
Walking around the streets
Just didn´t really thrill.

But half litres of Lowenbrau
Large white frothy head
Crystal clear liquid
Just appealed instead.
Munich Oktoberfest is magic
For those in the know,
But these days I´m too old
To have another go.

That´s the plain, simple,
And unvarnished truth.
As for that walking in Austria
Just an episode from my youth.
Yes I´ve been to Munich,
On one local week´s vacation
But we never ever left
That beer kiosk in its station.


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