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On the first of October 1967 a great man died
I'd never known how cruel that death could be
To snatch away someone that I had loved so much

I was just 19 years old when death dealt it's blow
Taking this great man from us in the dark of night
He had played a major role in who I would become

He was always teaching me things that he did well
He'd taught me to work with tools and build things
He spent hours teaching me to play chess as a child

On that first occasion that I had him in checkmate
I had always wondered if he let me win that game
Years later he said you won that game on your own

He told me that I had learned the lessons he taught
And that because I had thought out my moves I won
He always took time to answer any questions I had

And he always treated me as if I was very special
He taught me to look at things from all directions
Plan things out to think ahead before making a move

Everything he had taught me I've used in my lifetime
The next year after he died I was serving in the war
On many occasions I knew he was with me over there

He was protecting his grandson and showing me the way
When things were really bad I could sense he was there
He was silently telling me it was going to be alright

And after several incidents I knew then I'd make it home
And regardless whether anyone believed it or not I knew it
I'll never forget him and I'll always love this great man

He was the most loving and the most caring grandfather
And though 47 years have passed by since he was taken
I take great pride for having had him as my grandfather

´ Terry Sasek * Always A Warrior * all rights reserved.

I have posted this poem tonight as I stare at a picture of my
grandfather Carl Gray, Pop as I had called him was taken from
us way to early in his own life and I still miss him greatly
and I will always remember him and have always been thankful
that this great man was my own grandfather. He had taught me
many lessons while I grew up and they would serve me very well
later as I had went off as a 19 year old kid to serve our own
nation as a warrior, I had always felt his spirit close by me
as I was in those very dangerous situations that I'd faced in
Vietnam and I took great comfort and I felt safe during those
very trying times there. It was as if God had made him my own
personal guardian angel who had protected his grandson in all
those attacks on our base and in the battles we had fought in
during that year there. Pop was my gift from heaven and he had
helped to keep me safe and sound during that very long year!



BALD ( Couplets)


Some women reject me because I don't have any ´hair
When they see me they just hide under a chair
They just do anything to avoid me
All because I'm bald ´and that's all they care to see
They don't understand that I'm just a man any day
Women and girls just take a look and run away
And some come and hit my head
and they leave me sore and red!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000


This is just a fictional funny poem.



Because Faron Lee Does Sharin Honorably´

Sweet Lips Haven't Kissed Me in 3 and a half years even with the endless tears
no lips of His on mine that's why they're cracked and dry!
We're BOTH from the old school faithful 4ever The Golden Love Rule!
And here we won't get to share the golden years
But in dreams we travel the golden road with no fears!
How Faron Lee's Celebrated Every Second Just Because
The Dream Came True That Is/Was!
It's just too bad I had to wake
After my home fell on me for pity's sake!
I wasn't even left with magical ruby slippers
And here I thought Hope's Hands were better tippers!
Well it's now in the Hands of Mercy
Maybe far away lands Love:

Oh Pooh I Thank You
Thru Eternity
* *For Doing True Love Honorably* *
Fingers of the heart
do their part,
thru the yellow pages beatin'so
finding the right place and info
SALLY should know.

Just Because Because Because Because Because Unreal What This Dude Does.

and if my heart follows the yellow brick road
Peace surely will be bestowed
but if nothing in the wizard's bag for me
it'll be a wasted journey
just like it is here every single time Dawn does appear
only if Peace would Dawn cause my being this earth so wasted on
Where sunshine,lollipops and rainbows
chase away all my foes
Mercy and Living and Dreams oh my
Mercy and Living and Dreams oh my
Mercy and Living and Dreams oh my

HE fell from a star HE fell hard and very far
And ManBliss She Says Is The Name Of Her Star
ManBliss She Says Is The Name Of Her Star

Bring Me The Joystick
Of The Bless*ed Angel Of The East(Quick)

Silver And Gold
Silver And Gold
We Made The 25th Anniversary
But Not The 30th much less 50
True Story Told
I'll Get You My Sweetie(Pooh)
And Your Giant Smile Too
( Now Dreamin It For Ecstasy* *
SAL*LY Livin It Pure Memory



A Prayer for a Heart

Hear O Lord as I cry,
And have pity on me;
Anxiety I sigh,
For why I cannot see.

Answer me as I said,
Please O Lord, seek my face;
For in my heart instead,
I am seeking Your grace.

O Lord, I seek Your face,
Hide not Your face from me;
I look for Your embrace,
And insight for to see.

Do not turn me away,
For You have been my aids;
As I trust and obey,
So I am not afraid.

Do not abandon me,
For You are my Savior;
Mold me and hear my plea,
Look on me with favor.

Though if my mom and dad,
Abandon me when young;
I would not be as sad,
As the song I have sung.

If my Lord did not care,
And had showed me His wrath;
No longer would He share,
By leading down His path.

Lead me down the right path,
For my foes love to spy;
I fear their aftermath,
Not seeing eye to eye.

They witness against me,
And breathe out violence;
Foresight that I can see,
Speaking of fraudulence.

My faith in the goodness,
That lives within the Lord;
Gives me hope that could bless,
Which is its own reward.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer




Happy Birthday To My Shannon

Auntie was there to greet you
On your arrival to this earth.
And I’m compelled to tell you
I have cherished you from birth.

A red*faced speck of sunshine
Beneath a blonde hairdo…
Yes, you came with the dimples
And those dapper eyes of blue.

I showered you with gifts galore…
So happy that you came.
Yes, it was at my suggestion
That your mother chose your name.

We let your dad have middle choice…
It seemed to suit him fine.
Of all the nieces in the world
I’m truly glad you're mine.

You were the sweetest little kid…
And you’re still on that same page.
Proud of the person you’ve become…
You just beautify with age.

A tender heart, a stunning smile,
A God given talent, too!
When I reflect on the word blessed,
My thoughts just turn to you.

My admiration for you grows…
Honey, I just want to say…
May all your dreams be rainbow dipped .
Have a great, God blessed birthday!

Your Auntie

´Doris Jacobs*Covington
October 1, 2014

Psalm 20: 4
May He grant you your heart's desire
and fulfill all your plans

Happy Birthday Sweet Shannon
I Love You!

Lump Lump
Big Dumb Cluck
Shannon Wannon




Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.



Fellowship With the Brethren

For years I wandered all alone and destitute of anything good.
I wasn´t able to do too many things right for I was always one to mess up.
But I found the Lord one day and the fellowship grew from there.
The fellowship with the brethren is something we should never tire.
For it is an indication of our true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Fellowship with the redeemed ones bring us closer to God for sure.
May we all the time have fellowship with the brethren and never be standing alone.
There is a distinct purpose with the fellowship with the brethren.
Let us exercise our right and claim it for Jesus today and always.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)



Nicotine Nightmare

Did you hear the night scream?
Your days turn into night. After the lights dim,
Full moon is aglow.
Your veins will rise like a Necropolis,
Waking the city of the dead.
Smoke billows from the sky this habit will make you die.

Armed with a patch, only the surface will this scratch,
Self inflicted addiction.

You stagger to the kitchen & take out a knife.
Only to waken by the wife.
The cigarettes why are you cutting.
You cannot amputate this affliction.

This is the situation your lungs are full to saturation of tar & gum.
The commercial world, is banking on the fact you are just plain dum.
They know you will pay to extract the tar.
So much after years of smoking you could fill a jar!
You know you look cool when you light up at the bar.
But one has to tell you, life can make you a fool.

Your mind wants the high of another fix,
Just get me another few of these cancer sticks.
Draw upon draw!
Puff upon puff!
If only you knew what was in this stuff?

So when you die.
Here is a thought.
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
If you had not smoked.
You would still be with us!

The morning rays stream through the window.
Extracting bad thoughts from your head.
You wake to find it was all a dream.
Take heart, no more need to scream.
The Nicotine man has fled the scene.

Colin * December 2006


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