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Dr. Frankenstein's Surprise (Re-Galvanized)

I wrote a poem to remember you
ripped it from my heart
then eviscerated it

it and the person I thought
I could be
deleted into cyberspace?

I no longer wear bright colors
they belong to another girl
you know
somewhere inside my body
the rainbows are processed
into candy*colored waste

I've set with your words
and parsed their meaninglessness

never had I been so like a door
and lent someone the key
before they'd politely asked me

do not come from a place of need
fellow monsters
for your heart will be quarry
prey to any panther who smiles wide enough
and shows his teeth

he who possessed a shiny sleekness
which created in me
a pause in the breath
and aches which no medicine could assuage

he was the panther
a galvanizing sleek
sweet*worded Man of Inventions

and His better invention sprung from
my embedded imagination
as if
He'd befriended all of my loneliness
to reclaim it as His

the Panther and the Inventor
staring into me in my darkness
wrapping thoughts around my heart
so it would beat
in a new way
in different time signature and key

a long time ago
there was a man who dared to claim
his creation and mind far exceeded
that of the woman he loved
freely*being the operative word

(he was free to love her only when it suited him.)

and then he nearly stole
her creation
one which sprung from her deepest self
born of great pain,
and a sense of abandonment

do not steal that which is not yours
and call it borrowing

but He took anyway
as I let him in
without asking
his true intentions

my door now
hangs off its hinges
the knob which opens it
jangled to distraction
the outer surface of it
worn down

love is not free and
love is no brown cow

love requires ministrations,
gentler hands
to tend to her

and if once galvanized
love ought never be
unless the Maker
acknowledges the Creation/Monster
does not cast her aside

monsters don't ask
to come here
as children don't ask,
those yet unborn have a dull innocence
and are not asked

did you
sleek panther, my maker
bring me here
to this cloaked place
in the deep woods
with no eyes to see
just raw fingers and hands feeling
their way through
my poor attempt to follow,
then find you?

you did.

I foolishly followed
and fell into a crevasse
from which my lame legs
could not climb out of.
and I had no hand
to reach in

I'd been
remaining in the frittering channels of thought,
my new found realizations left
to care for me

where did you slink off to
with your sleekness
with some vital part of me
in your jaws
dripping red trails
and the clue to finding

then surprise

read my words
my poem
my recreation
I rise
I'm alive again
as free as this poem is







Legs have lights?

Legs have lights?
There I was, minding my own business when;

The sheerest perfection, a dazzling confection
Came into my life like a storm,
She's a flawless conception, of perfect complexion,
Lucky me, I'm so glad she was born.

I have to say 'Wow' for there's no other word,
So succinctly describes what I mean,
Her Hollywood legs, wrap ‘em round me I beg,
Leg struck, gimme air, let me breathe.

The flash of the light, casting ever so bright,
Full beam from her sheer stocking tops,
She came down the street and she stood over me,
Hot legs, gimme space, I’m in shock.

If legs don't have lights I'd be very surprised,
'Cause something has dazzled my eye,
They're lovely and long and she said 'you're the one,
Don’t forget your sunglasses tonight.’

© Joseph G Dawson



Dining Out

Restaurants these days
Are a bit of a variable treat,
Not there to boost chef´s ego,
I´ve only come to eat.
As I look around I realise
I´m in the wrong place
Not here for Nouveau Cuisine
I´ve only come to fill my face.
Looking at the food before me
At times can cause me trouble
A half cooked pretty picture
Served on a bit of builders rubble.
I can go to a gallery if
I want to see a work of art
And the prices that they charge
Is enough to break a heart.
I´m just a working man,
A very ordinary bloke,
Who doesn´t see the point
Of the Fine Dining joke.
I don´t get the mystique
Even just a little bit,
Food is just a fuel
To keep a body tuned and fit.
There are so many variables
In life´s little lottery
So serve me cooked food on
Dish washed sterile pottery.
Salmonella I think is
Just a risk too far
So I vote with me feet
And go to a Burger Bar.



The Servant Role

Grace has been given unto me,
A builder for a foundation;
A skilled master as to see,
Displaying a new creation.

A foundation in which was laid,
The cornerstone of Jesus Christ;
Because others have been afraid,
To tell why He was sacrificed.

For building with silver and gold,
Is stronger that with wood and straw;
Because of the strength that is bold,
And less of a chance for a flaw.

For the work is made manifest,
As the day will come to declare;
Since fire will make a conquest,
In spreading death causing despair.

If the foundation does survive,
The builder receives a reward;
At the time when Christ does arrive,
Presented to him by the Lord.

If work by anyone is burned,
He will be suffering a loss;
For salvation will not be earned,
And have not been saved through the cross.

Copyright ©2022 Richard Newton Sherrer



"morning unfolds" -tanka

a flowering branch
sways in the gentle breeze as
the full sun rises,
an unquiet robin tweets
another morning unfolds.

´'t. imaan tretchicovmanicova



Telepathic Radio am & fm

(am & fm)

My wife lives with a strange condition
causing her to hear
a worldwide band of radio
that comes in loud and clear.

It may seem unremarkable,
but when the shows are aired,
there's not a radio nearby
and she's hearing impaired!

These detailed radio broadcasts
only air from time to time,
but when they do, it's magic
with a sound that is sublime!

It happens when a deejay's voice
that only she has heard,
identifies the station
and she catches every word!

She traces letters and the names
that verify their stations,
and further finds their websites
verifying their locations!

The station names and melodies
can be heard clear and plain,
as if a headphone jack was routed
right inside her brain!

There's something paranormal
about being a Radio Head;
you never use the radio,
it uses you instead!





Decked out in garments of fine green silk and heavy thick brocade. Being served by youth that never age. Reclining under the shade of trees beyond earthly imagination. In gardens and orchards with low hanging fruit from which they are fed. Their reward from Allah for previously believing. They are spiritually, psychologically and emotionally satiated, never grieving. The ultimate reward afforded to those who in their earthly life had submitted. Those who at Judgment Day were aquited. No poverty, no hunger, no illness, no old age or death. In this fine life one only finds good life. Good friends, good family, good wife. The Eternal good life. Not eternal pain, suffering and strife like what is meted out to those denizen the wretched citizens of hell.

Abu Lateef Babatunde






Fighting nature is futile. We know it well and yet
We keep on wedging war against nature.
Our life depends on the Oxygen in the air and
Trees recover oxygen From Carbon Dioxide
And suicidal us, keep on destroying forests
Without a single thought of consequences
that we are so stupid committing suicide.

Humans have already heated the planet by roughly
1.1 degrees Celsius, or 2 degrees Fahrenheit,
since the 19th century, largely by burning coal,
oil and gas for energy. And the consequences
can be felt across the globe: This summer alone,
blistering heatwaves have killed hundreds of people
in the United States and Canada, floods have devastated
Germany and China, and wildfires have raged
out of control in Siberia, Turkey and Greece.

Global warming and Climate change is now
Causing widespread destruction all over Earth
By storms, fires and floods and heatwaves.
We have destroyed Things we need to live
And have created things That destroy the environment.
Power greedy politicians did everything to hang on to power
And nothing to stop global warming and climate change.
Now high temperatures causing fires, water levels rising
in seas due to ice melting and flood due to very heavy rain.
Have we any hope to survive? The answer is NO.

We are never going to unite as a human race and
all the countries will look after their own interest first
like they did with the coronavirus vaccine.
Climate change is not slow. It is fast and random.
Even a temp rise of 1.5 C will be a disaster for us
All over the world without any exceptions.
I feel sorry for all the other creatures.
Selfish Human beings have made many species extinct
and now they will pay the price for their wrongdoing.
We humans will cease to exist and become extinct.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
12th August 2021.


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