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The only thing that will stick
is your HONESTY, thick as a brick

The only thing that will last

The only thing that will prevail, sail, and*SHINE
is your LOVINGNESS, GODLINESS, so thoughtful, HEARTFUL*FAITHFUL*and*genuinely*KIND


16th of DECEMBER 2017



Love After Love

Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr

´Love After Love´

Is it even possible to find love after true love?
Everywhere I look, I am reminded of his energy
My favorite music had to be gotten rid of
Even my favorite chocolates are a sad memory

Unable to focus, alone and undefined
My health is failing, feeling inept
I can picture him so clearly in my mind
Promises not kept

I can't even go to my favorite amusement park
I clearly remember the feel of his lips on mine, us kissing
I keep trying; I keep dating, but will I find that spark?
I may go to my grave with a piece of my heart missing

First I thought it was love, but it was control
When I found true love, I ruined it; why can't I just crash into a telephone pole?

All rights reserved by the author, Jean Parr, through www.poetrypoem.com/jeanparr





Sometimes I use both words but I know
they do not have the same meaning or
definition in my mind and I have to use
these two words extremely carefully.

Nature is the fact and reality we face.
I look for a higher power that makes
the rules like Gravitational force and
Magnetism that can make the stars
and planets move in a way they move.
Similar movement at sub*atomic level.

I call this higher power GOD the one
and only creator of entire Universe
without personal experience of God
I know that my concept of God might
be totally different from the concept
of God held by so many others and it
will be dependent on their religion
or/and upbringing since their birth.

One thing is for sure that we all are
free to have our belief about God and
some attribute human characteristics
to God but cannot do that with Nature.

Nature is a fact and will remain a Fact.
It is neither kind nor cruel, it is neutral.
It has no emotions like love or hate.
It's what you see is what you get and
no amount of praise or bribe will
influence nature and change its course.


Kris ~ Dreamweaver
16th June, 2016.



Content Grace

Teach and encourage to do things,
As pleasing to the eyes of God;
Because of the blessings it brings,
Any time you honor and laud.

Whoever teaches false doctrine,
That does not agree with the Word;
Would lead you to a world of sin,
By heeding to what you have heard.

Be content what is godly taught,
The accurate words of the Lord;
Experience grace through each thought,
Never letting God be ignored.

A puffed up man is conceited,
He shows he does not understand;
Rather doting when repeated,
Evading disputes on sinking sand.

This is producing jealousy,
As well as cursing, suspicion;
Causing conflict and rivalry,
As a corrupted condition.

Corrupted minds become uncouth,
Conflicting between the people;
As we have been robbed of the truth,
For godly life in the Gospel.

A godly life brings huge profits,
To the people who are content;
Of what they have through their merit,
Remaining calm, never lament.

We brought nothing when we were born,
And cannot take anything out;
The clothes and food as we sojourn,
Should satisfy of any doubt.

The rich fall into temptation,
They are trapped by such desires;
At the time of tribulation,
What destruction acquires.

The love of money is the root,
The root of all kinds of evil;
And will only bear rotten fruit,
Bearing the grief from the devil.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer



Universal Credit

I know as I age
Thought processes start to wander
But sauce for the goose
Is surely fitting for the gander.
A proper selection progress
To check the motivation
Of that worthy band
Who seek to govern our Nation.
Means Test the Members
As they take their seat
Shouldn´t take too long,
5 or 6 weeks to complete.
Those whose straitened means
Leave them on their arse bones
Could be elegible for
Interest free repayable loans.
No salaries for the very rich,
Surely Serving from altruism
Pride and honour will surely
Stop them screwing the system.
Hostels for the Members
No need for second residence
Let austerity for them
Take it´s proper precedence.
If they start to complain,
If any have the nerve
Be they gently reminded
It was they who chose to serve.
Government by Videoconference
Maybe then they wouldn´t cower
From the Party machine
And the Chief Whips Power.
More time in their constituency,
Dealing with their voters' needs,
Not isolated up in London
With the arrogance that breeds.
These terms may sound harsh
But it may deter that class of folk
Who serve for their own ends and
Regard democracy as a joke,
While providing a system
Of proper sustenance and care
For that worthy few
With valid reasons for being there.



Wha's Up With Yo'self Doctah?

A doctor is a doctor
no matter if he graduates
at the bottom of his class
but he doesn't deserve the pass
of perfection
there ain't no adulation
coming from my section

he needs to see me
as I am
that I came to him
as a human being
and that he is just not simply
the man
the one on the mountain top
with all the answers
like the one to why
my Father got cancer
but was too poor to survive
and how my Momma's heart couldn't beat fast enough
so she's no longer alive
and how I am older so my inheritance
is pain

like me make it plain
I don't care what's up with your diploma
I don't care that you are allocating me your precious time
if you don't see me as a real person
then you ain't worth a plug nickel
and you don't deserve a moment of my attention
or my time

you ought to shimmy back your shingle
close up the Dunkin Donut Shop
and close down the steady cash flow
to your not so petty crimes
because I'm the cop
and I've got your number
the violation has been noted

your day in the court of opinion
has been revoked
time to go back to school
and study up on
your humanity
re*learn what that oath of yours
the one you swore to uphold
really means

you will get you're diploma back
and maybe
you won't

legal copyright for this poem/work
10:14am PST December 16th 2017 time/date stamped
and also for this writer
Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt*a*World



"The Fair"

“The Fair”

He was still
trying to decide
whether or not
to hold her
when she
reached over
and took
sliding her
into his
then pulling
their two hands
closer to her
till the back
of his hand
was held by
tightly pressed up
her hip
as they wandered
the county fair,
she hadn’t given
holding his
a second’s
she did what
she felt
when she
felt it
and his hand
in hers
is what she
wanted to feel,
he was surprised
when her fingers
locked on to
and relieved
at not having
make a choice
he always puts
so much thought
into such
small decisions,
he would have
liked to have
wiped the sweat
off his hand
next time
he’ll be better
he tells himself,
he lets her
lead the way
through the busy
not that she
stayed in any
one direction
for long
she bounced off
people and
carny booths
one after the
yet stopping
to pet
every little
that crossed
her path
all the time
keeping his
held tightly
against her,
he felt a
step behind
just trying to
keep up with
she had to
and taste
around her
he loved her
free spirit
she made
everyone else
seem so boring
as if she was
always on stage
but not
trying to be,
she pulls him
into a ring toss
she wants him
to win her
a stuffed teddy
a simple game
that took him
seven tries
before he was
able to win
the bear
he was all
when he
handed it
to her
she gave him
a little hug
with a
“your so sweet”
right behind it
then spun around
and gave the
to a little
who wasn’t winning
not planned
he could tell
it’s just her
the little girl’s
exploded with
which she
didn’t wait to
already pulling
towards a fresh
lemonade stand
“would you like”
“a large one”
he asks her
“or if your just”
“going to give it”
“I’ll get you a small”
she just looks
at him
and smiles
“Oh, the bear”
she says
“I just wanted you”
“to win it”
“for me”
“and you did”
“giving it to”
“the little girl”
“made us both”
“you doubled”
“your returns”
“on happiness”
“with just one”
“I’ll take a large”
“two straws please”
she says
she’s still
keeping him close
with her right
and holding the
with her left,
holding it up
to his mouth
with both
every now
and then
so he could
catch a drink
as she marched
them around
the fairgrounds,
she pulled him
into a line
for the
Ferris wheel
a boring ride
he would have
never paid
to go on
“it will be worth it”
she tells him
“I am paying for this”
the large wheel
slowly moves along
stopping each time
a car
comes to the
when they reach
the view seems
with her
sitting so close
to him
still holding his
next to her
“look over there”
she said
and as he turned
to look
she gave him
a quick kiss
on the lips
he was lost
in a dream
as the wheel
worked its way
back down
he had
so much to
to her
as their feet
softly touched
the ground
his mind
shuffling through
all the questions
he wanted to
pose to her
he’s finally
to take the
when she pulls
by the hand
then stops
in the middle
of the mid*way
and waves to
two adults
she hugs him
“I’ve had such”
“a great time”
“these last few”
she tells him
“I knew I’d like you”
“as soon as I saw you”
“I just had to meet you”
he watched her
run towards
who he thinks
are her parents
she hugs them
before all three
and start to
in the maze
of people
he just stood
and hoping
that this beautiful
wouldn’t end
when she suddenly
and turns back
to face him
and for that
briefest of
on the mid*way,
and everyone else
stood still
for him
as she
said goodbye
to him
once more
with her
their gaze
till time
crept forward
an inch
and the crowd
of people
swallowed them

Tom Allen…12*13*2017…



Freedom of the Mind

Soft sounds of the Sea ,
Gentle rise and falling waves.
A milky, brilliant haze, in noon
Sun warmth in the drifting gulls
In gluiding maze.gives life to

White sand outline the shore,
Lifting shells , starfish and more
Sun's heat if sound, reverberates
Salty rays, that illuminate.
Caressing moments on passions
Slate.still waters hesitate.

Bronze skin shimmer near sand and Sea Softly whispers in loving sage, takes glimpse
On center stage, in lofty warming rage.

Seeks comfort in approaching night
When setting sun reflcts it's outline in
In sky and Sea, a daseling double the
Soul can see. Soft glow of setting sun
The birth of summer night begun.

In hollows of frozen land, thoughts
Of sea kissed summer takes a stand
Held in the recall of my mind, it finds
A freedom of another kind.


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