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Agape (Brotherly Love)

For so long I had been waiting,
Beaten down by much berating.
Driven yet to do my part,
I vowed to cope and guard my heart.

I tried so hard to steel myself
So no one else could break this shell.
For if I could keep others out
Their hurtfulness could not knockout.

Waves of torment filled my soul
I felt my life out of control.
The Lord came then to comfort me
And change my thoughts to His decree.

Yet filled by Him I thought I’d be
Nothing more than a plaything.
Used by others, put to test,
Yet God would not keep this unrest.

The Lord led me to some new friends
To show His love until the End.
You mentioned tender words to me
Yet could not know how much they’d mean.

With tears I replay in my mind
How your compassion was aligned.
And somehow I may yet believe
The time will pass for me to grieve.

Soon we’ll come before His throne
Devoid of sin that He’s atoned.
No crying there shall be endured:
We all will rise to our reward.

Romans 12:10

By: Danielle Siders, 6/12/2016




yesterday when i rang her door bell, to me her GRAMPS, as she calls me, she jumped me BEAR*HUGGED, me , up from the RUG

She hugged me so lovingly tight
she was just so happy to see her GRAMPS, late last NIGHT

So here i am now already awake
and am remembering the great bear hug of last night LATE

For me her GRAMPS. That HUG felt so GREAT
last night when i rang their door bell, after my bus ride yesterday LATE

Jocelyn, that little GIRL
she is now ten years old, but is the most loving little girl in all of this world

This HUG that she attacked me with late last NIGHT
this morning as i awake at 0330* it burns in my heart so beautifully, brilliantly, LOVINGly, BRIGHT

That hug, felt so great
of last night late

Jocelyn, my grand daughter
that little girl, LOVES her GRAMPS, oh i know that for SURE

By john d jungers



We Will Remember Them

We Will Remember Them
100th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme, 1st July 1916.
Amongst the silence
There should be tears
For lessons not learned
After one hundred years.
Too many lives
The bitter cost
Of that age of
Innocence lost
The Land Fit for Heroes
That never came
And Memory tarnished
By that shame
We will remember them




It is because of these courageous warriors and their families that our families have always enjoyed freedom here in the
United States Of America, let us never forget them and the freedom that they preserved for us for all these years.



Promised Claims

We can see that divine power,
Has given us everything;
Every day of each hour,
Delightful blessings it brings.

All that we need for godliness,
For our lives in all we pray;
Knowing that God will always bless,
When we always trust and obey.

For this power has been given,
Through our knowledge of the One;
By His own glory in Heaven,
From the Father and through the Son.

It was through His integrity,
He has given through His promise;
And has taken the liberty,
Forgiving in what we confess.

Through His promise we all can share,
The divine nature to escape;
The corruption of sin through prayer,
Desires that constantly rape.

Raping us of mercy and grace,
Robbing of our self*control;
Which blocks us from His sweet embrace,
Letting Satan enter the soul.

Make every effort to add,
Integrity in your endurance;
Resist anything that is bad,
As you boost your perseverance.

For godliness brings affection,
That the Christian will then know love;
Giving you a new direction,
For following Jesus thereof.

If you have type of quality,
Then they will soon be increasing;
Your knowledge takes the liberty,
For praising Christ never ceasing.

If not then you are shortsighted,
You have forgotten being pure;
Your pathway no longer lighted,
As old sins tempt you with a lure.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer





I feel like an outsider I have to admit
Because I feel that I just don`t fit,
I won`t run with the pack like others do
I have a mind of my own thank you.

I`m my own person I have to say
And I stand by whatever I do or say,
I`m nobody`s fool that`s for sure
Being false is something I deplore.

The values I have remain steadfast
I`ll hold on to them to the last,
This is the code I`ve always lived by
An ethical code on which I can rely.

So take me or leave me it`s up to you
Whatever you choose I`ll not argue,
`Each to their own` is what I say
After all it`s our choice at the end of the day.

copyright´2012 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170




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Together we are the true reflective stars
as we form one pulse of light
in the night sky of our luminous dreams.

You, me, perfecting radiance
filling us in with brilliant adornments,
sending us through ripples of star*waves.

No one else has made me shine as brightly,
only you, only us. We are the ever radiant stars,
the ever opalescent moons of our universe.

When we are together no one else exists;
for everyone orbits around us and is consumed
by all of the glorious flashes of light that surround us.


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