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Answer Me

why does the wind not call my name why don't the birds sing their songs for me Why can't the stars hear me sigh or the moon reply. . answer me Why don't the rains feel my sorrow why does the sun shine less bright Where are the meadow flowers scents . answer me and why dear god don't you answer my prayers can't you hear my cries are you even listening. . answer me



Setting your Mind

Since you were brought back to life,
Focus on things from above;
So you can cope with the strife,
Through His everlasting love.

Christ holds the highest office,
For He is reigning supreme;
His Father gave that status,
As being part of His scheme.

Keep your mind on things above,
Rather than these worldly things;
Nothing is greater than love,
With all the joy that it brings.

You have died as your life hides,
In the refuge of His wing;
Like a mentor as He guides,
You throughout everything.

Christ is your life when appeared,
Unto you in His glory;
And as He will be revered,
For concluding the story.

Put to death the worldly things,
Sexual sin of passion,
For the perversion it brings,
Is not spiritual fashion.

Get rid of the lust and greed,
And stop worshipping your wealth;
Because you will not succeed,
Improving spiritual health.

It is because of this sin,
That would keep you from His wrath;
His favor you would not win,
And not able to walk His path.

You have lived a sinful life,
Flowing with anger and hate;
Profane language caused you strife,
That would be sealing your fate.

Tell the truth and do not lie,
Start a new life as to live;
Confess to the Lord on high,
And the Father will forgive.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer





Justice come in slow motion
Urged sympathy for my indignation
Lamely accepting the blame my own
In life be weak and be trampled on
Avenging will come in His time
Note how sweet when he pays his crime

Feel the shame as he stripped my pride
Escape is pointless when knot is tied
Locked in his drugged sanity
Ill to the core of his vanity
Someday each tear I shed he'll pay
A curse as heaven hears my plea

Vengeance is mine said He

Restrain thy son the shame of your race
Acting in madness to bring disgrace
Vicious mind that ruins the innocent
I'll say farewell for wasted years spent
Nonetheless I'll go with memories
As parents I'll honour you, always.

Juliet Nadela*Davey

Acrostic Poetry * My Story




You can take a glass and break it,
If you find all the pieces, you can fix it, with glue
Don't ask about other breakables, it glue.
You can walk in your mind, looking all cool, on your wheel chair.
You don't always have to be bored,
Just make life fun.
When you walk up and down with the face,
And not the face. Don't worry yourself.
Because life is not a worry.
Get up and do something about it.
Don't wear a sad face for life.
There are troubles in one's path,
Making it across without a scar is impossible
But what it is, is that you build yourself.
With a little help you are a winner.
Take charge of yourself.
When you walk up and down with the face,
And not the face. Don't worry yourself.
Because life is not a worry.
Get up and do something about it.
Don't let it run you over.
Make things right
Fight for your life
Don't wear a sad face.
Listen to the words, look on the bright side.
If there isn't, then try to make one.
Think about what you have.
And not what you don't have.
Catch a life.
When you walk up and down with the face,
And not the face. Don't worry
Just live.
Just live like a free spirit




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On the twenty seventh day of May
In nineteen fifty nine
A baby girl came in the world
That baby girl was mine

Born with eyes so big and brown
So dainty and so sweet
Such a cutie…baby beauty
My heart fell at her feet

Although time can clear one’s mind
Some memories don’t erase
I recall each step, each fall
Each smile that crossed her face

I loved her baby powder scent
Her gurgles and her coos
Babyhood was very good
The usual spills and spews

Much smarter than the average child
She sang when she was one
We did duets to record sets
We had a lot of fun

God must have seen some good in me
His Grace is without measure
Because why would He so lovingly
Bless me with such a treasure

The years have sped so swiftly by.
Time can't be stopped or fixed.
My baby now a lady
Is a foxy fifty six

Happy Birthday Joni Elaine!

Doris Jacobs*Covington


Psalm 127:3*5 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Psalm 139:13*16 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

John 16:21 When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.





Of course I can move,
but when my baby,
my African Grey Parrot,
Sooty, is eating in my palm,
I have to be steady
and not move suddenly.

My baby sits in my palm
holding food in one foot.
balancing on the other,
he keeps on eating food.
I let him eat in my palm,
rather than on my shoulder.

He lifts up his sharp claws
and just sits there so steady.
He puts his foot down
if I move suddenly and
drops food he was holding
and sits on both his feet.

He sits on my head and
roosts on just one leg.
I keep sitting very steady
when he is roosting.
This is why I can't move
when my baby is roosting.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



Wish I Could Be

Wish I Could Be

Wish I could be the wind
Touching your lovely face
And stroking your silky hair
Lucky, lucky wind!
Why can't that be me?


Wish I could be the sunshine
Bathing you in light
And caressing your beautiful body
Lucky, lucky sunshine!
Why can't that be me?


Wish I could be the rain
Kissing your sweet lips
And running down your soft skin
Lucky, lucky rain!
Why can't that be me?


Oh, to be the wind!
Oh, to be the sunshine!
Oh, to be the rain!
But I'm just me *
A me you never see

Copyright Robert Haigh, 2015

Author's Note: This poem was inspired by
the Lucinda Williams song, I Envy the Wind.



Remember Them

Loss not fathomed stirs this day
On many hearts and minds it lays
As tears are wept, red, white and blue
Taps play their part of those we knew

They were young at heart and some of age
Their sacrifice became the page
Of once upon a time, their role did play
Your peace of mind, in war engaged

They were soldiers, brothers in arms
They were sisters that kept from harm
You and I and too the world
So honor them with flags unfurled

A country boy, a man still child
A piece of them, history compiled
Their lives in battle setting the stage
Remember them as lives engaged

A neighbor´s son, a friend, life lines
Paid high the cost, in service, time
Became too brief, too young not old
This write for them, their stories told

For those we lost and those still here
Give thanks and pray for peace, draw near
This very day if just in thought
Remember them, for you they fought

Remember Them


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