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Serving Christ

Children, Obey your parents,
Because you are a Christian;
For through your adolescence,
Were there for intervention.

This is the right thing to do,
As you were guided through life;
And able to help you through,
All of the toil and strife.

Love your father and mother,
So everything goes well;
And your sister and brother,
Respecting what they may tell.

Then have a long life on earth,
If you serve them like the Lord;
Showing God of your true worth,
Your prayers will not be ignored.

Do not make others bitter,
But show Christian discipline;
And spiritually fitter,
For avoiding enticed sin.

Obey your earthly masters,
Giving them proper respect;
It can lead to disasters,
If you rebel or reject.

Obey as to be sincere,
Working without being checked,
And continuing to revere,
Diligent not to neglect.

Serve because you desire,
As if you merely to please;
Whatever may require,
Of what the project decrees.

Serve eagerly as you serve,
Because you will see receive;
A reward that you deserve,
Your faith how strong you believe.

Whether as a slave or free,
Serving shows your love for God;
Of what your reward will be,
How much you honor and laud.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer



The more that you prepare today

The more, that you prepare for TODAY, the more that YOU, will be *PREPARED for* TOMORROW
The, happier you will be, with LESS, DISSAPPOINTMENT, and *SORROW

When this day, you pause, reflect and faithfully whole heartedly, simply *PRAY
success, and happiness, will just naturally, flow your *WAY

Today the chances that you*TAKE
The decisions, that you decide, to *MAKE

Will become your LIFE, LIVING, and LOVE, *BLESSINGS
Making you FEEL, as GREAT as a QUEEN, or *KING

The more, that you prepare today, and get ready for, *TOMORROW
the happier, that you are going to be, is set in STONE, for *SURE

Do not spend today, worrying about anything *TODAY

Prepare this day, the best that you can,so tomorrow, you will easily feel great and GRAND

When today in the gym, a three hour work out you put*IN
tomorrow, when you awake you will feel, proud, accomplished and great, and you WIN, before your day even,* BEGINS

The more you prepare this day
your, tomorrows will become much better and brighter, in each and in every WAY

Every little, thing positively, pro*actively, preparedly do this *DAY
will help your tommorows, be a more blessed, and better day, in *EVERYWAY

By john d jungers
24th of JULY 2016




So much in the news lately about racial mistrust
Black lives Matter
Protesting in the streets
All lives matter
We were at a restaurant
Celebrating our neighbors 55th birthday
He was wearing a gold crown
Three Motherly black ladies were walking past
I nodded they nodded pointed at the crown
I said, "He is becoming a Senior citizen"
They walked across the street and hugged him
Did I mention we were white
This is how the world can deal with racial mistrust
Love and hate are nexus things Oh the pain in the parting brings




Cut from the cloth you are this day
The very fiber of me who saved
More than the day, much more I´d say
Your mind imagines, now role to play

You are of blood, royal as mine
A prince of peace, princess divine
Sons and daughters I breathed to life
Transgressions yours, healed by my stripes

Your day has come to rise and bring
An end to loss and suffering
To help the blind that cannot see
As you were once, that now believes

It´s by my hands both pierced for you
It´s by my crown and side speared through
For this I came unto the world
To save mankind, earthly sweet pearls

Time draws near to end of days
Let not today be lost but saved
Through words I placed upon your heart
To sow the seed, yours to impart

For this I came leaving remnants
That´s you today, heirs and descendants
To go now forth with truth to give
A fallen world, a chance to live




Hotel Come Reflect

Hotel Come Reflect

Is this the way to yesterday the lane to looking back
The road that leads to happy days avoiding culs*de*sac?
I hope it is for there I'll stay my bag's already packed
I have a reservation at the Hotel Come Reflect

Where days are filled with laughter and nights are warmer too
In the Café Kiss & Cuddle I met a girl I knew
She took me back to Darling Street a place of fond embrace
To a piano in a parlour where we both sat down and played

Our fingers chased the melody the music oh so sweet
The metronome had stopped by now but my heart kept up the beat
Our fingers met and tarried her soft hand covered mine
Her lips as sweet as cherries let me dream now for a while

©Joseph G Dawson





Sometimes love vanishes.
A hypothetic poem about

Something that was there is no longer there
Something is missing from the picture there

Something has vanished and no traces there
Something has disappeared from over there.

Longing is lost from the loving heart there
Loving has lost warmth in love over there.

Loving is vanished from the love over there.
The Love is vanished from heart over there.

Asking a question if the true love was there?
How can it vanish if the true love was there?

Vanishing love can never be true love there.
The love that vanished was no true love there.




You Are My Ocean's Roaring

I was thinking of you
as you lie there sleeping

Calm you seemed
your chest rising and falling
lashes fluttering

I have watched you like this often
listened for your breathing at night
when you were not well
or yourself

I have even sketched you while you slept
because you dared me to

The rhythm of your snores has been my bliss
for eighteen years
without it, I would have been sleepless

What will I do without your sonorous music
how shall I be

you are my ocean's roaring
which puts my boat to gentle rocking
and then to peace.

Copyright July 23, 2016 All Rights Reserved
By This Author/Meloo/Melissa A Howells
Straight from her Tilt*a*World
Writer/Author retains all legal rights to this work



A Nightmare

Again a nightmare creeps I´m bound and cannot breath. Evil men are present they hold me make me freeze. I don´t know what to do in agony and in fear. Evilness surrounds me screams of men I hear. Each man´s sin is what I´ve bore as they walk through my closed door. Words scatter all around the room they´re broken on the floor. I don´t know what I can do immobile on my bed. Knowing I´m about to die a quiet prayer I said. Suddenly I´m free at last I spring on to my feet. Ready to fight this foe this nightmare that I meet. But all I find is emptiness there´s nothing far or near. I looked all around the house finding that it´s clear. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God I say with a teary eye. Know He saved me once again from a nightmare that´s a lie.


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