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Romance isn't just for the young

Romance isn't just for the young

Romance isn't just for the young
My God, if it where we'd be done
There's more than one kind
There's the sweet and the blind
Unrequited and left out to die

Romance is a magical thing
Held aloft on gossamer wings
Taciturn? Well perhaps
But the silence won't last
In your arms she'll just melt in no time

Romance what gift from the Gods
Made in Heaven I vouch without loss
For the rush and the haste
Comes from only one place
And that has to be from the stars

©Joseph G Dawson



wrong move

A simple hello from another,
Happy is mister once dead to the world.
A lovely side another is, all captured by doom.
A gloomy person with no idea of love.
Look to the right side, when choosing a path.
It only takes a thought to hurt another.
One moment you are a hero,
And the next you are gone.
Like wrong move.
Yes, sometime time can be something.
The right timing leaves your heart happy.
You are with someone you love.
And everything is all good.
Like with a gun shot, life changes.
Someone else comes into life.
Then it is, what it is.
Life with problem
Wrong move.
If you have someone, who cares.
One should be in love with that person.
Someone who comes in later, can be just trouble.
Stay and you will see.
Choose right
Don't fall for false things.
What it is, is just a wrong move.




Look What The Lord Has Done

Many late nights in prayer
And early morning held hopes.
Hopes of breaking the chains.
Of removing the ropes

That hold back my loved ones
From being all they could be.
From the reality that Christ
Can really set the soul free.

In quiet moments of praise.
Others spattered with tears.
Faith overcoming the doubts
And dismissing the fears.

Sometimes it's a battle
Keeping both feet on the ground.
To scramble back up
Once life has knocked you down.

But in my weakest moments.
In my most troubled times.
I learned God will build bridges
Between all paradigms.

O, so much has transpired
Since I first met the Lord.
Each new day holds a ticket
To a loss or reward.

Yet each loss is a gain
From God's point of view.
I have learned there is nothing
He and I can't get through!

I've seen some off to Heaven.
Others blissfully wed.
I've rejoiced over babies
And wept over the dead.

I've watched mountains removed
And miracles wrought.
Seen the devil defeated
And disease brought to naught.

Forty years of fantastic
Adventures and dreams.
A lifetime of learning
What God's faithfulness means!

I look back in amazement
At all He's saved me from.
To remember whom I was then
To whom I have become!

So, if you're looking at me
I do hope you see the Son.
For, by Grace, you are looking
At what God has done!

Doris Jacobs*Covington
July 27, 2015

~~Dedicated to Rachel~~

Psalm 66:5
Come and see what our God has done,
what awesome miracles he performs for people!

Psalm 66:16
Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will
declare what he hath done for my soul.

Chronicles 16:12
Remember His wonderful deeds which He has done,
His marvels and the judgments from His mouth,



Crofties Barn - Performance Version

Those School Summer Holidays
That seemed to stretch on and on
Then all too suddenly
Were almost passed and gone.

Bert joked it was Dave and Jen,
Though they both called him a liar,
For having a crafty smoke
And setting Crofties Barn on fire.

The roof sheets exploded
With a loud, sharp bang
Leaving corrugated sheets,
To forlornly swing and hang.

And the bottomless village pond,
Said to entice you in to die,
Was soon exposed as a myth
As the firemen pumped it dry.

All the kids of the village
Keeping carefully out of the way
Stood around and watched
The events of that eventful day

But special that year
When Bert was called a liar
For suggesting Dave and Jen
Set Crofties barn on fire

In School Summer Holidays
That seemed to stretch on and on
Then all too suddenly
Were almost passed and gone.



Sorry for That

Sometimes it just happens
I couldn’t tell you why
Not sure how to stop it
I just want to cry

I feel as though I can’t win
At anything I try to do
I can’t seem to shake this
Not sure what I can do

I don’t want to alarm you
You won’t see it in a chat
I am sad I can’t tell you
I am truly sorry for that

One minute I am up
The next I am feeling down
I used to be so jolly
I use to be the class clown

Feeling this way hurts
More with each pass day
It’s not how I want to feel
It can’t be the only way

I don’t want to scare you
So let’s just have a chat
I’m sad I can’t tell you
I am truly sorry for that




Do you remember the dreams you had when you were young?
Those many goals in your life that you had been planning
All of those places and things that you had wanted to see

It's funny in a way that things never went the way planned
But our lives seemed to have reacted to or followed events
Altering our own lives forever and led us in new directions

I didn't go to college after graduating from high school
I went to work to save up my own money to go to college
I was a mailman but events took me in another direction

There was this war going on over in Southeast Asia then
The government was drafting young men to go into the Army
I was called five times but they had reached their quota

So each time I was sent back home and not drafted that day
This procedure became like a damn game of Russian roulette
Never knowing each time if I would be drafted or sent home

After the fifth time I decided to enlist into the Air Force
They delayed my date to report until after Christmas 1967
I was told to report for my enlistment on February 2, 1968

This event would change my future and all the plans I made
I would not go to college but to technical school instead
I'd become a Special Purpose Heavy Duty Maintenance man

Two years of intense training were crammed into ten months
I'd become a specialist on crash*fire & crash*rescue trucks
Making sure that these trucks were always ready to respond

I had volunteered to go to serve in Vietnam as an advisor
To train South Vietnamese mechanics to fix their trucks
But I would also service our own crash*fire trucks as well

I took extra training on advanced weapons and procedures
Learning how to fire and maintain different type weapons
The M*60 machinegun and the heavy .50 cal. machinegun too

I ended up serving as a Security Policeman as well there
My first two months were served as an advisor & as a cop
Teaching the Vietnamese during the day and a cop at night

After I was Honorably Discharged I returned home again
I went back to being a mailman and went to college too
Using my hard earned GI Bill benefits to go to college

But after one year the government decided to change
No longer could you have no time limits to finish up
They decided to cut off your benefits after 2 years

So in mid semester of my second year I was cut off
No longer would the VA pay for me to go to college
So I was forced to drop out and never finished up

In the end I decided to leave the postal service
I became a machinist and later on a truck driver
I had medical issues from my service in Vietnam

The Agent Orange used to kill jungle plants there
Was found to have contained poisonous dioxins in it
It was found to cause many different medical problems

Depending on the amount of your personal exposure
You could become crippled, have heart, lung issues
But worst of all it can cause many types of Cancer

I was forced to take a medical retirement due to it
After 28.5 years of loyal, hard and faithfully work
My company let me go because of my own disabilities

So I was laid off permanently not to be called back
My loyalty and faithful service counted for nothing
At 60 years old I was tossed out like old garbage

Thankfully the Veterans Administration approved me
They said my medical issues were from Agent Orange
I would be given a life time pension from them

Afterwards I was told to apply for my Social Security
They said since I was let go because of disabilities
I was approved for SS disability for the years I worked

I was very lucky many times while serving in Vietnam
Many times I had faced deadly events with my buddies
Yet most of us survived those times during our lives

I'm proud I served my nation defending freedom for all
I'm even prouder that I had served with these buddies
They were an elite unit of the Air Force in Vietnam

´ Terry Sasek * Alwaysawarrior & Terryscorner * All Rights Reserved.

It seems that no matter what plans we make for our lives things can and will
be changed by events & circumstances that come up in our own lives. What had
appeared at first to be a financial disaster for my wife & I, had turned out
to be a blessing in disguise for us because even though I had lost my company
pension because I did not complete a full thirty years employment with them,
I was given a lifetime disability pension from the VA because my service in
South Vietnam and also because of my own heavy exposure to those chemicals in
the Agent Orange defoliants which were deemed to have caused all of my service
connected disabilities. Because I was also forced out of my own job due to my
disabilities becoming worse with each year that passed by, I was also awarded
my Social Security Disability pension from the age of 60 until the age of 66
when it was then converted over into my regular Social Security pension from
all the years that I had worked during my life time and paid into that system.



The Unrighteous

When you have a complaint,
How dare you go to court;
Keep anger in restraint,
Contrasting as you sort.

Courts have wicked people,
And against your beliefs;
They trust not the Gospel,
Only in causing some griefs.

Settle in front of God,
And the Lord be your judge;
His judgment is not flawed,
And never holds a grudge.

Christians can judge this life,
And the things of this world;
Even toils and strife,
As the time is unfurled.

We will judge an angel,
Even unrighteous ones;
Judging things not vital,
On your daughters and sons.

For the things you must deal,
With life and are ashamed;
Others lie, cheat and steal,
Against what God proclaimed.

Wise people are able,
To settle arguments;
So life becomes stable,
And balanced sentiments.

For you are defeated,
Totally already;
Not to be repeated,
That it would be heady.

The unrighteous must see,
Just how they have been wrong;
And changes that must be,
So pain does not prolong.

Only the believers,
Will ever inherit;
Being the receivers,
Of heavenly merit.

C Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer



emptiness returned

the cloud of doom, is here again, weighing heavy on my soul. try to shake this misery, but to no avail. no joy,no love, just the feel of dread the emptiness returned.


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