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I Wish You Well

Crimson dawn is sweetly calling
My freshly rested body is stalling
Not another soul in sight, I gently
Rise to the morning light.

Soft silence fills the air, a peace of
Calm that warms the heart with thrill
How does the morning light reveal
The power of sleep, as it heals.

Soon the static will arrive all about
Jumps alive, hold on to the Peace That meets those tired eyes, this is
The way the calm survives.

When I walk beyond my doors, I seek
My blessings, of my chores.
With many hopes it seems, Iife.
Awakens from its dreams.

All is taken in it's stride, when love is
Walking by my side.
I wish you well, one and all,
To the mornings call.




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You Are Unique & Exceptionally Fine

Flawless skin, Don’t be fat, must be thin! What is this society that we are living in? Judged on your appearance, and your material worth, But who sets the rules on this God forsaken earth? There are no winners in this game of life, Some have it all, others have misery and strife. Those who have…. Those who don’t, Those who can… Those who won’t. Postcode wars… the North, South divide, Is this important? You decide! The seconds and hours of your life just ticks away, So ask yourself what are you concerned with today? Life is not a rehearsal, there is one shot for all, So why spend it wishing, if only you could have more? Those who live in poverty & in war torn countries, for example, just want a break, But the West have no idea of their pain, suffering, and displacement for pity’s sake. Just give with your heart and stop with your hate! Nothing holds importance when you reach those ‘pearly gates’. The trivia of life and its toxic air, Causing so many people misery and deep despair! Death, Murder, war, rape, paedophilia to name but a few, The bullies at school would have got to you too! So just take every day one step at a time, and don’t measure yourself against anyone, As remember you ARE. “Unique and Exceptionally Fine”! Written by Wendy Roberts 17*10*2014 © WendyRoberts * all rights reserved.



Your KISS is what I have ALWAYS MISSED

Your KISS is what I have ALWAYS*M*I*S*S*E*D
To be LOVED, by *ONE*HEART*is, FOREVER*my, mission, quest, and goal, life, living and love*W*I*S*H

To, be *BLESSED, *with *HAPPINESS, *and *JOYOUS*JOYFUL*, *BEAUTIFUL*,LOVING*kind, caring, compassionate, honest, sincere*FAITHFUL*TRUEJOY*L*O*V*E*and*B*L*I*S*S
Is,* such* OF*a *beautiful *GREAT*BLESSING*as*T*H*I*S

To,* LOVE *and *to *be *LOVED
Is *a *TRUEJOY*, beloved *BLESSINGS, *from *the *HOLY*HEAVENS*A*B*O*V*E

20th of OCTOBER 2917



The Best Portion

You get rid of a dream,
As soon as you awake;
Though as real it may seem,
From the thoughts that they make.

Hearts fill with bitterness,
The mind seized with envy;
Feeling the soberness,
The end of a movie.

For the soul will be grieved,
As it pricked in the heart;
For what was once believed,
Enabled to impart.

Maybe being stupid,
Did not understand;
What the Lord does forbid,
Stated in His command.

Like a dumb animal,
Being just like a beast;
Something abominable,
And ignorant at least.

God is always with you,
Hold on to His right hand;
All that He says is true,
In every command.

With His advice He guides,
Taking you in the end;
As long as one abides,
He is always your friend.

As long as you have God,
You need not another;
Cure you where you are flawed,
If Christ is your Brother.

Body and mind decays,
God is your foundation;
As long as one obeys,
You will have salvation.

No doubt that you will die,
Unfaithful will perish;
Because they will deny,
For evil they cherish.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer



Coming Off Small

one cheap sentence
one terse four*letter word:


will never sum me up
lacks complete thought
and finesse
a fragment or measly morsel
at best
not even a mouthful
a thoughtful
a brain*full
and painful to read

how indicative
of what's between
the ears

yet those who'd
be heaped with praise
are often ungenerous
grinding down others
into meager

if you can't say
that shakes the foundations of the western world
don't say anything at all

(I'm Not Sorry)
but, you come off small

why did you bother
in the first place
to spray
when you had nothing
to say
at all

Its my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
So many invested in sizing up others
and invested in being right when
they could otherwise be helpful or
effective. Being small is just
scoring off someone at their expense
which ultimately ends up being at your
own expense. I don't have to get
political to illustrate this point.

legal copyright for this poem/work
and also for this author Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt*a*World



Not enough hours in a day

Not enough hours in a day
I've heard people say. perhaps
it's about their work or maybe
having to come in side from play

The time swiftly goes by.It was
just morning and now it's turning
into night, with a heavy sigh" there's
not enough hours to days light.

Funny I would contemplate this same
notion. Now that things are setting
into motion. come on it's time to start
making a commotion

I'll say it's you and you'll say me
after years learning a love would
never be, we stumbled unto one an
others words which did please.

So, this is love? something that had felt out
of reach, coming to the conclusion would
never know or received. Simply our hearts
had become weakened to its knees.

The feeling of being utterly alone and
misplaced. So quickly our inner sorrow has
turned into feelings that nothing else can
replace. A sense of acceptance and God's grace.

So let us hold stead fast to these days of new
filling tomorrow's that come to past as if it
were the first time we met. . the saying there
isn't enough hours in a day maybe true

but now we have all night too!



When Will We Stop Destroying Men In War

When will we stop destroying men in war?
I am not speaking of the dead—
Their blood has blessed the soil where they fell
But the men who came home unable to talk
To their wives about what they saw or what they did
Who twitch at a loud noise and sit with their beer
Waiting as they waited for what might let them go home
To think about their buddies who didn’t make it.


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