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~How Great My Love~
(Free Verse)

How great my Love
you make me feel
in so many things
and so many ways
here in my heart for
you I'm just smiling
dreams of kissing your
very sexy lips so sweet.

Lips meant for me
are invitingly awaiting
And within my heart
I'm just loving you
Love swells smiling
and turns on the warmth
all the time my Darling
just thinking of you.

With daydreams in my heart
your Love only glows
Just thinking of you my
Love in heart for you grow
And here in my mind can
see the shadow of a smile
just thinking of you in my heart
and mind I can go the miles.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000




A Christmas Letter

A Christmas Letter

From a small town in Oklahoma
A letter was sent
It was 1943
Late November
It traveled with so many others
To be delivered to one of the young soldiers
Who was serving overseas
Despite the weather
Despite its intended being in the middle of a war zone
The letter was delivered as part of “Mail Call”
On December 24th
It read –

Dear Soldier,
I know you are surrounded by violence. I know how much you are missing your friends, your home, and especially the ones you love the most, your family. Almost twenty years ago I was in your shoes. I was there fighting the war to end all wars. If we only knew then what we do now. I am writing to let you know that you and each of those around you are in our prayers each and every day. I am also wanting you to know that on the morning of the 25th, Christmas Day, your son will wake up and find something special that I am leaving for him on your doorstep. When he opens the door he will find a new bicycle and on it there will be a note – “Merry Christmas son, from Dad.”

On the 24th of December
A car pulled up in front of a small house in Oklahoma
Trudging through the newly fallen snow
A man slowly placed the bicycle on the front porch
And slowly drove away
A special promise to a soldier he had never met
Was fulfilled

Fast forward

It is December
Christmas morning
From his tent he emerges
A tent surrounded by jungle
For the first time in several weeks
He hears the words he lives for
Mail Call
Three letters this time await him
Two from his family
And one from a former soldier
One he had never met
And on the other side of the world
In a small town in Oklahoma
A young boy is waking
With a new bicycle waiting for him
On his porch

Dedicated to Tinker Chapter #43
National Sojourners

Ed Roberts 11/8/14



Winter gardens of embers

Crisp is this darkness
Almost stinging as if light
Out there among my many withered gardens
I can see only a faint glow from the beds they bloomed
So cold in this place
Slowly i walk through the fields
Past each charred picket fence i constructed
Something here slowly making my bare feet slightly warm
I hoped for pretty roses
Yet something here is wrong
Each stem is slightly dark and cindered
Each bloom completely void of any color, just black and white
Forward, behind, left and right
Millions of my gardens left to waste
Still something must be here warming my feet
Something must be here behind the strange glow i see
I look down below
Below the withered blooms
A bed of embers slowly burning here
Right beneath the world i have worked so hard to grow
Falling to my knees
In a crash the ashes rise
Up in the air the ashy embers glow
As the tears of lonliness and fear fill my heart and soul
For just a moment
As the embers light the sky
A hint of color on a single rose shows
Somewhere so far away but somewhere i have grown

Shall I go
Shall I stay
Shall I stay warm here
Or risk it all far away

Or shall I just be thankful for this ember sky
With a hint of color somewhere i have been
Though my garden has filled with ashy bed
And my picket fences have been so charred



So Much

So Much

Looking at my face while shaving

I see an old man Not particularly interesting
Someone who is beginning to look his age
Bald patches lined by course gray hair
Wildly growing unless closely cropped
Within my eyes I see a sadness
So many miles traveled
So much left undone
So much sin
So much

Looking at my face while shaving
I see an old man
Not particularly handsome
Someone who has made peace
With the fact of who I am
As well as who I am not
Able to see the maturity of my soul
So much has changed
So much freshness
So much desire
So much

Looking at my face while shaving
I see an old man
Not particularly talented
Yet in union with possibility
No longer what I was
Not fully what I will be
I am only what I am
So much opportunity
So much need
So much joy
So much



Resting In God

You did not obey,
What Moses had taught;
Promises that day,
Abraham had sought.

For he had believed,
To inherit earth;
It would be received,
In all of its worth.

But it was through God,
And His approval;
Where you have been flawed,
For its removal.

So if you obey,
Then you are an heir;
And able to say;
Faith does not hold air.

Then faith is useless,
For it holds no weight;
A promise worthless,
Would not compensate.

The laws will bring wrath,
And cannot survive;
When blocking the path,
What it would deprive.

Faith comes from promise,
As to be a gift;
That is a solace,
For hope to uplift.

The promise is vouched,
For every kin;
Willingly avouched,
For avoiding sin.

Patience comes from hope,
A long time to learn;
Rest in God to cope,
For the gift you earn.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer



Christmas Is Only Eight Days Away

This is the time for rejoicing and being made merry within your heart.
This is the 17th day of December which makes it eight days away.
It should be a time of recollection of past holidays and concentrate upon the one that is at hand.
The Lord should take center stage within our hearts and minds to give Him the praise He does so richly deserve.
Find within yourself a sense of joy that will carry you through the new year.
Try to do as Ebenezer did with celebrating Christmas all year long.
May this year be an unusually good year for you thanks to God´s provisions and grace.
Give all you have to give to another and especially be kind to Jesus as you would give to no other.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)



"beauty setting"

disappear the disappearing day
only one ethereal veil between
across the courtly sun, she pavanes
translucent veils fall and float
as now night she appears

´'t. imaan tretchicovmanicova

her night body




please visit my site to view

They were still driving her nuts
" Don't touch that" * "Put that down" * "Come stand by me'
Grannie kept repeating

Me * being me * who does not know when to keep her mouth shut
said "you have your hands full with these two live wires"

"They are really good kids" was her reply
by this time the children were looking at me with interest

"Yes" said I "I was at the back of the store and saw you
You know I will have to report their behavior to Santa * I am one of his elves

The little boy came closer and looked up at me and said
"Let me see your ears * You don't have elf ears"



´Kathy Collier

All art and background are ´Kathy Collier


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