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Thanksgiving and Charging

I thank God whom I serve,
As did my forefathers;
Clear conscience and strong nerve,
Against pagan brothers.

Remember in your prayer,
Both day and night the tears;
All the joy that we share,
For calming all your fears.

The faith that is sincere,
A faith that dwells as first;
Faith to God you revere,
Makes you righteously thirst.

Fan to enflame the gift,
That God laid in your hands;
The flame that will uplift,
Guiding as He commands.

God gave us a spirit,
Of power and of love;
Self*control of merit,
That flows down from above.

So do not be ashamed,
Testify for the Lord;
Freely to be proclaimed,
To be in one accord.

Share in the suffering,
By the power of God;
Showing its buffering,
When you honor and laud.

We are to be holy,
For a holy calling;
Not just on works only,
But stop us from falling.

Now as manifested,
Appeared by the Savior;
Eternal invested,
Looks on us with favor.

The Holy Spirit dwells,
Guards the good deposit;
Within us and impels,
Avoid any debit.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer




Created in pairs twain, eventually separated but will that state remain

Do you know you as well as you believe that you know me,

At an emotional intersection clock hands direct towards introspection,

What will it be, is it not the nature of an enigma to be a mystery,

Can an individual's bliss exist within such a paradoxical conundrum,

Habib Abu Lateef




let's keep it breezy,
can we take it easy
not too sleazy
like an old soft shoe
slip it all in
like easy E.
Don't have to always be
the hard way
the long way
King Kong on my prong way.
Break it to me easy babe, breezy babe.
It will help me to sleep.
When I need it bad.
Iron clad.
Just been had.
Fat gold money's mad
Freeze your ass in Stalingrad
Scwag fell out your zip bag.
And now you need it
And, that' why we're all still hangin
around here.
it's dangerously clear.
Didn't you ever try running away
or commiting suicide
Your puzzle pieces couldn't be all scatttered round here.
You smoked your stuff dim and cross eyed
Over the moon puke drunk on cheap beer.
Isn't that what you held sacred
Didn't it kick you in gear.
When you need it bad.
That's why you're still
slingin it around here.
it's famously clear.
You never said thank you when they said please
You've said your shit's together but
your shit's up in your jeans
And, you now you need it
and that's why I'm still
hangin n bangin round here.
it's patently clear.
Why else would you still be hangin round here
if ya'all didn't need it bang bang bad.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All publishing rights reserved as is by author




Dear Lord I PRAY

DearLord I PRAY, that in my Life Living and Loving, that my SimplePOEMS*Touch the WORLD, POSITIVELY, in Every*PLACE:

DearLord, I PRAY, Let my POEMS, of SIMPLE*RHYME:
Greatly, and Positively*Uplifting*and*Impactingly*LOVINGLY*MIRROR*YourGreat*HOLYSHINE:

DearLord, I PRAY:
That my Every POEM, in SIMPLE*RHYME, Can Bring the WORLD, to Your TRUELOVE, In All That I WRITE*and*RHYME*andSAY:

DearLord, I PRAY:
For every Woman, Child, and Man, that the WORLD, Will Come to Your TRUELOVE, With SURRENDER, FAITH, HOPE, and TRUST, and Glow in your Almighty*HOLLINESS, and LOVINGNESS, with MERCY*LOVE*and*GRACE*in EveryPLACE*TODAY*and*PRAY*and* Follow*Your*HOLY*LOVING*WAY:





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(Not in sonnet form)
Original contemporary poetry by author, Jean Parr

Dear Chris,
I've made a list,
A list to assist
In describing how much you'd be missed,
If you were lost in an abyss.
Do you get the gist?

Why I love my husband Chris!

Like me,
He seeks comedy as a remedy.
Chris is my other half,
He just loves to make me laugh!

I love how he's protective,
And through his perspective, he must be effective.

Chris is caring,
Although I'm sure he'd rather share, he knows how I feel about his music blaring!

He truly understands my need for the beach,
And Chris always keeps it within reach.

Chris is loving,
He shows me by his touch and hugging.

I love you Chris!

All rights reserved by the author, Jean Parr, through www.poetrypoem.com/jeanparr, Copyright 2020




By S.C.Mitchell

Written in April 2020


If God had a wallet * my face would
Be in it * as an up to date photo * as
The years roll on by * and He'd say to His
Son * Like You * this is My child *the
Love of My heart * and the gleam in
My eye .

Can you imagine the Lord speaking
Those words to you ? * or do you feel so
Unworthy * and can't believe they are true ?
Well my friend * let me tell you * whoever
You are God sees you as special * and
Treasured * not as some fallen star .

There was a time in the past * that's how
I thought God saw me * when I came to Him broken
My sins plain to see * but He picked up the pieces
And cast them all from His sight * then He told me to
Trust Him * while He made my heart new * and said *
All would be right .

So that my dear friends * is how I am
Today * Chosen and favoured * and not cast
Away * and because of God's love * the same is
For you * and your face would be in His
Wallet * if He had one * along with
Mine too.

So * however it is * you see yourselves
Today * whether precious and loved * or worth
Throwing away * remember * the first is the way
God our Father sees you * as Precious * Forgiven
Accepted * His own * and Brand New .

So therefore *

Beloved *

Believe * that it's True


I wrote this poem after being inspired by a
friend, who showed me a photo of his lovely
children , that he carried in his wallet . I
especially noticed the love and pride he had
as he pointed them out to me . and that is
how I believe God is towards all His children,
and if He carried a wallet , our faces would
all be in it . because of His great love for
us all.

God richly bless you
Always .



Hymn For Georgie Radford

Sing a hymn for Georgie Radford
Who used to build ships on the Clyde
Watch them launch down the slipway
With a worker´s quiet pride.
His last job was the giant carrier,
The one they put in mothballs,
Then his dexterity slipped and
He started having sudden falls .

Early onset Dementia they said,
Words to end his working life.
They pensioned and retired him
To to care of his loving wife.
She watched him deteriorate,
Saw him endure that subtle hell
Of being confined in his mind
Trapped in his own mental cell.

She put up with the violence,
Kept it hidden and unseen,
Remembering in her love
The man that had once been.
Then came the stroke that
Left him confined to his chair,
Needing her constant presence
Needing constant help and care.

They sang a hymn for Georgie Radford
Their family workmates and friends
When his long years of torment
Finally ground on to their end.
She stood dry eyed at the funeral
Remembering with love and pride
Her once bonnie Georgie Radford
Who´d built ships on the Clyde

The children stood there with her
As the mourners paraded by
Each one muttering their words
None looking her in the eye.
She accepted their condolences
Knew she been a dutiful wife
But in her mind she felt relief
Able to live the rest of her life.

She missed her Georgie Radford
But human memory is kind
In time erasing all bad things
From a slowly healing mind.
She had grieved him in her way,
As only the truly bereaved can,
Forgetting the tortured wreck
To recall the once healthy man.


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