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I have apprentices one, two and three
And they want to be just like me,
It`s never too young for them to start
It must be inbred into their heart.

For them a daunting task ahead does loom
For they must learn to ride the broom,
The magic broom can move from side to side
And make it difficult for them to ride.

I have 1 witch and 2 warlocks to groom
And for them it will be fun I assume,
They can even bring Ted as a mascot
I promise not to put him in the pot.

..cackle! cackle! cackle!.

I`ll show them how to make a magic brew
But they must never ever show you,
ABRACADABRA for them will suffice
Then they`re loyalty to me is the price.

I`ll groom them well for the task ahead
To ride the broom while you are in bed,
We`ll ride together in a straight line
And these little critters will be all mine.

copyright´ Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Wives and Husbands

Wives, submit to your husband,
He is the head of His wife;
Just as Jesus did command,
Backed for the rest of her life.

Christ is the head of the church,
For He is our Savior;
Who we consult as we search,
Glorified through His favor.

For the church submits to Christ,
As wives submit to their man;
Not reluctant but enticed,
For following in his plan.

Husbands have to love their wives,
Just as Christ has loved the church;
Prepared to lay down their lives,
No longer a need to search.

So He may sanctify her,
Cleansed by washing in the Word;
Guiding through what may occur,
Any suggestions offered.

He pose Himself with splendor,
Without a spot or wrinkle;
The church not to disfigure,
Stays the same and not crinkle.

So husbands should love their wives,
He loves his wife as his own;
Loving the rest of their lives,
Not to walk this life alone.

No one should hate their body,
Rather nourish and cherish;
Not letting to be shoddy,
Or letting it to perish.

Of His body as members,
Both of His flesh and His bones;
Enduring what encumbers,
By which each one of us owns.

A man shall leave his mother,
And be joined unto his wife;
Be attached to no other,
Throughout the rest of his life

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer




A Poem about my Soprano Saxophone.

Until I met you
I never knew
I could fall
in love with
a Soprano Sax.

I saw you and thought
"Oh, just another Sax!"
but I took you
in my hands and
played a tune and
I knew I had lost
my heart and soul
to a beautiful soprano
Yanagisawa Sax.

It was not the shape
or the carving on it.
It was not even the
golden lacquer
that caught my mind.

It was the way
you responded
to my every wish
to produce those
beautiful curves and
shapes in my
Musical dreams.

I stretched the limit
for those elusive notes
so hard to control
in the higher octaves
and reached out to
Heaven of Music in my
tunes of notes in
my Musical Dreams
When I played
upon that Soprano Sax.

You responded to me
like a lover would do,
reading my mind
what I wanted to do
and produced the
Music that is equal
to the music
produced by lovers
so deeply in love.

"Yanagisawa" my
Soprano sax!
You were made for me
and now I am yours.
I have lost my heart
and soul to you.
I call your name
I'm in love with you.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



The Off Brand

I am the off brand you secretly like
I am the acorn you pick from the ground
I am the last black bird winging home at night
I am the lining that tarnishes the cloud

I am the sweetness at the end of the cup
I am the kindness you were hoping for
I am the little thing you thought you once lost
I am the silly joke that keeps you from getting bored

I am the thirst and the quench
I am the hunger and the desire to mend
I am the place where you sit on the bench
I am your last word your love word your friend.

Legal copyright for this poem 9:59AM October 30 2020
and also for this writer/poet Melissa a Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted and registered
site title Meloo straight from her tilt*a*world

I am who I am who I am.
Melissa A. Howells



Self-Awareness is finding Ourselves!

Self*Awareness is finding Ourselves!
Struggling makes us aware of who we are in many ways we do not comprehend. Yet, as we awaken in awareness, we realize each day could be different if we tried living life with loving hearts, leaving those misunderstood thoughts find their own direction, replaced by understanding life for the moment, not easy focusing that living each second needs to be a treasure. Being aware we are very untamed in knowledge till we find the meaning of wisdom through living. These uncertain times we live, seem to be closing in every direction on us. New time, new world, entire different life as we once knew it to be. Now, is all we have, may it be sad, stressful, complexed we must live through all these emotions that confuse us and bringing all our sadness to the surface. Time to face each situation that appears before us, the best we know how, even how it hurts, we must follow through and try to understand each thought that brings love can also bring comfort. Those who have faith and hope to believe that miracles happen every day can bring themselves to the point of self*awareness knowing we may always carry that sadness, but we shall always pass that moment into the next moment of self*improvement. No matter how we search, we know the opposite of sadness is happiness. Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved).



When a person FEELS LOVE in Their HEART

When a Person FEELS, LOVE in Their HEART:
That Wonderful FEELING, of Peace Serenity Wellness and LOVING Joy and Happiness
Stays in A HEART Happily GLowing even at Midnight DARK:

When A Heart is all ALONE:
No Happiness of Joy is Truely*Felt or

Life Living and LOVING FATE:

When a HEART is Alone in the DARK
they FEEL, Cold and LONELY:
WithOUT the Feeling of Truly Being HAPPY:

When a HEART Feels LOVED
Complete and FULL:
On Their Heart and Face they Show a RADIENT Shining

When a HEART is All ALONE:
No True LOVE, is Felt or Known
and they Feel COLD to the

When a HEART Feels Loved ForEVER*TRUE:
They Feel as Great and Wide as the Heavenly Skies so Bright with
Delight and BeautiFUL, Shining BLUE:

When A HEART Is All by its SELF:
Its Bad for its Life Living and LOVING
Longevity and Enduring HEALTH:

A HEART That Feels Loved, Forever and GREAT:
In PRAYERS* Deeply* Every* Moment of the Day and Night they Thank
Life Living and LOVING

When your HEART:
Has Not Been Blessed Yet with a True LOVE
keep Faithfully Hoping and Praying, and With GODS LOVE In Thy HEART
Steadfast be Staying, and never let Your Dream of TRUE*LOVE* from Your Life Living and Loving HEART
Fade go away or DEPART:

When in GOD We Surrender TRUST and PRAY
for GODS Will and Way To*BE Done and NOT*THINE
From the HOLY Heavens to Earth and

For GOD Knows When Thy HEART Is Loving
Faithfully Praying and Honest Sincere and TRUE:
When with Complete Surrender and Trust we PRAY

By John D Jungers





Oh sweet song of beauty
An ode to OUR Planet
Like a Phoenix
That rises from the Ashes
What was once barren
Will be fertile again

10/28/2020 preciouspoetess (All Rights Reserved)



Vanity´s altar

Vanity’s altar

Walking away from love, won’t improve
Life, nor bring happiness. Self*isolating
Elderly, sensitive perhaps of what they
Have become, what time has done to
Their bodies, what the mirror mistakenly
Tells them should be hidden from sight.
Oh, how wrong we are, when we trash
The beauty of time, and how much love
And life we sacrifice on the cold stones
Of vanity’s altar.

With age comes a unique gracefulness,
A certain comeliness that can only be
Acquired by time. A reflection of younger
Days that does not dim, but in the right
Hands glows brightly, sending a signal
To a lover that can only be sent from a
Mature heart.

Love and life are not the exclusive realms
Of the young. Yes, a youthful body is to be
Admired, but so too a body that has lived
And loved somewhat longer. Yes too, there
Will always those who see less than there
Is in maturity, and make fun or downplay
The capacity of the older persons right to
Love and be loved.

Does the heart sink at 60 or 70 never to
Love again? I think not, for there is so much
To be had in a bond that ignores the passage
Of time and sees only the prospect of renewal.
Renewed love, renewed companionship, and
Perhaps above all, renewed happiness,
Whatever one’s age.

For some, age is such a big deal, a cliff over
Which so many stumble, and when we talk
Of age, it could be any age, depends when
One decides to give up, to throw in the towel,
Walk away from the challenges of the heart.
Luckily, there are those who embrace life with
A more cheerful heart whatever their condition,
And I am certain it is they who will never know
The cold stones of vanity’s altar.

© Joseph G Dawson


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