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Alone On an Empty Stage

Alone On an Empty Stage

Becoming a good actress on this stage, playing my role;
Winning numerous awards for my category of expertise.
I’m immersed into my role to the point of losing myself;
It doesn’t really matter, for I was born to live this very role.

Who am I? is a question that I don’t allow myself to ponder;
For this would lead to even more questions, then even more.
My own life is completely absorbed into the lives of my family,
I’m full of pent up emotions of a lifetime of sacrifice to my role.

You tell me that it is over… I’ve know that for years and years;
I am the supreme actress, I’ve been holding together this play!
Who are you to rewrite the script… who the hell are you, fate;
The entire family has been held together by me; not you!

Gone are the kids into their destiny, entering their own plays;
I'm about to exit, stage left… the lights darken… fading like my heart.
The audience is left looking at me. waiting, the silence is deafening;
Now what? I stand alone on an empty stage. Now what is my role?


for Mom




Just so you will know,
what will show.
A hate does grow,
when you don't plow a straight row.

A straight row means there,
there are no dreams.
Just something you have to do,
no matter if you are blue.

People you try to help,
but they want you to take each step.
They say you aren't friend,
if your help for them does end.

I have no idea,
what they think is real.
If they don't get their way,
It is because you wanting something each day.

If you don't give, give, and give,
then it is a thing that they won't let live.
Something that makes them sick,
boy, do they believe that you are that thick.

Friendship is a matter of give and take,
of that never make a mistake.
Cry when you lose a real friend,
but laugh when a fake friendship ends.




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Your look
Makes me blush

I go weak
I go weak

Chains locking my heart
Hold my breath
I can’t speak

You control
My thoughts
My fascination
How do you know me
And what makes me tick

Encounter my mood

Pure passion
Every thought



False Teacher Warning

My Christian faith I will proclaim,
And never will feel any shame;
So I will continue to fight,
Saving those who stray from the light.

For some may think that I should dare,
About salvation that we share;
I am entrusted for all time,
How some preachers do commit crime.

They only teach about the love,
That is flowing down from above;
But never talk of deadly sin,
That is corrupting deep within.

Some people have slipped through the crack,
Unheeded by the faith they lack;
So God's kindness is their excuse,
Free to cause sexual abuse.

They deny the Master and Lord,
All of His teachings are ignored;
Then acting like a bunch of fools,
They will start preaching their own rules.

God held angels judgment one day,
No longer did trust and obey;
Held in darkness and bound by chains,
Suffered with agony and pains.

Sodom and Gomorrah did burn,
Because they never tried to learn;
Punished with eternal fire,
For their sexual desire.

So from the pulpit some will preach,
That it is alright what they teach;
For the homosexual affairs,
All the love and lust that it shares,

May any false teachings by them,
That Lord throws judgment to condemn;
To mislead others they can dream,
And defile flesh in their scheme.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer



Moving On Out ( Thank God) 1-30-2015

what did I do
when I realized I was
living in a glass
populated by ghosts.

I said:
"Its time to move on."

so many shadows
I'd forgotten
about the sun

and the shivering
the coldness dampens even in
the first fine warmth of Spring

I could walk a thousand steps
and not walk out of
this circular sucking vortex

here the emotions are so sped up
the people*puppets with their
strings being pulled from the clouds
high in the sky
how unhappy in the good ole land o' plenty
have we become, you and I

hip slick o'*burbia
where everyone is of the same opinion
yet no one gets along
fingers point out the different ones
so they can be sieved out
or ridiculed
and somehow we all end up
singing one discordant disharmony

don't want to be a member of this
exclusive non*inclusive snub*club

on the corner I almost certain I heard
the Sirens luring me out into middle of the street
they'd like me to be just like one of them.

but, I have to get away
from this glass neighborhood
before I shatter,
become caught in the shards

and the ghosts gather me up
and I permanently loose
my way

yes, I'm moving on out
and I'm counting the minutes,
I'm numbering my days
and looking towards
a newer horizon

one that has no ghosts

Copyright 1/30/2015 All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo Straight from her Tilt*a*World Copyritten Site.
All Poetry/Prose/Rants/Ideas Are the Legal Property of this Writer




A day moon
and yesterdays ghost

.sensitive conversations

How well do you know me?

Breaking open a fortune cookie
an empty shell

Screams in the dark
back bending penalty

Sweeping away the debris
a vacuum and a shovel

Terms of endearment
speaking in silence
point of no return

Urban stories
guns and drugs

.eyes wide shut
sewn lips

Several consequences
rent a man
noble and strong

Time to write that biography
minus the lies

Press 1 for English

Written by,
Abby lynn
Jan. 30 2015



PASSPORT TO EUROPE ( Taxidevo Agape)

~Passport To Europe~
(Taxidevo Agape)

Travel thru Europe
can be really nice
Germany's ancient
Beautiful country
With breathtaking views
Everywhere you go you'll enjoy enchanting sights
Traveling thru small towns with so much history
Most locals are nice and polite willing to help
You'll get to see many castles still standing 'round
Tall and proud filled of much beauty and history
In Paris take walk
Spain is full of charm
Riding the train thru
Europe is much fun
Travel will bring joy.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


The 'Taxidevo Agape' is a poetry style created by
Joseph Spence Sr.

Written on .March,10,2012


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