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Looking Back

Looking back over life.
and road´s destiny.
Time takes our hearts
and wring it out into eternity.
There are harder places a prison make
Than this man in me.
All noble notes been torn up
and washed out to sea.
I´m not an actor in a leading role
Therefore I am free.
Our hearts are still touch
by a still born pup.
But those whom are never allowed to come
shall never be.
I know patience has its place
in the overflowing cup.
If we´ve been accused of loving too little,
Just maybe we´ve loved too much.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James



Be Who God Created

Be Who God Created

We should never judge anyone, even how jealous we are! Many are filled with dislike cause they can't be
stronger in mind, and spirit, unable to change their thoughts of who they wish they could be. Always be your unique self. Thank the Lord in Heaven he made us the way we are. All men think and see everything in different ways we are made from God's image, with free wills to do what we want in life. Many paths, many decisions, many hurts, many deep holes to climb out of, only one direction to embrace comes from our soul's intuition following, listening, to our inner voice which is the intuition of our souls, power eternal.
If we learn to listen to our inner voice we will begin healing learning who we are, and why we must know our power of soul, body, mind.
Loving ourselves with deep respect will show our love is the master of our hearts, inspiring us to go deeper within, to find our true connection. Many life's to find ourselves! when the time arrives, that we have evolved enough, to find answers
destined by God, peace, true power of self, we shall then
be teachers of self* control and knowledgeable wisdom.
We cannot be something we are not until we realize we must find the answers to our own existence by going past the darkness into the light of understanding, visual depth
of true reality, focusing on the river flowing free, wild with
the tranquility of spirit and light.
We all have to wake up from our deep sleep finding who we really are! in time when all has passed with many failures, we shall appear like stars shining in our
Multi*inter dimensional Universe.

We have become one person in one Body and Spirit.
By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)





As I walked the dusty road toward the little country town
A beautiful rainbow began to lead the way
Its colors were dressed in sequences of guided direction,
As it moved toward the windows of my sleeping soul

I found myself immersed inside the whispering of the wind
As the sun became an incandescent performance
Loneliness eluded me as I felt the warmth of nature
Lending its pink and white faces amid the greenery

The winds began to whisper of rain inside my bones
As I came across the tangled strings of an old kite
The sun had begun to seep into my sleeping soul
As the language of nature blended itself as one

The old train slowly puffed its way past me into the station
While picking its own mixture of chords
Each turn of its wheels serenaded my complacent muse
As I wondered if you´d remember to greet my lone thoughts

la route poussi´reuse





cat speech

if I were a cat
I'd have magic powers
I could change my color
or wear spots or stripes
or disappear
communicate with the flick
of my ears
like humans use words

twitch my nose and whiskers
to conjure up a meal
live as long as I desired
forgetting to honor
that nine year contract deal

never be cold or hungry
or homeless
or despised
because I was entirely
through many lucrative advertising
.giving out my endorsement
to what cats really want
like canned shrimp and sardines
and blue velvet electric blankets
not the run*of*the*mill*Morris*The*Cat
type spiels

fleas and ticks would be outlawed
vets would offer tropical vacation packages
to Hemingway's Cat Haven, instead
and vaccinations would be in cat treats
and there would be paw*dicures, not
declawing and the only breeding
would be done through a direct request

humans would be given privileges
as long as they behaved
and those who did not
would know treatment of
the lock*key
and the stale water bowl
in a far*away cave

if cats ruled the world
there would be no cat slaves
no needles, no testing,
no cruel vivisectionist blade

our worth would not be
our worth would be automatically
we'd be seen equal to humans
sainthood and "angelitude"
could be our just
heavenly rewards

3:39pm pst/time date stamped
legal copyright for this poem in progress
and also for this writer
Melissa A Howells and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt*a*World

will return to make additions and edits later. thank you.



The Ransomed

The wilderness and the dry land,
Shall be glad as they will rejoice;
Flowers will blossom in the sand,
Sounding like they lift up their voice.

It shall blossom so abundantly,
And rejoice with joy and singing;
The glory be the majesty,
So gloriously in its bringing.

We see the glory of the Lord,
The majesty of our God;
For He is beloved and adored,
While giving honor and laud.

He will strengthen our weak hands,
And making firm the feeble knees;
If we are true to His commands,
He shines His favor if we please.

Say to who has an anxious heart,
Always be strong and never fear;
Our God will never depart,
Vengeance upon foes that are near.

The eyes of the blind shall then see,
The ears of the deaf start to hear;
As we pray upon bended knee,
Pay homage to God and revere.

The lame shall then leap like a deer,
The tongue of the mute sing for joy;
Being faithful remain sincere,
Flowing streams will start to deploy.

The burning sand shall be a pool,
No longer thirsts because of springs;
Quenches the land now feeling cool,
Attraction for the beasts it brings.

And you shall see a special road,
That is called the Way to Heaven;
Only the righteous will be bestowed,
For their passage to be given.

The ransomed of the Lord return,
Singing for joy everlasting;
A golden crown that they shall earn,
Gladness and joy ever casting.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer




My husband of life, my sons father committed suicide just recent and my father did too in the past.
Suicide death leaves a crippling aftermath, I am barely hanging on for dear life.

I am suffering my greatest grief right now as my best friend perished within
30 days of the love of my life.

This poem was just written in Anthony's memory and my longing
to be with him.

Nothing grand but something to put on paper.
I have not written much in several years, I too am battling depression!

Mental health is a serious epidemic, if gone unchecked it can kill you or someone you love,
check on your friends and family often,
make sure they are really alright*
I've lost 2 loved ones to suicide and almost myself.

Make sure you tell your loved ones that you LOVE THEM and OFTEN!

Tender, sweet mercies
settle upon my shoulders
bending, manipulating
an imploding baptism

Glimpses of a spiraling crown
calming the death hunger
collapsing a suspended sparrow
clipping velvet wings

Forbidden, forgotten music
an orchestra of strings
and pretty ivory things
vibrations of memories

Whimsical notes and melodies
spinning silver silhouettes
and the air beneath
our sterling souls

Spiraling synchronicity's
dehydrated, drawn to your ghost
laced together thru eternity
thirsty for forevermore

Written by,
Abby lynn
´ 2019




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Beauty Nonstop (Monotetra Quattrain)

Beauty Nonstop

You found my Wings where critters race
You dance upon my golden grace
Meadows peace reveals her face
A gifted place, a gifted place

Nature parades in flawless day
Secret love when crystal fairies play
Fiels of a loving array of May
Long live the day, long live the day

A delightful whispering warm breeze
Gentle butterfly will appease
Wilderness of beauty's ease
Where sight will please, where sight will please

Beyond the mountains snow crest top
Forest pines and barely rich crop
White dove pure downy feathers drop
Beauty nonstop, beauty nonstop

©Allseasonsverse 2019/06/22


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