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A Caffeined Fiend

A Caffeined Fiend

As your best friend in the morning,

it will bolster you right up,

from the smell of fresh grounds brewing,

to the end of your last cup!

Until that morning java fix,

you're in that foggy state;

but one whiff from the coffee maker

makes it worth the wait!

I'd frequent any coffee shop

with time and cash to spend,

and savor any flavor served,

regardless of the blend!

There's nothing like the satisfaction

from a cup o' Joe,

that gut fuel that kicks like a mule

and keeps you on the go!

What could be worse than running dry,

without "one" coffee bean?

You'd climb the walls with "mud" withdrawals

while craving more caffeine!

I get a headache from the thought

of running out of java,

like chocolate mocha made with ice

or Dark Roast, hot as lava!

D'ya ever wonder why they charge

more than the price of beer?

Maybe exotic flavors

with exotic atmosphere?

Coffee bars beat other bars

and cater to the wise;

there's not a danger of hangovers

nor those d.u.i.'s.




Which Path

Bless be the man who does not walk,
In the counsel of the wicked;
Nor with the sinners who will talk,
With scoffers who are addicted.

For his delight is in the Lord,
As he meditates day and night;
And remaining in one accord,
Because His Law gives him insight.

He is like a tree by a stream,
Water yields its fruit in season;
The leaf not withers its esteem,
Because the Lord is the reason.

The ungodly are more like chaff,
That the wind has driven away;
As the devil on his behalf,
Has caused them in going astray.

The wicked will not stand judgment,
Nor sinners against the righteous;
God will reign in the commencement,
For ensuring proper justice.

Because the Lord does know the way,
Of the righteous what they cherish;
Because they will trust and obey,
But the ungodly will perish.

Copyright ©2022 Richard Newton Sherrer




~ Awesome Loving Eyes ~
( The Blitz Poem )



You are wonderful
You are awesome
Awesome and amazing
Awesome everyday
Everyday you are
Everyday I see
See that you are
See you in my mind
Mind and heart
Mind all the time
Time and time is you
Time is you again
Again there you are
Again my Love
Love you so true
Love and need only you
You and only you
You are my only dream
Dream you so long
Dream you day and night
Night and all day
Night and forever more
More you're in my dreams
More in my life and heart
Heart mind and soul
Heart sings for you a song
Song of true Love
Song for you Darling
Darling please believe in me
Darling its all about you always
Always and forever
Always in my life
Life is better with you
Life with you in it is sweeter
Sweeter dreaming of your Love
Sweeter thinking of you here
Here already with me
Here loving you and kissing you
Kissing and holding you tight
Kissing under the moon
Moon beams and you
Moon and shinning stars
Stars and bright moon
Stars glowing in your eyes
Eyes so full of Love
Eyes soul and heart


Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


'Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.'
* Mark Twain*

~Author's Notes:

The ' Blitz Poem ' is a poetry form or style created by Robert Keim.




"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

* Abraham Lincoln *



"gazing" -haiku

the sun kisses the
brow of the building as i
gaze at the new moon.

´'t. imaan tretchicovmanicova



Soldier Soldier ii

They have an air of bravado
Confident but not loud,
Seldom seen on their own
Almost always in a crowd.
They seem to enjoy life
At a pace hard and fast
As though each day might
Just be their very last.

You strip a young person
Of the comforts of their life
Throw him into situations
Of anxiety and strife.
Never at times certain if
The next is his last breath
Train him to accept that
Occupational hazard death.

Outside of the forces
He´s mostly an outcast,
Friendships from previous
Lives very seldom last.
He´s probably seen more
Than most folk ever will
In all the various roles
He´s been expected to fill.

The brotherhood of his service
That he´s enjoyed all career long
With his engagement completed
Is suddenly over and gone.
Unless you´ve walked in his shoes
You just can´t understand
The cost he´s paid
In the service of his land,

And now he´s a civilian
Facing a new life on his own
For the first time for years
Maybe he´s truly on his own.
No more black billet humour
The comradeship all gone
Is it a surprise that sometimes
He stumbles as he tries to carry on.

So just cut him a little slack
As he tries to adjust
Try not to regard and treat him
With suspicion and mistrust.
He´s given so many years in
The service of his nation
And the least he deserves is
Respect and consideration.





I rescued a baby Woodpigeon
Hand reared her. She laid 3 eggs.
One day she flew away and I was
heart*broken. It was wintertime.
Hand*reared Pigeon had no idea,
how to survive in the wild. I still
worry about her and pray for her.


I saw her in the tree,
with a binocular.
I saw her tail with
one missing feather.

I knew she was her.
she was my baby.
I rescued her when
she could not fly.

I loved her and
I cared for her.
I hand*reared her,
I was her mother.

She refused to eat,
when fed by others;
she knew me well,
I was her Mother.

She grew bigger and
her wings got stronger.
She flew everywhere
in the house all over.

She tried to fly away
through the glass
and I knew one day
she will fly away.

She laid three eggs and
I knew she was a lady.
She could be a Mother
still, she was my baby.

One day in the evening
door opened accidentally.
In the evening darkness,
she flew away in the trees.

I tried looking for her
but the search was futile.
Waited till the morning
and I saw her in the tree.

I stayed out all*day
with food and calling her
but wild Woodpigeon
was gone forever.

I just prayed for her
to survive the winter
I am still praying
every day for her.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



Chasing skirt

Chasing skirt

What dreams cause love to drift away?
What contact brings a thrill that says,
'It's time to leave, don't pack, just run,
My arms are waiting, come my love.'

A stolen kiss, a squeeze, a touch,
More than enough to break a trust,
A trust that had no clue or plan,
And gave you all the love she can.

Yet still you cheated wanting more.
Too many nights away, what for?.
And then the shirts, the lipstick stain.
The scratches, love bites, aftershave.

She didn't buy it, so who did?
The card, the words, the special kiss,
So underhand, your shame to hide,
A glovebox broadcast all your lies.

And now she knows, her heart in two,
Yet still she cries tears over you,
But that's the price of love that hurts,
To love the love out chasing skirt.

© Joseph G Dawson



Tighten you Circle

When you´re in trouble, or you´re in doubt
When you are in a situation you can´t figure out
When you need a miracle and your faith is low
When tough times come, where do you go?
Facebook friends? Instagram followers?
Social media advisors? Self help callers?
When you´re being tempted in the dead of night
Being called to do wrong but you want to do right
Who is in your circle; who is in your camp?
Who stands with you, hailing you as the champ?
Who do you confide in, who can you trust?
A very important question for all of us
Jesus had followers, more than a few
But he had a situation in Mark 5:22
A man with a problem, and a whole lot of faith
And he met others needs along the way
The man held on, and waited quit a while
Desperate in deed to save his child
When the time came to ignore the doubt
He watched a Jesus put non believers out
He had to tighten the circle around him
Only true believers were aloud to go in
There is something so significant is this
A heavenly lesson we just can´t miss
In this age of likes, followers and friends
On who in your circle can you depend
And if by chance there is one or two
Why keep the others so close to you?
Love all of course, as Jesus said
But recognize the narrow road ahead
And if you are to make it through
Understand not all would want you to
Surround yourself with faith filled friends
Who will fast and pray to get you in
Tighten your circle as Jesus did
When He healed the ruler´s kid
And be sure of the circle you are in
And commit to be a faithful friend

J. Moore


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