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A Small Thing

A Small Thing

It was such a small thing that drifted in a newborn's sigh
A very small thread that caught the needle's eye
It sowed fields of corn a moments harvest stands untorn
Did you see the fields of rye looking as you passed by

A hunger speaks to the world a thirst is all around
The life that holds the power of fertile ground
A silver light lifts to a rumbling sound
Rain of Tears fall by the pound

Lightning thunder fill the scene to make the grasslands green
A dabble of ancient babble intice the yielding land
While hopes and light offers a helpful hand
Deeds of blight will not stand

Yes it was a small thing indeed when the needle sowed the seed
Now stands the seamstress to clean the fields of tarnish greed
So shine on the shoulders of justice and repair
Breathe the quality of untainted air, find the bounty of life everywhere
Shake the hand of care a small thing grows beyond compare

©Allseasonserse 2018
All Rights Reserved



A Wish

A Wish
A wish that keeps growing with each passing day

it covers the waters of each dream, it controls me
like a whisper in the night, it weakens the heart

making each day a wish of love that shall always

grow deeper and deeper, till there is only dreams

left to dream, wishes have now become a reality.

By Derena © 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)



Five Card Draw

I won her in a card game
When her husband, the fool,
Somehow bluffed his way into
Our regular Poker school.
We took all his money,
Took the lot:
He staked a night with her
Against the last pot.
I won the hand but
That´s as far as it went
I returned her to him because
Then I was still a bit of a gent.

We all became friends
And if she got the chance
She´d drag me off
For a bit of a steamy dance.
I think in a way that lady
Had sort of objected
That I´d turned her down,
Felt she´d been rejected.
When she thought
He wasn´t looking
She´d press up close so I knew
Everything could be cooking.

Rosenfest came around,
I knew I was being posted home
Three years I´d resisted and now
Time for hands and eyes to roam.
We smooched outside in
The warm night air,
Time at last to take
All that was on offer there.
Things progressing well
But it was not to be.
She gave a jerk midst a kiss
And was sick all over me.

I stood back shocked
And in dismay
As that lady staggered
Unsteadily away
All for the best I suppose
Because it meant in the end
All we three could remain
As good drinking friends.
In reality things would
Never have been the same
If I´d claimed my prize from
That past eventful Poker game,



"Paper Army"

“Paper Army”

He was disgusted
with himself
constantly letting
one side of
his mind
trick him
into thinking
he was normal,
that his thoughts
and desires
raced along
the same branch
of normality
as the vast
of boring people
in this world,
he was always
working hard
to try and
fit in
to a crowd
he couldn’t stand
to be around
into the belief
he was understood
and accepted
only to be
when he commits
some crime of
social disorder
that causes the
to despise him
exiled from a
he didn’t want
to belong too
but couldn’t
being left out
having to survive
on the fringes
of a dead
in a dreamless
waiting for them
to forget his
while he puts
a new outer
covered in pictures
and posters
of how they
want him to
and be seen,
hating himself
as he tries
once more
to blend into
and be come
one of the
paper soldiers
in that long
of cut out
all traced
life’s original
and then feeling
empty inside
because he wasn’t
standing in line
holding hands
with all the
half of his
telling him
he needs to
be part of
this paper
to make his
stand for
and have
as the other
of his brain
laughs hysterically
at such a
foolish notion
while flicking
lit matches
at its parchment
trying to burn
it down
to the ground
and turn it
into a wasteland
so no more
of belonging
would ever
be able to
grow there
and cloud
his mind

Tom Allen…10*11*2018…



The Mystery of the Gospel

I am a captive of Christ,
On behalf of the Gentiles;
Because I have sacrificed,
In my toils and trials.

Assuming that you have heard,
The stewardship of His grace;
Has been given through the Word,
That I cherish and embrace.

The mystery is made known,
To me by revelation;
A vision flowed from His throne,
About our salvation.

As you are reading these words,
You can perceive the insight;
Why we must be the stewards,
Bringing mystery to light.

It was not made known to men,
In other generations;
Through holy prophets by then,
In the clear revelations.

The mystery is that pagans,
Actually, fellow heirs;
Calming down the hooligans,
By the speaking of who shares.

This Word is not sinister,
Rather a gift of His grace;
Why I am a minister,
The Gospel that I embrace.

I am the least of the saints,
Through His grace it was given;
But I never have complaints,
Know I will be in Heaven.

To bring light to anyone,
Of the plan that is hidden;
That is revealed through the Son,
And no longer forbidden.

Through the church shows the wisdom,
Through the rulers been aware;
The power of His Kingdom,
That God is willing to share.

We have an eternal goal,
With boldness and confidence;
That faith runs through our soul,
And giving us a defense.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer





"Your Mum`s got cancer" I was told
To save you, my soul I`d of sold,
I prayed so hard but all in vain
My whole being was racked in pain.

For 2 years I watched you slowly die
Helpless I could only stand by,
I`d smile with you but inside cry
"Why did God want you Mum Oh! Why?"

I needed you more than he did
My pain and tears from you I hid,
It was torture watching you fade
"Please find a cure" daily I prayed.

The time had come for you to leave
All I could do now was to grieve,
My world fell apart it just crashed
All my hopes for the future dashed.

The children could not stay that day
While I took them you slipped away,
I didn`t get to say goodbye
Oh! How I sobbed and I did cry.

I sat with you and held your hand
You were no longer of this land,
But still I wanted you to stay
Though motionless your body lay.

I couldn`t bring myself to part
When you went Mum you took my heart,
You took my reason to live too
How much I loved you this you knew.

35 Years I have cried for you
To this day my heart is still blue,
Life just isn`t the same at all
While I live my tears will always fall.

10th June 1922 * 17th October 1983

copyright´ Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



Tormented Inside My Head!

Tormented Inside My Head!
There is a Battle going off in my head!
The impossible dichotomy of life and death!

I wasn’t born out of love, it abandoned me!
I don’t know how to love, or be loved you see!

Love makes me feel vulnerable!
It makes me feel out of control!
Sabotaging relationships seems an automatic goal!

I have missed out on having children; buying a house; getting married; and living with a spouse!

A social misfit, who defied the odds!
I survived, but was this the plan from God?
Did God want me to exist in this world without value or love?

Questioning what is the meaning of life!
Repeating the cycle of misery and strife!

Why me? What does this mean?
My brain is stuck on replay of my life’s traumatic scenes!

Lost. I am not living.
Misery. brain spinning.
Emotions are a storm.
Is this the ‘norm’?

My mind is in conflict!
My thoughts shouting out!
Filling my head with questions!
Filling my mind with doubts!

My mind is so powerful!
It’s like a tug of war!
Life or death.
Who is keeping score?

It’s like an emotional bomb going off in my head!
Fantasizing about when I will be dead!

Tormented inside my head!
Tormented and wishing that I was dead!

Written by © Wendy Roberts 14*10*2018


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