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Sent by my good buddy Larry who shared the teenage years with me and it is factual
I am a Seenager.
Have seen everything I wanted as a teenager
Only sixty years later
I don't have to go to school or work
I get an allowance every month
Have my own pad and no curfew
Have a drivers license and my own car
Only for safety the kids took my License
I don't know Where I parked the car anyway
That must be where the keys were stolen
The people I hang around with are not
Afraid of getting pregnant or getting old
I don't have acne natural color hair white
That is those of us who have hair
Life is great*don't know who came up with this
I didn't' make it to the gym today
That makes five years in a row
No longer call it going to the "John"
Have renamed it the "Jim"
Feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning
Old age is coming at a real bad time
As a child I thought "Nap time"
Was a punishment enjoy a "Timeout!"
It feels like a small vacation
The biggest lie I tell myself is*
I don't need to write it down. I well remember it!
Don't have Gray hair, "Wisdom high lights"
Most of it growing out of my nose
Last year I joined a group of procrastinators
We haven't met yet
Why do I press one for English
They are going to transfer me to someone I can't
understand anyway and if I want advice I talk to myself
"Getting lucky" means remembering what I came for.
I would send this to more friends but I can't remember
Their names and they won't remember who sent it
Where is the button that says send?
I'd like to thank the friend who sent this but can't remember his name
Whoever originally wrote this is a geniousass
Young girls still think I am desirable
I know because they call me not by name but Sir



Living Light

I am sure that I know,
Jesus if we obey;
Laud and honor to show,
With love every day.

If I say I know Him,
But I do not obey;
Then my life would be grim,
Since I constantly stray.

The truth is not within,
If I live in the dark;
Life in a world of sin,
Wherever I embark.

But if I obey Christ,
Having His kind of love;
Vowed to be sacrificed,
Devoted to thereof.

That is how we will know,
That we do follow Christ;
And in the light we go,
No longer be enticed.

Those who say that we live,
Then must live the same way;
Helping others and forgive,
Being truthful what we say.

It is a truth that exists,
In both Christ and in you;
When you tell it persists,
Shining brightly as true,

For as the darkness fades,
The radiance shines through;
Because true light persuades,
That truth is overdue.

Those who walk in the light,
Will love other people;
With wisdom and insight,
Believing the Gospel.

Living in the dark of night,
You have no direction;
For being blind to the sight,
Of a bright perfection.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer





Take me over the open waters
Where my Soul can be replenished
Oh I have walked through
The ravages of darkness
And bore witness to things
That were not kind

I have felt the ravages of pain
As change is never easy
UP through the wellspring of despair
I can still see the light
And feel the Love
Emanating from my being

The once choppy waters
Are now calm
AS Serenity illuminates my way
My body responds to the vibrations
Of all the glorious colors
For I am healing

1/18/2017 preciouspoetess (All Rights Reserved)





I was Chairman of the Branch
At a time of Industrial unrest
Management and union relations
Weren't exactly at their best.
He was good at making bullets
For other folk to shoot
And during the ensuing furore
He'd remain completely mute
With a calm and neutral smile
Fixed on his smooth face
As his bullets hit home
Causing chaos in the place.
And when the fights were over

And all returned to a neutral state
He was still smiling because
He'd remained everybody's mate.
Peace back in the Union Branch
But I never knew just when
That charming little member would
Start making little bullets again.



Heir Egoista...

is a tricky thing
so much depends
on others
other factors
other sources
other people
other opinions

is a tricky thing
so much depends
upon the individual
your own resources
internal and external
your strong ego
and inventiveness

striking a balance
is a tricky thing
people disappoint
individual expectations
failures in the system
failures in communication
failure to be resourceful
failure to cooperate

egos get bruised and warped

egos don't belong
with balance
they are the teeter*totter
that makes both sides fall
to the ground
and not a one
is satisfied

tisk tisk tisk
what a wonderful world gets missed
pesky pained personalities
brusque and brisk
can not resist
all because of Ego

and the rest of us
our needs
fall to the wayside

ersatz promises
lead us all down to a road
of failed Utopia

legal copyright for this poem/work,
for this site title Meloo Straight from her Tilt*a*World,
by this author/writer Melissa A Howells

Legal Copyright directly to the page
Jan 18 2017 10:03am PST



Roulette Wheel of a World

Roulette Wheel of a World

When the first dawn broke on our accident
Prone roulette wheel of a world seemingly
Flexed against everything and everyone
In it, it soon became clear that some way
Of mitigating the many mysterious forces
Railed against humanity was necessary
And thus the first rudimentary incantation
Crossed the lips of a farmer whose crops
Had been decimated by a freak hailstorm
Which meant there would be nothing in
The bin to get his family and his livestock
Through autumn and the coming winter

Is there a secret portal in your mirror?
Are people talking to you from the glass?
Figures stepping from the glass into your
World? Do you seek to prevent further
Invasion from the glass and if so have
You tried cleansing the glass with a stiff
Cognac, lemon and Canada Dry? An ideal
Solution for closing unwanted gateways
To other worlds and one that ends on a
Happy note as this is one detergent you
Can polish off yourself

How much prayer went into Aleppo I
Wonder? Somebody's prayers were
Answered, but not those of the wider
World. Prayer, now there's a thing, as
Flexible as you like, meaningful to some
Meaningless to others, especially those
Equipped with cluster bombs, guns and
Mustard gas. No need for prayer when
You can blow your enemy to pieces, raise
His home to the ground and call it a good
Days work

Like the farmer above not everything in
This world is as it seems and not every
Prayer will be answered and yet we still
Wait for signs that 'The meek shall inherit
The Earth' but let us not hold our breath
Just in case.

©Joseph G Dawson




The time had come, We had to choose. To pick an evil, The lesser of the two. We thought and fought, Amongst ourselves, Which one to choose. The lesser of the two. We chose evil, The lesser of the two, But evil still is evil. No matter which we choose.


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