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Weeping or Laughing

A good name is better,
Than expensive perfume;
Rather than a debtor,
Poor and feeling the gloom.

For the day that you die,
Better than when your birth;
No longer will you cry,
After you leave this earth.

Going to a funeral,
Better than to a feast;
The feast is temporal,
But death meets the high Priest.

Each one that is alive,
Should be taking to heart;
Soon Jesus will arrive,
Taking us to depart.

In spite of a sad face,
Sorrow is always best;
As God will shine His grace,
A joyful heart is blest.

For the wise mind will think,
Funerals and sorrow;
The fools merry will drink,
As if no tomorrow.

Better to hear the wise,
Reprimanding the fools;
Laughter is a disguise,
Not following the rules.

The laughter of a fool,
Like the burning of thorns;
Laughing to ridicule,
Where anyone sojourns.

Oppression turns the wise,
By corrupting the mind;
From fake news speaking lies,
Causing them to go blind.

The end of anything,
Better than at the start;
As the results to bring,
Satisfaction to the heart.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer



For The Loss Of A Ghost Like You

thirty five years gone and
you were the very first
though I thought
you'd be my last
how young naivete informed my heart often

trust is a delicate pastry
that crumbles sometimes
we had a rich custard*y love
adventurous and tasting of the always new
I was a delirious girl in a meadow of ponies

the morning you left
to become someone you couldn't be
our sandcastle love fell away into the sea
and with it the tide pulled me in
the skies all became black
I'm certain

people change
and don't come back
in the way you remembered them

was she enough for you
was she enough of a challenge
did you like the long chase
and being kept

I had my wrongs too
they were my embittered answers
to the question of a misplaced trust
the one I placed in you

its only recently
the old trust came limping back to me
how could I have done this to myself

so much time wasted
all for the pleasing of people
and begun in the past
for the loss of a ghost like you

I think of you sometimes
a fleeting thought
but one that feels cold
like a rough wind pulling at my hair

you didn't want me to contact you
you always thought you had the cards
called the shots
this is the message I'm sending to the universe

you lost me
you're a ghost

legal copyright for this poem/work July 25th, 2017
4:21pm PST
and also for this author/writer Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt*a*World




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In a SIMPLE short POEM




By john d jungers



The Monster Within

He sees self*hatred when he looks at his portrait
He remembers how terribly he has hurt others
She sees a nurturing soul, one who is supportive
She remembers when he brought her flowers of many colors

He accepts how he looks
He sees it as karma for his sins
She idolizes him like the hero in one of her romance books
For she sees the sins that were done unto him

She sees love when she looks in his eyes
For she knows how badly he wants to believe
He sees love mirrored back in her eyes
But doesn't perceive its significance; he is still too naive

Destroy the monster within
Or the monster will destroy him




daily I peruse my fellow poets
since I put this on
I see in my fellow poets
the quality I seek
Forget the quanity of repeats
I read for poems of quality
Sometimes meanings not clear
In an uneducated mind
But I can feel the message near
An Angel in flight Dragons in the night
Hold a lover dear and miss another I fear
I feel your pain and new energy I gain
I laugh at those of humor
Propaganda erase out of sight
Don't need you to dictate wrong from right
It doesn't' matter who wins the poetry contest
Would not embrace or vote my own works
And know the pain of getting older
For often friends I admire disappear
And what happiness I gain if they reappear
Who cares how many poems we write
For it is the quality of the poem that makes it right
and as real poets know words written tight
Sometimes coming from a dream at night
Critique is there for inspiration
and God fear those who attack this nation
It is not the Politician who keep this country safe
It is the Veterans and no memory of whom we erase
Quality is those when gone we leave behind
Who cares of quantity if there is no quality
And when I feel a poet on site in pain
Let them know that fellow poets are here for you
The simple truth is God bless America
Color creed or religion we are here for You
The sun is out time for my morning brew
If this is not quality I left a puzzle for you
Who wrote the book of love?



gone to young

A trip
I use to love
Filled with excitement and happiness
Windows down music blaring
Flying by on Highway 55
Passing under a bridge that meant nothing
Any other day
Planning to hang out with a friend on campus

While on campus one day
The day was November 19
Stepping out of my car
Barely having my second foot on the ground
My phone started to ring
Running late not wanting to pick up
Not knowing the number almost declined but I answered
Thrilled I picked up
My longtime friend’s mom was on the line
She said Maddie Carter’s gone he died in a single car crash last night
I asked are you sure it’s him and not someone that looks like him
The response was we are sure it’s him
Skipping classes that day
Calling into work saying I couldn’t make it

The trip
That once was loved
So happy, and filled with love passion and excitement
Turned to filled with memories
Windows up music loud just enough
Now the bridge on 55 that intersects highway 3 bridge means everything to me
The place where a life was taken at the age of nineteen

Unable to plan to hang out with a friend on campus now
Forcing myself to keep busy
Especially now in the summer
Always on campus
Thinking of you
Planning for the rest of my life
Realizing you won’t be graduating with me
Wishing you would be able to be there
Wondering if we would transfer to the same school
Unable to help but to wonder
Going to the same schools since second grade
Thru freshman year of college
Half the time in the same classes

Missing you
Your caring, happy, personality, and smile
No matter what was going on you always stopped to check in with everyone you knew
It never was a quick hi how are you while passing by
You cared about every person that you knew
Thinking you aren’t in pain anymore
I’ll forever think of you
I’ll always remember #15 forever



One More Headline

Sent her old words Met new resistance Realized she took it different than it was meant Didn't register until I got my Hindsight at 20/10 recently Finally getting the messages she sent me When she got mine Did she listen intently.

Everything is numb with me in the middle World flipped backwards upside down How do I get out of this How do I solve the riddle Who messed with the plot Who threw in a twist Real life can't end like this About to shake up all of FHTP It used to be all about you Now it's all about . Oh my oh my oh me.whoa How in the world is she? .Floating like a butterfly Stinging like a friggin bee Knocked me out cold.so Now I'm pulling the blade from my heart It's endless Now so is FHTP's inkwell Maybe it's time to end this The Emerald Warrior Defeats The Quiet One One more headline before Anymore ever exists
¥☼MOI☼¥ 23 Jul 17


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