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I have arrived in VEGAS, in the early morn

I have arrived in VEGAS, in the early MORN
Its pretty cool, with a chilly breeze, and not yet overwhelming, scorching, and WARM

So now, today, my momentum will BEGIN
I just returned now, from the GYM

So now, im just gonna get some REST
And this day, stay focused on my mission, goals, and QUEST

For i know the challenges of this DAY
And am focused with action, and not another word of, rhyme to*SAY

By john d jungers
27 th of March 2017




Acculates for all your work
Monica you and your crew
I found this such a neat thank you
Agree so with your choices
Voting for yourself on poetry
Does not match being credited by others
And the way it was done professional
As we know one of our original poets
Needs special prayers this week
I'm thinking a special mention next week
By the way is there a poetry poem episode 1
If there was I never saw it




I saw the Lord sitting on high,
A beautiful and lofty throne;
Causing me to a joyful cry,
How brightly His glory had shone.

The bottom of His robe had filled,
Throughout the entire temple;
While His spoken Word instilled,
The assembly of the people.

Angels were standing just above,
Each of them with having six wings;
Two wings covered their face thereof,
Shading the radiance it brings.

Two wings were covering the feet,
As the last two wings were to fly;
To see this was really a treat,
Bringing out such an awesome sigh.

Holy, holy, holy is God,
Lord of Armies and Lord of Host;
The Lord who we honor and laud,
Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

The entire earth has been filled,
With His glory and such beauty;
As it will continue to build,
A sense of spiritual duty.

Our voices shake the foundations,
Of the doorpost of the temple;
For getting a new salvation,
Giving it to all the people.

But every word that passes,
Through their lips are really sinful;
How can entrance of the masses,
Ever be considered rightful.

The angels flew over to me,
Having a piece of burning coal;
On the tongue he put it on the tip,
Burning sensation to my soul.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord,
My sin and guilt is taken away;
I will remain in one accord,
No longer be going astray.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer





B is for Bradley the eldest of the three

R is for respectful as polite as can be

A is for able and willing to try new things

D is for daring and does tree top climbings

L is for loveable he has a charming way

E is for eager to give comfort in dismay

Y is for yes a boy to be proud of in everyway

copyright´2017 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170



To Those Bell Bottomed Boys

Are there ghosts on Hessle Road
Do the bell bottomed boys
Slide quietly into Rayners
For the pint, the craic, the noise.
Do their pockets still jingle
Until, having spent it all
It's again through the Bullnose
To pursue the ghostly trawl.

Do they wander through estates
Where terraces used to stand
A self contained little village
That bordered on dockland.
Do ghostly clogs clack and echo
As a gang of bobbers meets
To wander to the Fish Dock
Through the old ghostly streets.

Is there still a St Andrews
Where bobbers do their bit
Hand balling a slippery catch
Kit by kit by kit by heavy kit.
Do Big Lil and her Revolutionaries
Stand in lines by the dock
Checking on a vessel's safety
Before it slips through the lock.

Does the Lord Line Building
Once a building of pride
Again survey the scene
From St Andrews Dock side.
As I stand among the remnants
Of a weeded and silted Dock
Looking at what's left of
That once so busy old tidal lock

In my mind I hear rattling chains
As they ready the trawl
To prepare for sea once more
To chase the silvery haul.
I can go take a pint at Rayners
See history lined on the wall
Raise a glass to the Bell Bottomed
Boys who lived and died for the trawl.




Step beyond the surface of your own private soul
Remember these words," you´ve been made whole"
Are His promises written in the center of your heart?
Are your eyes upon Him in this journey you start?

Every day is a good day that the Lord hath made

Shadows seemed distorted with medicinal shades
I became the deck of cards in the Joker´s parades
The words became echoes of sharps and flats
I´d just been inducted to the Cancer Hall of stats

Fear thou not for I am with thee: be not dismayed: I am thy God

I wasn´t like Moses, striking rocks with my rod
I was suddenly inside out: A mime without a nod
In this room without windows to light my world
Just the doctor and I; I became the little girl

If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed

My mind began to tumble like a tumbleweed
But God´s words I knew and with Him, I´d proceed
In this November field, I stood contemplating time
As I fast*forward my thoughts to His season´s clime

To everything, there is a season and a time for purpose under the heavens

Let my evenings find peace in a garden of soft shadows
Let the skies of tomorrow´s rain trickle notes on my windows
Lord, I take your hand as you lead me
In the light of your path, I walk with thee

Dedicated to my dear friend Kathy* Sunshine 12

Je Suis devenu la petite Fille




"Twisting the Facts of Love"

´Twisting the Facts of Love´ He tried everything, He could think of, To get her attention, But nothing seemed to work. He didn´t really have, Much of a, Fighting chance here, And he knew this. He would fail, Over and over, With any attempt, He could think to try. And many times, Over the course, Of a weekend, He would have moments, Of total lucidity, Where he could convince himself, He could get over her. But the very next time, He saw her, Even if it was, Just a quick glimpse, Or he heard, Even the faintest, Whisper of her voice, He knew that, He had to keep trying. He looked to anything, That might give him hope, An edge, In this tireless pursuit, To what he saw as, The perfection of beauty, Wrapped up in jeans, And sneakers. He once watched, U*Tube videos, For 5*straight hours, On ´How to tell, If a girl likes you´. He took out a piece of paper, And with a black pen, He would write down, Any signs he thought, She might have given him. Each video had, From 5 to 10 signs, And he started out, Only writing them down, If he really believed, They were true signs. Some were very easy, Or at least in his mind, They were, To put in the ´Likes you column. For example, ´Does she look you in the eyes, When she´s speaking to you?´ That was a most definite yes, Though he didn´t take into account, The fact that she was, A very confident, And strong woman, Who looked everyone, In the eyes, When she spoke. ´Does she find a reason, To touch you?´ Another one, In the win column. He can think of 5*times, She has touched him. Glossing over the fact, That 3*of the times, Were accidental, And the other 2, Were over the course, Of 3*years. ´Does she ask you, Personal questions?´ He had to think about, That one for a while, Before checking, The yes box. In till he finally remembered, She had asked him, If he had a good weekend, That´s personal right? Though it had only happened, A handful of times, And always after, He had asked her, The same question first. This went on and on, As he poured through the list, And as time dragged on, He began looking for, Even the faintest, Most remote reason, To be able to, Add it too, The ´She likes me´ column. Of course there were, Just as many, ´How to tell, If a girl doesn´t like you´ videos. But he felt, Those signs could, Easily be misinterpreted, So he decided against, Investing any of his time, Watching even just one, Of those types of videos. There was another time, He saw her texting, Her face, Giving her phone, All kinds of cheerful, And enjoyable looks. So he asked her, Why don´t you, Ever send me, A funny text? She didn´t even look up, From her phone, When she answered, ´You don´t have a cell phone, silly´, Or I would. He took this, As an open invitation, But had he really been, Paying attention, To all those video´s, He had watched, He would have noticed. One, She made no attempt, To even look towards him, During her reply, So much for, Looking him in the eye. Two, Everybody knew he, Didn´t own a cell phone, He wore that fact, Like a badge of cool, Instead of just, What it really meant, That he was, Light years behind, The rest of the world. So knowing that, She felt safe, In her answer, Not knowing that, To him, She just made, A verbal contract, To text him, If he ever got a cell phone. So that next day, At work, He made sure to sit, As close to her as possible, During the crews lunch hour. He was making, A big production, Out of pushing buttons, And anything he could think of, To get her to, Notice his new phone. But half way through lunch, She had only looked towards him, Once, And that was to say, Hi, To another guy, That was standing behind him. He was dying, With every minute that passed, And her, Failing to notice his phone. Nothing was happening, As he had envisioned it, Playing out. He finally just blurted, ´I got a new phone´, ´So if you ever want to text me´ She looked up, Only due to, His shrill voice, Not even realizing, It was aimed at her. Not even paying attention, To his words, She just smiled, And nodded, And slipped back, To her own little world. 3*days, And still no texts, From her, Or anyone else for that matter. When he talked to her in person, He would hold his phone, Almost like a microphone, Just so she would see it. And whenever, He saw her in the building, He´d wave to her, Holding the phone, In his hand. Finally, He called AT&T, ´The texting thing´, ´On my phone´, ´Is broken´. Well sir, We´ll look into that, For you, Thank you for choosing AT&T. The next day, He passed her in the hall, A few minutes later, A text. He couldn´t wait to open it, But he didn´t want to be bothered, When he read it, So he ran to the bathroom, Commandeered a stall, Locked the door, And got ready to enjoy, His first of many texts, From her, And it read as follows, ´Dear Sir, Your texting thing, As you so eloquently put it, Is working fine, We would like to, Take this opportunity, To remind you, Your monthly payments, Which you have 23*remaining, Are due by the 5th, Of every month. Thank you, For choosing AT&T. Even as crushing, As some of these blows were to him, And as unrealistic as the others, Might truly have been, They did nothing, To dampen his desire, Or his drive, To try and get, Just a few personal moments, Of her time. To have a reason, To look, Deep in her eyes, Even if it was only, While asking her a question, And waiting for an answer, He already knew. Or just to, Call out her name, Across the noisy warehouse floor, Made him feel, Closer to her, In some unexplainable, But very real way. These little interactions, Brought on such a feeling, Of indescribable pleasure, A feeling deep inside him, That just seemed right, True, Honest, Unblemished by any agenda, Other than just, Wanting to be around her. He may go into some weekends, Hoping to come out changed, A new man, Free from this endless orbit, Around this unattainable girl. But more weekends, Than not, He thinks about the things, He still hasn´t tried, Plans, He has yet to form, Facts, He may end up twisting, All in order to try, Just to get, One step closer, To Love´ Tom Allen´03*22*2017´



Daffodil time

Daffodil time

Snow*cold air and bright sunshine
Snowdrops fading, bluebells waiting
Tractors, trailers, sheep in labour
Springtime, chill time, daffodil time

©Joseph G Dawson


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