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My MINNESOTA--upbringing--comes--to--my--HEART--and--MIND

My *MINNESOTA, *upbringing, comes to my *HEART, *and *MIND

When,I feel, stressed and lower than my best and in a BIND


With a Breath of*Fresh*MINNESOTA*fresh*Northern*AIR*my, life, living, and*LOVE*I*improvise, adapt, and overcome*and*get*UP*with*MINNESOTA*GRIT*and*GRIZZ*strength,courage, commitment and*Resolve*and*MINNESOTA*KICK*START

as,* there* my *ROOTS, will always be the *DEEPEST*for*ME

In my *MIND*, and*HEART
my *MINNESOTA,* *the Land of*TEN*THOUSAND*Beautiful*LAKES*can*Never*NEVER*never*P*A*R*T


17th of FEBRUARY 2018



She Felt Years Lift Away

Thoughts of years past passions
Materialize, a gleam of light
Sparkle in her eyes.

Years have dried her tears. Now
Sleep presents the gift of youth.
Images of summer warmth and truth.

Rosey cheek and crimson lips, her
silky skin begins to show.
the rhythm of her heart reflect
A life so new were hope connects.

They say she walked in Lunar hue, to
Take the halos to renew.
Her shoulders bare reflects no lust
Only passions in wedded trust.

The wind combs through her hair
and strokes her face with loves

Her heart beats it final sound,
Her husband's essence drifts
across the ground, her one true
Love, at last, is found!



For Her Love

On days like this.

I can’t breathe
Her beauty is the culprit
She brings me serenity
In my life she perfectly fits
Balancing all my imperfectness
For her love
I expanded my heart’s capacity
How our worlds intersect
May just be the explanation
Of how she got embedded into
My soul deep
I’m no longer in control
I gladly relinquish this dictatorship
As the lines of our lives connect
I welcome her partnership
Is it me or did I hallucinate
They wanna know your name
Eagerly they anticipate
Is she aware she’s become an icon
These heights I’m on
My heart deserves her fire
This Emerald Goddess
Now queen of my empire

¥☼MOI☼¥ 16 Feb 18

As long as she knows.
“., if your love was all I had
In this life
That would be enough until the end of time”




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Righteous Suffering

Humble yourselves to each other,
Sympathetic unto their needs;
Compassionate to your brother,
Harmonious that supersedes.

Return not evil for evil,
Of an insult for an insult;
That is the work of the devil,
A transgression will result.

Rather bless others that are flawed,
For you inherit a blessing;
Glory will shine on you from God,
Restraining you from transgressing.

If you love life and see good days,
Utter not deceit from your lips;
For if you have a tongue that strays,
You possibly sink many ships.

Avert from evil and do good,
You must seek peace and pursue it;
Doing as God said that you should,
To remain spiritually fit.

The eyes of the Lord are on you,
His ears are open to your prayer;
Knowing if you are telling true,
And how much you really do care.

So, who is going to harm you,
If devoted to what is good;
When you are willing to pursue,
Your Christian life that has withstood.

If you suffer for doing right,
God ensures that you will be blessed;
For not detouring from the light,
And keep doing what is the best.

Set Christ apart being your Lord,
And ready to answer the call;
By remaining in one accord,
He will catch you before you fall.

Do with courtesy and respect,
While keeping a good conscience;
Remember to always reject,
Any of the utter nonsense.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer



Where there's pleasure there'll be pain

Where there's pleasure there'll be pain

So close I could feel her breath on my lips
So hot I thought I might do something silly
Like kiss her. Red faced I left the filing cabinet
Went back to my desk and spent the rest of
The afternoon head down, heart pounding

As I left the factory I saw her again at the
Gate, she turned and smiled, a lingering
Smile that lasted long into the night. A night
I spent drifting in and out of dreams and
Schemes and all it means to be in love with
A beautiful you and by dawn I was ready for
Work and whatever love might throw at me

Truth told, love threw more at me than I
Expected and 3 months later

When you go home tonight to tell him you
Don't love him, tell the kids the time has
Come for you to go, tell them life is sometimes
Cruel and complicated, I'll be waiting at the
Dark end of the road

Selfish love that sprang so freely into being
Wasn't perfect, but then love so rarely is
Came with family ready*made and ready
Waiting, like a chapter in a book that doesn't

The world I saw was through the prism of
Perfection, nothing like the hand of cards that
I've been dealt. Did I have the right to wreck a
Happy family? Looking back I should have
Looked before I leapt

What's done is done the hour has passed and
Gone forever. One child likes me whilst the other
Two do not. They see me as the man who hurt
Their father, but their mother sees me as the man
She wants

I can't argue with their faces drawn against me
Tables turned I think that I would feel the same
There's no accounting for the places love will take
You, no disguising where there's pleasure there'll
Be pain

© Joseph G Dawson
16/02/2018 – 19/03/2017



The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

When life is serene,
as the softly fallen snow
that veils the barren branch.

When life is quiet,
like the stillness of the fields,
whose grasses sway
in paling amber light.

When life is stable,
as the grounded mighty oak,
whose rustling leaves
whisper to the firmament.

Then, blow the winds of change;
stripping one of life's security,
bending one against the natural grain.



A few words from June 12th, 2016

A few words from June 12th, 2016 Let’s say
You are sitting there
And reading these few words

Let’s say
That your heart is filled with hatred
You despise a group of people
Not individuals in your life
Just a group of people in general

You might hate them
For the color of their skin
The religion they choose to practice
You might hate them
For where they live
Or where they came from
You might even hate them
For whom they choose to love

You and I have established
One thing

Your heart
And possibly your soul
Is filled with

What I ask of you
The one sitting there
Reading these words
Is simple


Maybe someone has hurt you
Done something in your past
So horrific
It has scarred you this deeply

But this was an individual
I can assure you
Not everyone is like them

Maybe there was an act of violence
One against you
Or your family
And now you are sitting there
Plotting revenge

I can assure you
An act of violence
One against those
Who are simply innocent targets
Will not bring you any relief
Not in this world
Or in the next

In so many ways
You will be simply doing to them
What someone else
Did to you

This might look good on paper
But in the end
Believe me
It never works

I am just a poet
I know you think
There is no way
That I can ever begin to understand
Your pain
Your sorrow
Or your rage

And you might just be right

What you have to understand though
Is that I was born and raised
In Oklahoma City
I have seen what an act of violence
And terror
Has done to others

It was my home
That was attacked

It was my people
That were killed

They were killed by a man
Who once was sitting there
In a small room
Working with others
Trying to find a way
To make a statement
That was born of blind hate

A hate for a group of people
Innocent people
Who were just trying to go about
Their everyday lives

So many men, women
And yes
Children died that day
For no real reason
At all

What I am asking you today
May not be as hard as you think

What I want you to do
Is stop

Stop the hate
Inside yourself

Only you can do this
There are no words I can ever hope to write
That can

All I can do
Is sit here
In front of this small computer
And try

Ed Roberts 6/12/16

We can never change what people have done.
The best we can ever hope for is to change what they might do instead.


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