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The Incomparable Ronnie J.

There have been many men who have crossed my life with good and special things they have given me.
I am here to say thank you to them.
But there is one who is incomparable to them all and his name is Ronnie J.
He has given his heart to me with the love that I have needed and desired for so long.
Many things he has done for me and helped me along the way.
He has given me things and cut himself short to help me.
These things the others haven´t done as he has.
I am elated and overjoyed to have Ronnie; in my life and for us to share a kinship together of good things.
He has been there for me and I have been here for him.
It has always been a two way street with us and never one way.
The Lord has blessed the union we have and experience everyday.
I am totally blessed with Ronnie being; in my life.
May the Lord continually bless Ronnie for all he has done and is doing.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2014)







The Professionals

The Professionals; try*not to figure them out if you’re not one
‘cause their lives are led by the very blood that runs in their veins.
It is either you have it or you don’t have it.
There are no two ways about The professionals;
fixed, versed, talented in their art of having you do, say and act,
exactly as they would want you to.

The Professionals; engage the subtlest of
manipulations on the face of this earth.
They possess the most perfect smile, the correct words
and the best coordinated caresses to get what they want.
The Professionals; will say the exact words you want to hear
and at the right time; in your earnest of needs.

The Professionals; smile the sweetest of smiles with you
and at the perfect moment; at your point of need.
The Professionals; designed to extract from you
what they want; for their needs, desires, plans and purposes.
Yet, they camouflage it beautifully as though they're doing
something for you or granting you a favor
while the whole act is really about them and themselves.

The Professionals can draw the very marrow out of your bones.
Their skill, art and talents are this way designed and as ugly as it is
or may appear, it is this that qualifies them as The Professionals.

Please enter the realm of transparency.
How much love can one human love?
To how many can one person be loyal, faithful and committed?
Within and among the masses, how many can one person please?
Only The Professionals do them all; they are this way designed.

© 2014 Cisslyn Ramdeo




Whatever Happen To Our Summer?

This has been a crazy summer indeed
The weather has been totally lousy
I've never seen so much rain & storms

It's either been way too hot or cool
It never seemed to be normal at all
And this was what we had waited for

Throughout all the bitter winter months
All that ice and snow that we endured
Tolerated by the thoughts of summer

So it came and it will now leave us too soon
And autumn never seems to visit us for long
Once again I'm now facing thoughts of winter

´ Terry Sasek * All Rights Reserved





Please see update at end



By Cisslyn Ramdeo
A.K.A. (Also Known As)
Nic The Narrator

This is a Series of Extracts which was initially written in the Trinidadian dialect and teaches a lesson or moral. Here, I have written them in American English, yet the tinge of Trinidad Language (vernacular) is maintained partially.

This style of writing and content is very similar to the utilizing of Trinidad Picong. Picong is giving jokes to another person by speaking in slangs to get a message across in a subtle way. Of course at times, it is not so subtle.

In this Series, the author utilizes the Trinidadian technique of saying what has to be said without covering up or masking anything. This technique is used by most Trinidadians. It is accompanied with humor, very dramatic body language/actions and is really a joy to listen to. In this Series, I am attempting to bring this joy to you as you read. Please do enjoy!

By Nic The Narrator

Man you talk about talk?
Is I Nic who has all the talk.
I never met someone who can out*talk me
I’m talking about expert talk.
And you know by talking I tell stories.
No, no, not the kind of stories that mean untruth.
I mean stories like in a story book.
You don’t believe me?

I am here now to talk about money and love.
We all know what money is
But this love thing is a tied up kind of thing.
No, no, not the bedroom kind of love;
Nic does not talk about these things or even write about them.
Nic is talking about thing for thing.
No not that thing!
I told you I do not talk about or even write about those kinds of things!
I mean, something for something.

Ha, ha, ha; I call it reciprocity
That is mutual exchange or to reward with kind actions.
That is the nice way of putting it.
But you know, not everything nice is true
And not everything true is nice.
Yes, yes, this is nitty*gritty Nic on the floor.
I like to look at the nitty*gritty of things;
They call it Brass Tacks!

Let me get down to Brass Tacks!
What I mean by No Money No Love
Has to do with affordability.
Whatever, it is, if you cannot afford it
Do not look for acceptance.
Get it?
Great, let’s go on!
If you cannot afford, nil for you;
Nothing is for free in this world.

No, no, no!
Don’t tell me about friendship, kindness or considerations.
This is Brass Tacks I am talking here.
And let me get down to the crux of the matter here.
Nic is only giving you an eye opener.
The topic No Money No Love could never be dealt with exhaustively;
Nic is only tickling your intellect by giving you this eye opener.
I could talk on this topic from now ‘till next year
Talk about talk!
Is True True Talk!

Update: 22nd August, 2014

Now hear this!
Nic forgot to tell you this before.
I am here to share it with you now.
A lot of times when you see someone has sometime
Is because is something they put out;
This is the Trini way of saying it.
They could put out (give) their time,
Energy, effort and the ultimate, money.
So when you see someone has something,
They didn't get it easy or just so.
Is real thing pay for it and is not no two*penny pay for it.
Why Nic like to talk 'bout money?
Don't have it or don't give it or don't spend it
and see what happens to you!
Is surety, No Money No Love!

© 2014 Cisslyn Ramdeo





Dolphin Tail Heaven Sail´

Once there was a boy and girl dolphin
they had their very own language,
then the boy went to Another Heaven
and their world was under siege!
But they once kissed in the day
and all thru the night,
with that all bad went away
cause they kissed with all their might!
They Set Sail
in a real live fantasy,
For Their Own Heaven Without Fail By The Tail
and it was oceans of ecstasy!
for SALLY+FARON be shore sharin

fragile as a butterfly their broken soul don't know why
dolphins sad cry in the mist where once happy kissed.

The waves now crashing
The dreams how dashing,
The hearts now lashing
out broken and all smashing!
Dolphin Wails In The Sea FARON+ME.SALLY



for those yet to be released

some say to me
we don't need your extra brand of
hmmmmmm, I see
so it'd be best if I
took my medicine

swallowed it down whole
the entire great big bitter pill
and pretended it was a tasty candy

few know of the changes you've gotta
go through and the revolving doors
you wander through
it is truly a wonder you ain't spinnin'

the entire formulary is tattooed
on the insides of my head
I nearly believe that
the names of the medications have
their sneakers on and their running their
courses through my synapses

I must've gone runnin' a marathon or
two without even knowin' it

but I sure do feel like I have

and those un*professional professionals
pill*push like they were on a rabid
Easter egg hunt
I'm going to run out of places
to hide myself away from them

I've decided I'm going to go back to me
the very first one and original
if I can
oh yes,
I'm hoping this is still possible

there will not be another time
when they can grab me by the hair n' down
to the floor
no no no
there will be no more
possibility of pushin' needles jabbing
into me anymore

this is my declaration of independence
they ought to be the ones
facing the persecution/prosecution of the laws
instead of those of us who have been behind the walls

I feel over the years
so many stories have been manufactured
about me/about all of us
they've been scribbling their fictions
opinions which they pass on as fact
when in TRUTH
this is an inexact science, you know,
but they don't acknowledge this
they're too fascinated
with their self*importance

there are a few gems
here n' there
but many don't even know how to listen
and they call us the wide*eyed imaginative

we represent
the land of the
lost daughters and never*to*become sons

let me talk to you in your pajamas
with your hair standing on end
and your mind in a drug*induced stupor
and "how are WE feeling today?"

I've forgotten how to laugh
and how to really cry tears
I've lost the trail of the minutes
the days and the hours and at times
it seems the years

I want them to give them back to me
they can't/won't/are not obligated to do so

if I was asked to introduce myself
I'd say
who are you?

they would ask me to write a journal
do a self*collage

then take another 566 multiple choice test
where if I say I hate my Mother the entire test
is invalidated

at times,
I would rather invalidate their
entire process.

Copyright August 21. 2014 5:25pm writing exercise
All Rights Reserved By This Author
Highly Mature Subject Matter for Those Who Need
To Be Forewarned?
All ideas, thoughts, rants, poetry and prose are legal property of the writer
Meloo/Melissa A Howells/straight from her Tilt*a*World



Thunder Walks the Dark Hills

A flare of lightning
Pulls me from dreams
The electric prelude
Wakes ghosts in the trees

Thunder walks the dark hills
With rain in the night
The sky is distraught
It grieves; it cries

The stars take refuge
In a ceremony
Among threadbare paths
Of the Holy

No storm is new
From fading to fury
It's an unbroken chain
Of unending glory

August, 2014


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