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Warriors are the ones who protect you and yours
Whether they wear the uniform of war or peace
They all have the same goal in reality you see

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard
All serve to maintain your safety and freedom
They all work together to defend our nation

There are the warriors of peacetime as well
The Policeman, Fireman and the EMT's also
Who preserve the safety of our own citizens

They serve in dangerous jobs for all of us
To make our lives better and much safer too
Many times making a life or death difference

In both cases of war or in peace we rely on them
While one group maintains our individual freedom
The Police, Fire & Rescue workers save us at home

Isn't funny in some ways how some treat them all
They either love or hate the military for fighting
And at the same time they do the same to the others

They need both groups to live and prosper in safety
Yet some will condemn them for having done their jobs
And as they do this thankless job they never complain

While back home all the citizens go about their lives
Giving little if any thoughts to those fighting the war
Or the Police, Fire or EMT's risking their lives here

´ Terry Sasek * Alwaysawarrior * all rights reserved.

Most demand their freedom and their rights but
never have they themselves done these thankless
jobs or have they ever had to risk their lives
for the freedom and rights that they demand. I
have rarely heard anyone have anything nice to
say about those here at home who risk their own
lives daily to protect you, your family, or your
property or possessions. I've seen where someone
would complain that they had gotten a ticket for
speeding or where they've complained that firemen
didn't save their home or possession of theirs in
time from a fire, because they were too busy just
trying to get people out of a burning building.
There are times when I can't believe how shallow
and so self centered that some people can be in
life or how they wouldn't give a second thought
about anyone but themselves or their own needs,
their own wants and their own desires in life.
It seems to me that for once they should think
of others before themselves or be thankful that
they live here where we have these dedicated men
and women that will step up and volunteer to do
these very high risk jobs to keep strangers and
their families safe each day and that they'll go
out and risk their own lives for others.



One Set of Footprints

One set of footprints

Looking back behind and seeing only
One set of footprints in the sand
Wandering why Jesus isn’t with me holding
My hand while I am going through
The challenging things that is going on
In my life everyday that I live in Him

But Jesus is with me each day and He is with me
Carrying me in His arms and protecting
me from any harm that comes my way
I can feel His love and assurance that He is my
Lord and Savior each and everyday

By Tamara
Aug. 2016





is a direct reflection, from their heart, which can greatly affect another, their is no DENY

The look in the eyes of a new mother
when she adoringly, looks at her precious*new born* baby, is more beautiful, endearing, and more LOVING, than any OTHER

I remember as a KID
the raging, look in my henry, my dads eyes, when something very wrong or mischievious! me and my brother wrongly DID

The look of , great hurt, remorse, and GRIEF, when a family looses a dear LoVED ONE
and that pain, strife, and hurt, is devastating, second to NONE

The look in the EYES
of a person, who has been, betrayed, hurt, despised, and learned about all of the bad, terrible alibies, and LIES

The look in the eyes of a grand*pa, watching his grand*daughter, so excited at DISNEY*LAND
will forever, stay in this grand*pas, heart and mind, so great, special, and GRAND

The look in the eyes, of a FAMILIES, full of happy tears
when your little boy or girl, graduates from school, and in an instant replay, through all of the GROWING*PAINS* you recall, and remember, all of the passing grades troubles and triumphs, throughout Pre*school*grade*school*junior*high*high*school*YEARS

The look in the eyes of another, of content and happiness
when they feel, so relaxed, special, elite and at YOUR*absolute* very*BEST

The look of tenderness and love, care, and respect, from an OLDER, ELDERLY* couple, so lovingly, holding each others HAND
its so beautiful, so special, so, so, ELITE and* GRAND

By john d JUNGERS
28 th of AUGUST 2016



Neighborly Love

Pay your debts as they come due,
Owe nobody anything;
But the debt of love if true,
Pays interest that will bring.

The one who loves another,
Has fulfilled what Moses taught;
Treating them like a brother,
Even strangers you have sought.

So you must love your neighbor,
Just as you loving your own;
Helping them with their labor,
Assured that God will condone.

Love never does anything,
That is considered harmful;
It will cause the heart to sing,
Making you feel more cheerful.

You know the times that we live,
As time for you to wake up;
So show your love and forgive,
Drink not poison from your cup.

Stop being just mindless sheep,
For in knowing the season;
So awake out of your sleep,
By giving your life reason.

The night is almost over,
And the day is very near;
Go find a four*leaf clover,
But rid of what you hold dear.

For those things are of the dark,
Take up the weapons of light;
Carry them where you embark,
While doing what is right.

We should all live decent lives,
Living in the light of day;
Waiting for when Christ arrives;
Through love to trust and obey.

Live like the Lord Jesus Christ,
Forget about desires;
Willing to be sacrificed,
From which darkness acquires.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer




Going There's a warmth in the room The family ghosts are all here A story drawing to its close And the ending is near. The spirit of the Universe Come in familiar form To ease away the turbulence From the dyings storm: Creations of the mind As it slowly slips away Creating a welcome To help it on its way? One last smile stays Gently on the face A simple acceptance Of leaving this place. The family ghosts are leaving Their last job done One last battle has Been gently won. One last sigh as the brain Closes down and is gone Peacefully, quietly, easily A loved one has moved on.



Greyhound's Lament

you think you know me
but you don't

the thread of words between us grows thinner
each and every day

you think you know me
but you guess at best
its your habit
your latest custom
an unforgiving way

your ears no longer listen
they only serve to hold your expression to your face

you think you know me
but you've forgotten how to ask
and inquiry is the only way to
really know

you think you know me
but after next morning's light
I'll be gone
you'll be left alone

the clock will remind you how time has passed so quickly
and the mirror may reflect how we once
looked into each others' face

you think you know me
but you've forgotten how to ask
the important questions

all that remains will be the memories
and soon those too will fade
and be erased

Copyright August 27 2016
All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
All Legal Copyright to this original work are held by this Author
All Legal copyright are held to this site title by this Author
Meloo/Melissa A Howells straight from her Tilt*a*World





Into the wet miserable grey sky
To his full height of 10 meters high
Rose the Giant mechanical machine
A piece of history was this scene.

A light shone bright from his miner`s hat
And from his belly fire and smoke he spat
Then he blinked his eyes and he turned his head
Moving his arms as more coal he was fed.

Half man, half engine never before seen
The tin mining industry history machine
It saved miners from falling from great heights
These platforms carried them up and down flights.

There was no more need for ladders at all
Saving the weary miners from a great fall,
Platforms and moving rods is all that it took
These Cornish Tin Mines took on a new look.

Engineered in Cornwall it was their design
He travelled from Tamar to Geevor tin mine
10th Anniversary of the World Heritage site
To see this achievement was a delight.

copyright´2016 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170


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