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Foolishcity ...

" Foolishcity . "

( Genesis 11: 3, 4 / Genesis 10: 9 )

"Come . " They Said .
"And Let Us Build A City
For We Know How A House Is Built"
. But They Built Their House & Their City
Upon Muddy Ground, Dust & Silt .

"Come ." They Said .
"and Let Us Travel On This Road
For We Know How A Road Is Paved"
. So They Took Cement & Stones & Tar
And A Wide Road To Their City, They Made

And Then They Built
Towers Up To The Heavens .
To Peer & Ponder The Ultimate Universe
For Those In The Foolishcity, Had Said .
"No One, Had Built The House of Earth"

And In The Great
Learning of Foolishcity
They Praised The Engines of Atoms & Molecules
& Applauded Their Efforts & The Energy It Took
To Produce Their Foolishcity's Tools

And In The Great
Learning of Foolishcity
There Was Indeed, A Great Knowledge Increase
As They Hammered Carbon*Compounds In The Woods
But They Couldn't See The Forest For The Trees .

"Come ." They Said
To All Those of Foolishcity .
"For We Only Recognize The Ability of Us,
Because We Have Learned Power & Laws & Systems of:
Protons & Electrons & The Nucleus ."

But To Those
In Foolishcity . I Deem To Say:
Just Because One Knows How A House Is Made
Does Not Mean There Is No Builder .
You've Just Seen The Tools & Techniques of HIS Trade

And Just Because
One Knows How A Road Is Paved
of Structured*Mix . Set & Smoothed
Doesn't Mean 'No One' Labored On It .
You Just Witnessed The Method & Mode Used

A House With Plumbing & Glass Windows
and Walls & Doors & Working Wire*Switch
and Carpet & Floor Paneling Picked
You Know Somebody Had To Design & Make
Any House, Built Brick By Brick .

And Streets, Highways, Toll*Roads, Freeways
Turnpikes & Expressways' Exits & Entrance
The Hours of Planning & Labor & Expense
To Think There's No Meaning Or Purpose They Exists
Why . That's Just Dead*End Nonsense!

Now, Take The Levels of Cellular Structure
Or Organized Human*Brain Functions
Consciences & Cognizant Sense of Awareness
And Love's Great Emotional Catalysts
That Controls Or Comports Biochemical Responses

But Those Dwelling In .
Foolishcity Has Said * * *
(In Their Big Exploration Observatories)
"That Earth & Heaven & Us .
Are Just Lumps In Lost*In*Space Lotteries"
(Which Then Produced Man From Monkey*Laboratories)

. Who Then Said . "Come ."
"And Let Us Build A City .
Based On Just Our Science*Advancement & Theories"
But What Their Knowledge Keeps Them From Knowing
Is That Foolishcity Is A Fundamental*Fop Territory

But "Come ." They Said
"In Our Grand Foolishcity,
There Is No One Out There, Greater Than Us"
. They Don't Even Know That GOD Is Waving To Them
and Being Patient Enough Not To Rush .

For Mankind Is On
GOD's Schedule / Time*Frame
And HE's Waited On Us To Find Out & See
Just How Complex & Ingenious HIS Handiworks Are
and Just How Great & Gracious * HIS Glory .

But Those In .
Foolishcity, Can't Fathom
The Great Architect of Life's Building Blocks
So The Only Real*Estate They Will Ever Claim
Is The Location In Foolishcity's Lot .

* * * * * * * * * *

"Come . " They Said .
"And Let Us Build A City
For We Know How A House Is Built"
. But They Built Their House & Their City
Upon Muddy Ground, Dust & Silt .

"Come ." They Said .
"and Let Us Travel On This Road
For We Know How A Road Is Paved"
. So They Took Cement & Stones & Tar
And A Wide Road To Their City, They Made

And Then They Built
Towers Up To The Heavens .
To Peer & Ponder The Ultimate Universe
For Those In The Foolishcity, Had Said .
"No One, Had Built The House of Earth"

Written & Copyrighted ©: 4/22/2014
by: MoonBee Canady



DONE WHAT I COULD ( Hexaverse)

~Done What I Could~

It took me by surprise
Didn't see clear all lies
Secrets not talking kept
Now face all that I have
Not easy task, a great deal
Heart not clean behind mask

Lord I cry why me
I've done what I could
Couldn't do it alone
But Lord there to help
Pick up my pieces

I may be down
At times but God
Won't let me drown
He'll hold my hand

Decision made
Ship went down
All over

But Lord
Still with

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000





The gribblies were very strange creatures.
The strangest that I've never seen.
They had absolutely no features,
Though their music was a lovely green.

The eyes they didn't have weren't blue.
Everything to them did not taste yellow.
While it wasn't very plain to me or you,
Each one was not a female or fellow.

They never breathed in copious quantities
Of ideas and thoughts and such.
Their favorite desserts were not quandaries
Which they never enjoyed ever so much.

And the baby gribblies, what a cute bunch
As they played on the seesaw unseen.
It was fun to not watch them inhale their lunch
And not see where they had not been.

They never stored music under their skin.
Classical was especially undelightful.
And if I told you about the skin they aren't in,
Well, If I could see it, it would be very frightful.

If they don't come to see you at your place,
Send them back home if they won't conform.
Maybe they will disappear without a trace,
And never again will we see their non*form!

* *



Joining the Family

We were under control,
By the laws Moses gave;
Till faith came to the soul,
That was able to save.

We were under control,
Until it was revealed;
That Christ had paid the toll,
And our faith unsealed.

Before Christ was the Law,
Served as a guardian;
Preventing any flaw,
Unlike a Barbarian.

So if we will believe,
The reason behind Christ;
Salvation we receive,
Why He was sacrificed.

So now we have faith here,
No longer guardian;
But we still have to fear,
The Authoritarian.

For you are a child,
Of God the Father;
Be tender and mild,
With Jesus your Brother.

So if you were baptized,
The name of Christ you wear;
If or not circumcised,
Any flaw would still tear.

A family as one,
No matter whom you are;
Kill giants through the Son,
He will heal your scar.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer




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This story is so beautiful, you'll treasure it for a long time.
Just think.they were meeting Mother Teresa.
Now Saint Mother Teresa!

Subject: The Rosary * Simply Amazing . . .

Jim Castle was tired
when he boarded his plane in Cincinnati, Ohio,
that night in 1981.

The 45*year*old management consultant
had put on a week long series of business meetings
and seminars, and now he sank gratefully into his seat
ready for the flight home to Kansas City, Kansas.

As more passengers entered, the place hummed with
conversation,mixed with the sound of bags being stowed.

Then, suddenly, people fell silent.

The quiet moved slowly up the aisle
like an invisible wake behind a boat.

Jim craned his head to see what was happening,
and his mouth dropped open.

Walking up the aisle were two nuns
clad in simple white habits bordered in blue.

He recognized the familiar face of one at once,
the wrinkled skin, and the eyes warmly intent.

This was a face he'd seen in newscasts and
on the cover of TIME.

The two nuns halted,
and Jim realized that his seat companion
was going to be Mother Teresa!

As the last few passengers settled in,
Mother Teresa and her companion pulled out rosaries.

Each decade of the beads was a different color, Jim noticed.

"The decades represented various areas of the world,"

Mother Teresa told him later,
and added, "I pray for the poor and dying on each continent."

The airplane taxied to the runway
and the two women began to pray, their voices a low murmur.

Though Jim considered himself not a very religious Catholic
who went to church mostly out of habit,
inexplicably he found himself joining in.

By the time they murmured the final prayer,
the plane had reached cruising altitude.
Mother Teresa turned toward him.

For the first time in his life,
Jim understood what people meant
when they spoke of a person possessing an 'aura'.

As she gazed at him, a sense of peace filled him;

he could no more see it than he could see the wind
but he felt it, just as surely as he felt
a warm summer breeze.

"Young man," she inquired,

"do you say the rosary often?"

"No, not really," he admitted.

She took his hand, while her eyes probed

Then she smiled.
"Well, you will now."

And she dropped her rosary into his palm.

An hour later, Jim entered the Kansas City airport
where he was met by his wife, Ruth.
"What in the world?" Ruth asked
when she noticed the rosary in his hand.

They kissed and Jim described his
Driving home, he said. "I feel as if I
met a true sister of God."

Nine months later,
Jim and Ruth visited Connie,
a friend of theirs for several years.

Connie confessed that she'd been told she
had ovarian cancer.

"The doctor says it's a tough case," said Connie,
"but I'm going to fight it. I won't give up."

Jim clasped her hand.

Then, after reaching into his pocket,
he gently twined Mother Teresa's rosary around her fingers.

He told her the story
and said, "Keep it with you, Connie.

It may help."

Although Connie wasn't Catholic,
her hand closed willingly around the small plastic beads.

"Thank you," she whispered. "I hope I can return it."

More than a year passed before Jim saw Connie again.

This time her face was glowing,
she hurried toward him and handed him the rosary.

"I carried it with me all year,"
she said.

"I've had surgery and have been on chemotherapy, too.

Last month, the doctors did second*look surgery,
and the tumor's´s gone. Completely!"
Her eyes met Jim's.

"I knew it was time to give the rosary back."

In the fall of 1987, Ruth's sister, Liz,
fell into a deep depression after her divorce.

She asked Jim if she could borrow the rosary,
and when he sent it, she hung it over her bedpost
in a small velvet bag.

"At night I held on to it, just physically held on.
I was so lonely and afraid," she says, "yet
when I gripped that rosary,
I felt as if I held a loving hand."

Gradually, Liz pulled her life together,
and she mailed the rosary back.
"Someone else may need it,"
she said.

Then one night in 1988, a stranger telephoned Ruth.

She'd heard about the rosary from a neighbor
and asked if she could borrow it
to take to the hospital where her mother lay in a coma.
The family hoped the rosary might help
their mother die peacefully.

A few days later, the woman returned the beads.

"The nurses told me a coma patient can still hear,"
she said, "so I explained to my mother that I had
Mother Teresa's rosary and that when I gave it to her,
she could let go;
it would be all rosary in her hand."
"Right away, we saw her face relaxed.

The lines smoothed out until she looked so peaceful,
so young. A few minutes later, she was gone."
Fervently, the woman gripped Ruth's hands.

"Thank you."

Is there special power in those humble beads?

Or is the power of the human spirit
simply renewed in each person who borrows the rosary?

Jim only knows that requests continue to come, often unexpectedly.

He always responds though, whenever he lends the rosary,

"When you're through needing it,

send it back.

Someone else may need it."

Jim's own life has changed, too,
since his unexpected meeting on the airplane.

When he realized Mother Teresa carries everything she owns
in a small bag,
he made an effort to simplify his own life.

"I try to remember what really counts
not money or titles or possessions,
but the way we love others," he says.

May God bless you abundantly.
May Mother Mary ask her Son Jesus to shower you
with grace.

Please feel free to pass this mail on,
especially to all those in despair
so that they might know that they are not alone
in their hour of need.

I sent you this mail because I know
the power of the prayers of these simple beads
and I wanted to share it with you.
Every sacrifice has a fruitful reward.

Every failure has a second chance.

We only have to be strong through God's grace
and persevere in life's many tests!
`author unknown`
`shared email circular`

May God bless you always!

`Shared Presentation
Designed Graphics & Music by:
`Never Ending Circle of Love`

`Holy Week'*ReView*´*2014*


CopyRights Reserved*2009*~*2014*

*´*April*2014*' Complied Excerpts '.
~*Never Ending Circle Of Love Manuscripts' *~

`I am but a star in the heavens above
guiding over you in God's eternal love
I once was a soul like you on earth now
a heavenly star in miracle of rebirth!
.`angel star`.






Until My Light Goes Out

I have never had the glittering
Stage presence of a star.
I am really just a simple poet
And my shine may not reach far.

But, the one thing I know for certain.
The one thing I’ll never doubt
Is I will always shine for Jesus
Until my light goes out.

My poetry’s not prestigious
Although it has been recognized.
It’s won its share of trophies
But its mostly sermonized.

I enjoy having my subjects
All pertaining to God’s Word.
And I sometimes stand in utter awe
At the things my spirit’s heard!

The weight of words amazes me
When the anointing flow’s intense!
When I can feel the Holy Ghost!
When His message claims each sense!

I want to sometimes leap with joy!
I just want to sing and shout!
And I pray I’ll always feel this way
Until my light goes out.

I'll always light and hold my candle
Even in the darkest night.
Sieze every opportunity
To bring someone into God's Light.

Someday my presence in this world
May only be in poetry.
I can only hope each word reflects
On the Light He placed in me.

Doris Jacobs*Covington
April 17, 2014

~~Dedicated to McKinley~~
(Whose poem inspired this write)

John 8:12 (KJV)
"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,
I am the light of the world: he that followeth
me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have
the light of life."

Psalms 119:105 *
Thy word [is] a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.

2 Corinthians 4:6 –
For God, who commanded the light to shine
out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to [give]
the light of the knowledge of the glory of God
in the face of Jesus Christ.

Mathew 5:14*16
"You are the light of the world. A town built
on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people
light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead
they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone
in the house. In the same way, let your light
shine before others, that they may see your good deeds
and glorify your Father in heaven.



Mornyng* Has Broken (Through The Darkness)

You may not have launched a thousand ships
To me
So great is your beauty.

(Not just your incredible doe eyes and Angelina Jolie lips)
And much deeper than your lily white cream and rosey skin.

I can imagine you will launch more
Than a thousand
Paintbrushes, pencils and pen.

For one look at you
And to paper
My pen rushes to begin
Writing down at least
One or two things, I get to thinking!

Yet, secretly knowing, at this time
It's the only way
Of saying anything and everything.
Without painful rejection, in the end.

But it's okay
For today
(Or for as long as you need.
I will quietly grieve)
And know mine, is a magical pen!

As with its strokes, for the world to see
Launches your breathtaking beauty!

And for one perfect moment
Brings us together
Once again.

Renee' Nunez

*In Dedication to my Be*a*you*(tiful), from the inside to out, daughter, Mornyng Rain!I am SO proud of you!
All my love, Mom


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